Einstein's Compass a YA Time Traveler Adventure

Posted 3 years ago
Grace A Blair

Written By: Grace Blair

Narrated By: Curt Bonnem

Length: 9 hrs and 13 mins

Price: $ 7.49

Book Purchase Link : https://amzn.to/3bETTu7

Website Link : http://einsteinscompassbook.com/

How Did Albert Einstein come up with his wondroustheories of light and time?

In Einstein's Compass A YA Time Traveler Adventure,  young Albert is gifted a supernatural compass that allows him to travel through time and space. He finds wisdom in other dimensions, like the lost city of Atlantis, but evil forces seek the power of the compass, including a monstrous, shape-shifting dragon from a different age.

Can the compass protect Albert from such villainy?

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