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The Fethafoot Chronicles series

My Clan and its mysteries have been kept out of common knowledge and history in my homeland of Australia: the Island continent you may know as that brown land down-under. This is the Clan way. To succeed in their duty, secrecy is a prerequisite to safeguard mission and warrior. With the coming of the pale-skinned Ghosts - a little over 200 years ago - and their written language, we now have a means to reveal the intriguing history of our covert Clan to other Australians and, to those many new people’s that now call this majestic land home. Our Elders’ also gift them to the modern world at large. If you were born in Australia you may have heard such stories told around campfires and family meals; about the Australian Aboriginal magic man or Kadaicha – the soft-foot clever-man - as our people named our Clan sundry years ago.

During these chronicles you will find that our warriors use a form of mystical travel and have no need of Shank’s Pony, as the act of walking is often called in Australia. In times of need for speed, these relentless spectres walk the ancient Dreamtime ‘creation-song- lines’ that cross every sacred feature of our wide red-brown land: out of Space and Time as we know such. Across 50,000 years of reinforced superstition, fear and awe, the Clan became known as The Fethafoot: half-human half-spirit beings that could come and go at will leaving no trace... Kadaicha spirit-warriors... Shape-shifting spies that transform as required into Judge Jury and Executioner. Unknown to the majority and, a great boon to our work, many of these enigmatic warriors arise from that innocuous and delicate gender of the language-creatures.

This pithy glimpse will give you some idea of the enigmatic Clan. You will discover a more intricate use of their unique gifts and talents as you read the chronicles and as the need for their unique individual skills occur. Please - enjoy my people’s pleasure in the telling of these chronicles. Although they are not in chronological order they have been recorded as passed down for all to enjoy: to example the many unknown vibrant treasures of our first people and our ancient land’s vibrant past. It is a journey that will take you into the mostly unknown, moral and ethical heart of my people, from Dreamtime to today.

Business & Finance

Leadership with a Servant's Heart: Leading through Personal Relationships

As it pertains to existing leadership principles and strategies that are taught to achieve the stated desired outcomes for the front-line, mid-level and senior-level workforce, did you know?:

  1. 58% of managers said they did not receive any management training.

  2. 79% of people quit their job due to lack of appreciation.

  3. 77% of organizations report they are currently experiencing a leadership gap.

  4. Only 10% of CEOs believe their company’s leadership development initiatives have a clear business impact.

  5. 63% of Millennials said their leadership skills were not being fully developed.

Leadership With A Servant’s Heart is written to expose front-line, mid-level and senior-level leaders of small, medium and large organizations, and churches, to practical and proven leadership principles, strategies, facts and real-time examples with the sole purpose of creating a new and dynamic cadre of leaders. Through the subtitle for book #1 – Leading through Personal Relationships – the principle goal is to teach, coach, mentor and share the concepts of leading others by valuing and caring for them. While it is true that “Many will not remember what you say, but most will remember how you make them feel,” the readers of this book will learn the truth of this emotion and how to effect change in their respective leadership styles. When leaders value and care for those that they are entrusted to lead, their influence increases exponentially.

Leadership With A Servant’s Heart” is systematically divided into three parts, three chapters each for a total of nine chapters, to emphasize the core characteristics of a servant leaderserving, inspiring and leading:

Part I - The Key to Servant Leadership: Serving Others

Part II - The Goal of Servant Leadership: Inspiring Others

Part III - The Result of Servant Leadership: Leading Others

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Mystery & Suspense

Gallows Field

Dublin 1941

A brutal murder. A missing ledger. Mistaken identity. And barman Eamon Foley is running for his life.

Tralee, six months later, Foley is in a crowded pub. The music is loud. The singing is louder. His brother-in-law Joe McCarthy is shot dead.

In the chaos Foley thinks he sees the Dublin killer rushing through the door. Is this a message? Have they caught up with him at last, looking for the ledger?

Or is it as the local Gardaí suspect – Joe was killed by a jealous husband, given his reputation as a notorious womaniser?

They dismiss Foley’s concerns. With horrendous results.

Fiction & Literature

The Archer's Diary - Book One


Since the 14th century, Robin Hood has proven to be one of the most enduring and versatile folk heroes. Medieval historians believed Robin lived during the 12th or 13th century but despite decades of intense research by contemporary scholars, solid evidence has never been found.

Until now.

Logan Daggett, son of Donald Daggett, well known CEO of one of Australia's largest international corporations, has his 21st birthday celebrations disrupted by a family tragedy, the revelation of his mother's decades-old secret—and a birthday gift of a collection of centuries-old family heirlooms. This series of events contrive to change the course of his life forever.

Accompanied by his two closest friends, the young Aussie sets out to uncover the truth behind the accident that irrevocably changed his life, and to research the authenticity of the priceless heirlooms, completely unaware of the adventure and dangers lurking around every corner.

During the course of their journey they uncover irrefutable evidence that causes further turmoil among the family, spark controversy among medieval scholars worldwide, and the potential of sparking upheaval to a country's history and creating conflict between two nations.

Liam Cadoc's stunning debut to historical fiction sweeps readers into a ruthless world where greed and corruption threaten to deprive a nation of historical riches and the world of the truth behind a legendary hero.

This is Book 1 of a 2-book set.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Islands In Time

Cale and a young Asian lady, Dina, are spirited two years into the future and discover that the USA, Canada, and other continents have been flooded. After a violent battle with scavengers, Cale, Dina, and two other friends are rescued and flown to an island empire ruled by an authoritarian elite.___

There they also meet revolutionaries opposed to the elite and Cale's former lady friend, Gabriella, who not only has a connection with the elite but also, to Cale's shock, with overlord aliens who first helped advance the ancient civilization of Sumeria.___

The conflict has begun on the ISLANDS IN TIME.


Fiction - YA


Pinkerton detective, Silke Justice, teams up with Texas Ranger Riley Boston and Chickasaw Lighthorse Red Wolf to go after a gang of murderous train robbers. The leader of the gang was one of the men who murdered her mother and father.

Silke is made a Hatchet Woman in the Chickasaw Warrior Clan…She is also given a new weapon from the future by Bone and Loraine...a Smith & Wesson .50 caliber handgun.

Do they catch the gang?

Who's behind the operation?

Does her sweatlodge vision come true that one of her friends will die?



Chaos Theory: The Biker Variable

Somewhere on the high-functioning end of the spectrum, a savant and polymath with an eiditic memory, a conveniently accommodating conscience, and old money, Cleone was born to be a captain of industry, though she won't get control of her business until she is thirty. Snatched off the sidewalk near her university by a street gang in the pay of her uncle, she is hauled into the desert for the handoff to persons unknown. Trapped in a dog cage in the back of an SUV,  she is the helpless witness to an illegal transaction that goes badly wrong. .Pulled out of the vehicle by members of a motorcycle gang, fearing they will ransom her back to her uncle, she lies about her identity. She lies about everything 

On his current trajectory, Mason Metcalf, Vice President of the Knights of Chaos Motorcycle Club, is destined to die before he is forty, knifed in prison, shot during the commission of a felony, beaten in a barroom brawl, or dead of a moment's inattention on his Harley. When the Knights pull a bruised and frantic young woman from the back of an SUV belonging to their former trading partners, they must either kill the inconvenient witness or keep her, but they can never let her go. Put in charge of the prisoner, Mason keeps her in his apartment over the clubhouse, contained, controlled, and carefully watched, but he badly underestimates her resourcefulness. Escaping within forty-eight hours, she leads him on a chase from the Oregon border to the campus of Berkely. 

Retaken, can Cleone bend this very bad man, and his criminal enterprise, to her will? Can she use them in her bid to wrest early control of her company from the board of directors? Would they be a useful tool in her more long-range plans?

"Read this book. Whether you're looking for motorcycle club drama, spicy erotica, quirky, three-dimensional characters, intelligent prose, or all the above, Chaos Theory has it. JB Sandkamp lifts this genre to a whole new level. And never mind the genre—it's just terrific fiction" --- Amanda Coffin

This novel is for 18+ and contains scenes of graphic sex and violence

Science Fiction & Fantasy

"Honey and Salt"

Olivia Thrift, a.k.a. the super-heroine Captain Fantastic, is excited to be meeting fellow pre-teen super-heroines from Canada for the first time. However, their gathering is interrupted by the growing presence of villany, and even they, and the timely intervention of some of Olivia's idols, may not be able to save the world in time....

Mystery & Suspense

Deadly Secrets

Deadly Secrets  the truth will out

Gavin's life will be turned upside down when he joins a compamy to work on a product that will revolutionise the food industry. His initial gut reaction is to walk away, then he discovers that one of the directors is the former love of his teenage life. The financial implications of the product are huge, and powerful individuals are prepared to kill to gets their hands on the technology.

Against overwhelming odds, Gavin must rescue his former love from the hands of an evil cult as they prepare her for a living nightmare.



The Secret Life of Captain X: My Life with a Psychopath Pilot

Her marriage to a successful airline pilot Captain X seemed like a dream come true. In reality, it was a nightmare. She ignored the red flags and abuse, continually hearing "You're so lucky to be married to him!" Lacking empathy and putting them in serious debt, he promised to fix things but instead divorced her. When she uncovered his involvement with prostitutes, he left her, alienating her from her only child. The horror finally ended when she realized he was a psychopath.

When people think of psychopaths they think of violent criminals. Most psychopaths are not criminals but rather socialized and living among us. Since experts estimate as many as 4% of people are psychopaths, a chapter in this titled Understanding & Avoiding Psychopaths helps readers recognize and avoid these untreatable social predators without a conscience. A final chapter, Suggested Reading and Viewing provides resources to learn more about psychopathy.

​A memoir straight from the heart, you will long to comfort MrsXNomore while admiring her determination to get her child back into her life while surviving the aftermath of a life with a psychopath.


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