Science Fiction & Fantasy

Dragon Mage

Eiryanne, an orphan, is on the run after her village is brutally attacked and destroyed by the evil Emperor's soldiers. Little does Eiryanne know that her chance encounter with a strange man would change her life forever and reveal her true destiny. The man, a shapeshifter, is Danzellius Daggoras, the Red Dragon, The Lord of Fire, an ancient warrior and mage. Eiryanne learns she is a descendant of a long line of human mages and her only possession—The Necklace of Tairung—was left to her by her parents for safekeeping against its malevolent creator, the corrupt black unicorn, Tairung. Together, Eiryanne and Danzi must navigate their way to Boyerin Cavern where the necklace can be destroyed, and its evil creator silenced forever. As they set out, Eiryanne is uneasy about her alliance with Danzi and is frightened by his violence and ease at which he kills. She knows she has no choice, her destiny is in his hands, but to what end?

Business & Finance

Door to Door Sales Made Simple

Door to Door Sales Made Simple is beginners guide to anyone who is considering a career in sales. It's an A-Z of what and what not to do, when starting out door knocking or cold-calling. We cover everything from the approach, along with what you would say when someone answers the door, right all the way through to closing a sale after the presentation is complete.

Sales is a great career to consider, but for someone who has just started out on that road for their 1st time, it's a whole new ball game and is a world away from our traditional 9-5 retail or office job or factory work

From my own experience of 20 years on the road, cold-calling and being a sales rep, I have documented here, a great sales aid for beginners, for company managers or team leaders who may have a sales team or for anyone that is considering a career in the sales industry.


Hannah The Honeybee Has A Dream

“Hannah the Honeybee Has a Dream” is the first picture book in the series “Hannah the Honeybee and Friends” about the life and adventures of Hannah and her best friend, Collette. Each book has a moral or life lesson within the story. This first book is about ‘making a difference,’ with the aim to show my readers that we can all contribute to society in our own way. We don’t have to be rich or famous or like anyone else to make a difference. It is more important to be ourselves.

Writing about bees is intentional, with the aim of teaching my readers the importance of bees to our planet. The more research I did, the more I fell in love with these tiny, hardworking creatures! I hope that the same love will develop in my young readers.

Hannah, my main character, is always there if anyone needs a helping hand or an advocate. Her best friend, Collette, is never far from her side. Collette can be absent-minded, easily distracted, and oblivious to much of what goes on around her, but she is kind, loyal and friendly to everyone she meets which is why she is Hannah’s closest friend. As worker bees, these two friends are busy from morning to night. They head out at first light to collect pollen and nectar. They build and protect the hive. Life couldn’t be better. So what could have happened for Hannah to be so downcast today? Why would she want to eat on her own and head straight to bed? Collette certainly has no idea!

Thankfully, Hannah dreams again tonight and everything becomes clear to her. What a difference a day can make.



Rescue the Teacher, Save the Child!

Truth: Educators do not commit their passion to teach believing untold wealth awaits them. The purposely concealed story: national teacher shortage is due to a dominating hostile work environment, created by the very people educators serve. Understanding the point of view of students, parents, teachers and administrators is paramount to revitalizing our educational system. Exceptional teachers are leaving the ranks. Who better to elevate the national conversation for positive change than a 46 year veteran teacher who taught in three states, 15 schools, 23 classrooms, 17 grade levels and educated over 6000 students? 

Paula Baack was terminated from a school district for helping a student in need. Her plight made national news. Motivated to write about her 46 years as a teacher, Ms. Baack illuminates educational issues, providing real solutions. Winner of TopShelf August 2019  Non-Fiction Pro-Designed cover. Nominated for TopShelf 2020 Non-Fiction Book Award.

Mystery & Suspense

Fatal Longevity

Five people at the height of their success die suddenly in different parts of the world. A villa in Portofino and a terrace in Capri, both in Italy. A flight to Singapore. A beach in Santorini, Greece. A luxury resort on the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean.

All five are filed as “death by natural causes”. No doubts, no links.

But an intelligence analyst and his television journalist girlfriend suspect there is a connection. And follow a trail of unusual coincidences.


Meanwhile, a brilliant businessman chases a dream: prolonging human life to over 150 years. And in perfect health. An ambitious goal. That entices the billionaires club: the privileged few who own over half of the world’s wealth.

The human mind possesses hidden talents. You just need to know how to make the most of them.

But longevity can prove fatal.


Daddy Sir!

This is a memoir about surviving incest, physical, and emotional abuse.  It is told from the perspective of the child I was and touches on the condition of Dissociative Identity Disorder I suffer from as a result of the abuse.  Dissociative Identity Disorder used to be known as Multiple Personality Disorder.  I take the reader on a journey through trauma and the triumphant ending of a full and happy life.

This memoir is set in rural Texas and describes how I survived incest from multiple family members.  I also raised my four younger brothers and sisters and cared for an invalid mother.  It is a must read for any survivor who is feeling alone and for the people who love them.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Eyes Behold Tomorrow

The royal family has been assassinated.
Galactic war is about to begin.
These are the least of Roberts' worries.
He's been selected to join a Harem.
It's an offer he can't refuse.

Fiction - YA

Einstein's Compass a YA Time Traveler Adventure

"...a riveting fantasy about soul-searching and growth which will keep young adult readers engrossed to the end." D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review.

How did Albert Einstein come up with his wondrous theories of light and time? 

In Einstein's Compass A YA Time Traveler Adventure, young Albert is gifted a supernatural compass that allows him to travel through time and space. He finds wisdom in other dimensions, like the lost city of Atlantis, but evil forces seek the power of the compass, including a monstrous, shape-shifting dragon from a different age. 

Can the compass protect Albert from such villainy?


Do You Have a Dream Workbook 5 Keys to Realize Your Dream

Do You Have A Dream? Offers an inspiring guide to stepping into personal ownership and creative ability to enjoy the life of your dreams. The Dream Workbook offers a route to challenge self-imposed doubt, stress, and self-judgment on the way to achieving what you most want in your heart of hearts. We invite the reader to draw on the spiritual sources, such as forgiveness and prayer, that are available to support a heartfelt intention. Transform your limitations, restrictions, and blocks into the energy, wisdom, and insight that translate dreams into practical reality. Easy to read, and the content to absorb, the process outlined will form a solid foundation for future self-confidence, success, and true fulfillment.

Fiction & Literature

The Red Sheep

The Red Sheep is a love story which unfolds on many levels. It revolves around Jessica. It follows her journey as she becomes an adult who must deal with the realities of her world. Jessica lived with her mother Allie and her stepfather Con. She was part of an ordinary family, who through heartfelt experiences, lived extraordinary lives. The interactions and relationships brought joy and tears as Jessica’s journey unfolded. 

Jessica knew she was different to others in her family. She didn’t know why. She could never understand why her mother had not told her the truth. She didn’t know her mother was not sure of the truth. She knew some of the secret, but as it turned out, not the finer details. 

As a child Jessica’s differences concerned her. As a teenager she demanded to know. As a young adult she found how complicated the answer would prove to be. Jessica’s relationship with her grandparents, especially her Pop influenced her views of the world as she grew to adulthood. Throughout Jessica’s struggle with being an odd one out, her grandparents remained her rock. Pop was an atheist. Nan was a Christian. But their relationship endured their different theological views and their approaches to life, and death. 

The book explores the power of relationships from various perspectives. It challenges people’s faiths, and it deals with death and dying through the eyes of a child.

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