Mystery & Suspense

Dead Before Morning: British Detectives (Rafferty & Llewellyn Book 1)



A murder investigation…and Joe Rafferty’s already got trouble in spades.

His first case in charge looks like being his last. Because he suspects that the case of the 'Faceless Lady' is a poisoned chalice. Gifted by his new boss, who is only waiting for Rafferty to fail, to put the boot in. He's even arranged his even newer partner—a pedant who rubs him up the wrong way from the start.

Rafferty’s boss looks hand-rubbing ready in anticipation of his failure. If he’s got some detective favourite ready to slot into his space, the case of the ‘Faceless Lady’ looks likely to be the one to do it. 

All he can do is grit his teeth and hope for a lucky break.

But when he gets it, it’s from such an unlikely source that he suspects the fates are having a laugh at his expense. But it’s the only clue he’s got, so he has to follow it up.

Will he end up with egg on his face? Or solve the murder against all the odds?

Rafferty wishes he knew. The only thing he’s sure of is that his boss won't hesitate to get rid of him if he drops the ball. Determined to deprive him of that satisfaction, he goes with his gut-instinct, but keeps his fingers crossed all the way.

'Did not see the end coming.' Amazon Reviewer


'Evans' humor seriously added to my enjoyment of her book. The series has stand out central characters and clever plots.' AUNT AGATHA'S BOOKSHOP, ANN ARBOR


Fiction & Literature

Currents Deep and Deadly

This is a newly edited improved edition of Currents Deep and Deadly. In three intertwining chronicles blended into one fast-paced journey, a beautiful, free-thinking but troubled pharmaceutical representative spins a tale of murder and madness aboard a cruise ship, reveals her own devastating but enlightening personal crisis, and offers tidbits of history and geography from her travel log of exotic South American seaports, Through a series of unlikely coincidences, she meets the man she believes could complete her life, battles a psychotic shipboard killer, and runs headlong into her painstakingly hidden past, Soon, with the terrifying realization that she cannot trust this new romance or members of the crew, she must accept that there is no safe refuge in international waters. Forced to confront unexpected danger, she is terrified and confused as deeply buried secrets rise to the surface. With a climax of life-threatening violence, the wondrous and terrifying events of this month-long adventure send Darcy careening towards eventual salvation and redemption, or utter destruction.


Sometimes Naughty-Always Loved: Mary and Her Big Cat Brain

A lovely tabby cat named Mary uses her intelligence and instinct—her big cat brain—to sort out what her human parents want her to do, and how to avoid being “naughty.” The story sets up an emotional transition moving from Mary’s anxiety about her own naughty behavior, to the realization that she is greatly loved despite her occasional transgressions. This book was inspired by the author’s cat, Xena, who greatly enriched the lives of her “parents” for fourteen of her eighteen years. She was much loved even though she too was occasionally naughty. From infancy, children will love hearing about Mary and her message of unconditional love, and later, will want to read the story themselves for enjoyment and as a learning tool. There is no better predictor of success in life than literacy and the desire to learn through reading.

Fiction & Literature

Gunfighters, Thieves and Lawmen

400+ pagesSully Wheeler doesn’t care why his cattle are disappearing. He doesn’t care why but it has to stop. Perhaps it’s the cost of hiding from his past, but who would steal from a one-time gunfighter?The NW Mounted Policeman that Sully contacted appeared more intent on stopping vigilante action than in stopping theft. If that proves to be the case, Sully will recover his own property, even if it takes gunfire to do it.Who is this Mountie, anyway? Is he a cop or something else entirely? Is he working to support the crown, leave the crown or actually do something for the settlers?And while we’re talking about that Mountie, isn’t he spending too much time with that newspaper lady?


Spanish Roots

Is there a dark secret that Mireya’s family had been hiding from her? Is her father alive or dead and can she unlock the mystery of her troubled past and find out the truth? When Mireya’s adopted parents die in a car crash, she inherits a hacienda in Spain and finds some letters that suggest her real birth parents could be alive and her father, who had been in prison, was possibly a murderer. Grieving with unsettling dreams and unable to motivate herself her best friend Gemma comes to stay and pushes Mireya to set out to Spain on holiday to claim her inheritance and find some answers to why she was adopted. Thinking that her parents would be at the hacienda they find the property empty. That’s when the attractive Sandro walks into her life and she immediately feels tingling going along her spine like she has been plugged into an electric socket. Mireya loves the sunshine, eats tapas, drinks wine and with Gemma, she begins to laugh again. However, she becomes plagued with strange feelings about the past that escalates when she meets with her feuding Spanish relatives. As Mireya’s memories start to increase, she experiences a ghostly vision of her father each day and realizes that her dreams can mislead as well as bring back hidden emotions and thinks he has probably died. As secrets past, start to unravel she wonders whom she can trust. Can she trust Sandro? Is it love or hot sex? Will her passion and romance with him override her common sense. Will there be a conflict between them as she is determined to find the true reason of the mystery that led her to be adopted? Within her mind, she is at war and silently screaming…..

Fiction & Literature

Trader Journal

The Perfect Log and Journal to Keep Track of Your Trades and Ideas! Track your trades and write down your ideas with this elementary Trading Log Book. Certain character traits are key to being a successful trader. Discipline, patience, decisiveness, planning and more can be strengths in trading. Disciplined traders find it very useful to keep track of their trades. This trader log and journal is designed very well to keep track of the trades related to the financial markets like Stocks. An amazing journal that helps you track your overall trades as you make them, with room for your thoughts and notes on market conditions. Trading Journal and Log gives you the option to detail each trade: Calendar, Date, Symbol/Ticker, Quantity, Entry Price, Target Price, Stop Price, Profit/Loss, Notes/Comments


The Magic Lake: A Once in a Nighttime Adventure

When Mia feels a tug on her hand as she's sleeping, her intuition tells her to follow the person who has awakened her. But as she opens her eyes, she realizes that it's not a person. It's a beautiful great blue heron. What a surprising sight! Even more surprising is that the heron talks to her. In the light of the full moon, the wise, spiritual heron persuades her to climb on his back. Then, as they fly high above the earth, he shows her four rivers that flow into a lake of memories. Each river represents an important emotion. As Mia looks at the beautiful scenes below her, she re-experiences these four emotions. She comes to realize that it is part of human life to experience these feelings. Is the wise heron part of her dreams? Or did she create him in her imagination? Read this life-affirming story as you find out and fly along with Mia on the heron's back. As you read the story, you will think about the memories you have had and the blending of emotions that created them. It is Nadin's fervent hope that families will share this story and that it will be the beginning of conversations about these four important emotions. These emotions are not good or bad. They simply are. It's the way we choose to handle the emotions that have consequences for others as well as ourselves. It is also her hope that children and adults will be able to embrace these light and shadow emotions as they learn to accept themselves throughout this journey we call life.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Last Star Standing, by Spaulding Taylor (pen name)


Winner of a Kirkus star, one of the most prestigious designations in the book industry.

Character-driven action/adventure.

Last Star Standing follows its rebel outcast hero through imprisonment and escape, treason and betrayal to a life-affirming conclusion. Only 99p on Amazon this month!!!

"A deeply addictive read" (SPR).

"A thoroughly entertaining adventure with imaginative action and an appealing hero" (Kirkus).

"RECOMMENDED: Taylor melds original worldbuilding, dramatic flair and a lively storytelling style, bringing late twenty-first-century Earth to vivid life… " (US Review of Books)

"Last Star Standing is a gritty, unique sci-fi drama powered by an unlikely hero and unexpected humor" (Midwest Book Review)

Last Star Standing is an entertaining read, with cohesive world-building that makes the plotline believable: brilliant." (Love Reading website, editorial review)

Aiden is a fiery protagonist, making this outlandishly creative novel a pleasure to read. Last Star Standing is refreshingly unpredictable, while holding to classic form.” (Independent Review of Books)

"Intriguing... captures and holds the imagination. The individual characters are artistic and original, giving a realistic feel. An extraordinary tale with a dynamic storyline. (Susan Sewell, editorial review for Reader’s Favorite)




Tough Karma: A Race Against Time

A chilling tale of loss, tragedy, psychic warfare, and eternal love.

Amber Macklin’s world is cruelly shattered when she loses her baby girl three months after her husband’s sudden death. Her cousin, Bryce, comes to her rescue, moving her into his home for fear she will kill herself from the grief. He provides solace and a shoulder to cry on, and he has loved her as more than a cousin for a long time. Amber and Bryce soon discover they are not blood relatives, which opens the door for romance as he pulls her through her darkest hours. When Mike, a college friend of Bryce’s, stops by to visit, Amber senses a deadly secret behind his nice guy persona. She has a frightening dream that Mike is trying to kill her and recurring sleepwalking episodes where she draws detailed pictures of him torturing her. Deeply troubled, Bryce uses his ability to astral travel to investigate Mike and uncover his terrifying past. Mike has had his eye on Amber for some time, and when he learns that Bryce and Amber have become lovers, he is furious. Mike abducts Amber and takes her to his rural Georgia hideaway, and Bryce must rely on his astral abilities to track her down. But will he be too late?

Tough Karma is a stand alone novel. The astral adventures continue in Dark Karma: Sword of Vengeance.

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