Missys Voice

Missy’s Voice is a children’s book about a young singer who is tormented daily by bullies. The torment stems from jealousy. from kids at school. Missy reaches her breaking point, but eventually learns that everyone is likable and valuable. The bullies in this book learn that bad behavior is not rewarded.

Author: Karen Goeller

Illustrator: Andrew J Rodney

Pages: 56

ISBN: 9781708526627

An Interview with author, Karen 

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Summer Vacation

A little boy recounts his amazing summer vacation after his first day of school.  $1.00 from each book sale will be donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand. 


Finding Little Doggins

A book about communication and safety.

The Doggins family are faced with an unpleasant situation in this story. 

Little Doggins loves school but one day something happens.  He went to school, but when the school bell rang, Little Doggins was nowhere to be found. 

This amazing children’s book, takes place in a small town called Animalsville where different families lived. Let's see what happens next.  Will Little Doggins ever be found? 

Finding Little Doggins,  well written and illustrated, creates an inspiring piece of genre that helps bring to life a story that teaches parents, teachers and family members the importance of effective communication.  Communication helps us to understand each other and without that Little Doggins life would be lost. 

Best book to use as a guide for discussion about communication, safety, missing children and learning about the town you live in.


Mommy, who is God?

A mother answers her son's questions about God. Together they discover God through their senses. Join in on this inspirational journey that speaks to what is at the heart of all of us.



What's the Worst that Could Happen?

Kayla is terrified of social interactions. Which is a problem when she starts third grade at a new school. When her grandma asks, "whats's the worst that could happen?" Kayla begins imagining one embarrassing outcome after another. Will Kayla settle into her new school? Or will fear and an overactive imagination get in the way?


Paramedic Chris Children's Book

It is another day for Paramedic Chris as he travels with Paramedic Zara but are all of the calls genuine today?

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Sailor Anna Goes to Sea

Sailor Anna loves sailing the seven seas. Join Sailor Anna, her brother Kash and his dog Max on their first journey to the Arctic Ocean to explore new places and search for marine life along the way. Watch out for Captain Catfish as he will try to steal their dads ship called the Singing Mermaid at every turn.

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What If We Were All The Same!

What If We Were All The Same! is a children’s book that embraces the beautiful differences we all have in relation to height, hair type, abilities and much more. Perfect for non-readers, early readers and children of all ages. What kind of world would we be living in if everyone looked the same and did the same things? —- a boring one!

Picture book full of excitement, rhymes, and colorful illustrations!

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The Tiniest Little Star

Take a peek into the life of a little star as she learns some of life's most valuable lessons. Loving herself and loving those around her. With it’s beautiful and fun illustrations, this magical story teaches us to recognize our own value and the value of others. It’s a perfect gift for children and adults of all ages. Great for baby showers and birthdays. In Cynthia Jensen’s, The Tiniest Little Star, a young star struggles to fit in because she is different. Throughout the story, she learns that even if she’s not very big or bright, her love and kindness can brighten the lives of others. Along her journey, she discovers the importance of always treating others the way she would want to be treated. The Tiniest Little Star has a meaningful and loving message that will last for generations.


Goodnight Firehouse

As the sun sets on a neighborhood firehouse at the end of the day, author Jennifer Drez guides young readers through the comforting bedtime routine of saying “goodnight” to the essential machines and equipment fire crews use to do their job – from bunker gear and ladder trucks to airtankers and even “the firedog with her wagging tail and spots.” Illustrator Kyle Clay, a real-life firefighter, brings to life all of the lights, sounds, and activities with vibrant art. Back matter features fire prevention and safety tips. Perfect for fans of fire stations, rescue vehicles, and community heroes everywhere!

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