Creative Children Like the Animals of the World

Invite kids to become coauthors and co-illustrators in this fun educational STEAM book. The paintings and stories nurture curiosity for science and the animal world as well as a love for rich language and art. The children don’t even notice they are learning. Having been enriched by stories written from kids’ points of view, the young readers add in their own writing, coloring and drawing, stimulated by surprising prompts. They make their own one-of-a-kind books for keeps, creative thinking skills emerging from pure child’s imagination.

Which is the most important sense? Which color of the rainbow is visible to bees and butterflies, but not to us people? Why are the peacock’s feathers iridescent and symmetric? Learn about the fascinating ways animals communicate. Introduce to children eye-opening facts about the ultra-violet and the infrared, the primaries of light, the food chain, camouflage colors, and more. All using this original, interactive and joyful language arts STEAM book.

Ignite any classroom or home with a creative environment and raise creative kids. Empower children to present the ideas they drew on inside this treasure of a book, and you have fostered 21st century skills such as communication and collaboration.

Teach reading in elementary with delightful animal stories for kids. Engage students with creative teaching materials and arise curiosity with science and art activities for kids. Find lots of ideas for STEAM lessons in Creative Children Like the Animals of the World.

Michelle Korenfeld offers a simple strategy for engaging children toward creative achievement: The 5 E’s. Explore - Introducing knowledge by a story, video or short lecture. Experience - Developing the learning by science experiments or experiential learning igniting students to draw on their own ideas. Examine - Helping the learners check out their ideas. Elevate - Guiding them on taking their ideas to the next level. In the process the students enhance literacy and learning skills. Express - Inviting students to present the educational products they have created in the process.

The 5E’s strategy has developed through Michelle’s years of creative practice and through mentoring gifted kids. Creativity education has been practiced with gifted and talented for long. Michelle believes it should be implemented for the benefit of all children. She finds that much aggression and anxiety derive from unexpressed creative potential. And aims her books for growing children curious, happy and successful.

This book offers an abundance of materials and ideas for such creativity fostering activities. If you find it to long, check out The Raising Creative Thinkers Series. These are short and catchy books with the same contents.

Michelle Korenfeld’s STEAM education books are based on her workshops at the Creative Problem-Solving Institute, by the Creative Education Foundation, in the university at Buffalo New York. Her materials are based on her teaching at the Dr. Erica Landau Institute for the Advancement of Youth to Excellence and Creativity in Tel Aviv. The scientific facts are based on conversations with Dr. Moshe Rishpon, who established the Clore Garden of Science and The Science Oriented Youth Department in The Weizmann Institute. This unit is a pioneer program in science education and a leader of the field worldwide.

Michelle believes much of children's anxiety derives from stifled creativity, and hopes her books help direct toward fulfillment of individual creative potentials. Michelle's original tools are based on her life research and on raising her daughters, who were students at Dr. Erica Landau’s Institute. Already teenagers, they still teach her creative thinking lessons every day, making life fun and exciting.


Visit Michelle's website Raising Creative Thinkers for a storytime video from Creative Children Like the Animals of the World and a free download of butterflies coloring pages!

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My Lucky Brown Shoes

Kayla is a tomboy, who is 9 years old and in the fourth grade. Her favorite thing in the whole wide world is playing kickball. She wears her lucky brown shoes so she can kick the ball real hard. But when her mom throws away her brown shoes, what will Kayla do? Will her team lose because of her?


                                          A surprise lesson about belief and determination.

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The Town of Alpaca

What does a town do when its large manufacturing company, the biggest business in town, goes under? The Town of Alpaca was once vibrant and bustling, but ever since that llama came to town and bought the company, it hasn’t been the same. He didn’t manage it well and now the alpacas are out of jobs, their once beautiful town has become a poor, run-down, dismal place to live, and the Alpackaging Company is on the market to be sold, but no one is looking to buy it. The situation seems hopeless for the alpacas. In addition, they now hate llamas ... all llamas, so you can imagine how Albert Alpaca felt when a strange couple showed up at his little “Alpaca Inn and Suites” looking for a room. Llamas!! What will he do? The story of The Town of Alpaca shows how heartwarming it is when hatred turns into friendship, misunderstandings into trust, and working together works!



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Bella the Blue Crab

Bella the Blue Crab is a wonderful story of a brave little She-crab who helps save the Chesapeake Bay.  Bella is a positive role model helping others with acts of kindness and bravery.  Bella's story comes alive through the beautifully animated pictures of the Chesapeake Bay and coastal towns along the Eastern Shore, where the Maryland blue crab is celebrated and enjoyed.


Go-Cart Gertie

 When ten-year-old Gertie Gilbert announces that she wants to enter a local go-cart race, her older brother laughs and says, “you’re a girl and girls can't race!" The sibling rivalry begins as the family divides into teams for a little competition. Things really shift gears when the kids feisty Grandma G.G. comes for an unexpected visit. It's the girls versus the boys and the race is on! Gertie sets out to prove that girls can do anything boys can do! This funny family adventure will have readers cheering. The storyline deals with stereotypes, discrimination, sibling rivalry, and family bonding. Does Gertie win the local go-cart race? Grab your copy today and see which team gets the checkered flag.

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Dino Hide-N-Seek

Dino Hide - N - Seek is a beautiful Children's picture book that catches the children's attention with its bright artwork and adds some fun having the children find the Dino's. This book is great for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers or sisters that love to read to the little ones, or young inspiring readers. Extra fun mazes at the end of the book. Have the child use their finger to get through the maze.

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What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z

What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z is an inspiring and easy-to-read alphabet picture book that teaches our next generation about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers.

This book provides colorful illustrations of six diverse children representing various STEM careers (i.e. astronauts, doctors, scientists, and engineers, etc), helping children (5 to 8 years old) see themselves in one of the STEM careers, and motivates them to shape their future through STEM!

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The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee

Part 1 - BBL

The Butterfly Bee lady and the Bee. Is the first book in this children’s adventure trilogy about the first Butterfly created by the first ever magic, how it changes the lives of the characters in the story? A natural magic, the living pollen, created by creatures that dwell beneath the ground made it at first to protect the world's wonders of nature and then later for their own survival. How they eventually tried to use the magic they created to better their lives, by trying to bring peace with the dragonflyers who dominated the skies and our world. It doesn’t go as planned and our planet and the creatures upon it begin to change.

Part one, The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee is only part of the story.

Belliza was once a dragonfly queen along with her twin sister Sindeena, but by a shift of fate Belliza was transformed by the magic into the very first butterfly. Her life journey takes her through secret magic worlds that stretch through time until a meeting with Bramley Bee in this first book and introducing her daughter, Bee, who life’s journey is continued in this amazing adventure.


Missys Voice

Missy’s Voice is a children’s book about a young singer who is tormented daily by bullies. The torment stems from jealousy. from kids at school. Missy reaches her breaking point, but eventually learns that everyone is likable and valuable. The bullies in this book learn that bad behavior is not rewarded.

Author: Karen Goeller

Illustrator: Andrew J Rodney

Pages: 56

ISBN: 9781708526627

An Interview with author, Karen 

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Summer Vacation

A little boy recounts his amazing summer vacation after his first day of school.  $1.00 from each book sale will be donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand. 

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