The Adventures of Penelope Whipple Dimple

Meet Penelope Whipple Dimple, an adorable little red fox who includes you in her whimsical adventures. With a love for family, friends and fun, Penelope and twenty-one of her sweet woodland friends, make every day experiences in life something magically memorable! This book has the most adorable illustrations and will pull at your heartstrings with the turn of every page. Come visit Silver Bell Forest for a day of fun in The Adventures of Penelope Whipple Dimple.



Moose the Mouse, Kitty the Kitten and The Clown Who Frowns

Moose the Mouse and his best friend Kitty the Kitten are trying to find out why Mr. Clown, the Mayor does not smile. Doesn't all clowns suppose to smile and not frown.

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Zola Gets Hearing Aids

Zola has a problem. She does not hear as well as other kids. Today is the day she goes to the doctor, a special doctor, to check her hearing. Zola is worried because she has heard all about those kids who do not hear well. Her greatest fear is having to wear a hearing aid. She is worried about how her friends will react if she has to get a hearing aid and wear it to school. Will they tease her? Will she be bullied or will they accept her and still be her friend? Not sure about what the day will bring, with great sadness and frustration, she pushes back her blanket and gets out of the bed to go to the doctor’s office.

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Around the World with Remy and Fox

Around the World with Remy and Fox is a fully illustrated, multi-page children's book that focuses on exploring the sights and cultures of various locations around the world. The book's purpose is to display the diverse energy, vibrations, and beauty the selected countries offer and excite children into learning more about the world around them using playful characters they can relate to.

The book assists children in gaining elementary-level literacy skills and helps educate those reading about various cultures and places.


Rex the Dino Taking Care of our Planet Earth

Once there was a little dinosaur named Rexington the Third. One night Rex has a nightmare about the future that really scares him. When he shares it with his friends, they try to calm his fears. He learns the 3 Rs of helping our earth: R- educe R-euse R--ecycle

Can you help him with his mission to save Planet Earth?

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Traveling Tessa

Both entertaining and educational, Traveling Tessa will introduce you to parts of the world in a unique way, making you feel like you are truly along for the ride. Tessa's adventures will expand one's perspective of the world beginning at a young age, allowing for increased understanding and acceptance of others. This book is timely as we are experiencing history with this pandemic, and with social distancing and quarantine protocols people are understandably getting a little stir-crazy, ESPECIALLY if they have younger children. Traveling Tessa allows readers to leave the four walls of their home, at least mentally! 

"Sometimes it takes just a moment for a life to change forever. For Tessa, that moment has come. It was like any other morning. Tessa woke up and readied herself for school. Little did she know she was about to receive a special gift, one that would take her on the greatest adventures imaginable. That night, when Tessa falls asleep, she wakes in a faraway land, with no idea how she arrived there nor how she will find her way home. All she knows is she has come to this special place for a reason, and she must embark on this magical adventure in order to understand the true meaning of home."

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Adventures of Officer O.G "School Cop"

School Cop is a Fun and Educational book series for Parents and their school age children to learn about why there are Police Officers in their schools.  Ride along with Officer O.G. as he spends his day talking to students, and teachers as well as seeing to their safety.  Each book will relate some of the different situations School Cops have to handle Daily in School.


When Love Walked the Earth: An African Myth




Harley Chiphe



Love still walks the earth and it will follow you all the days of your life.

Available in

large print!



Featured as a book to read, READ THE WORLD:  BOOKS ABOUT AFRICA FOR KIDS,















 November 26, 2018.


A beautiful, mythological story

y that will enhance a study of, “ancient civilizations

and storytelling about superheroes. Kindergarten classes love to learn all the facts

and big names. Seeing their smiling faces you know that” love walks the earth and

so, it will”.  Books2Read 


“An int

eresting and lovely book about love. The illustrations were beautiful, and

the book is one that belongs in a collection of stories for a child or adults” Mary

Griffith Chalupsky, Author


When Love Walked The Earth: An African Myth, tells the story of King


crusade to spread love around the world; the challenges his son faces to become





King; and the miraculous power of his Queen. It is filled with surprising

information about Africa.


This is a touching story! One cannot help but fall in love

with this book. After

reading the book, please leave a review on my page,











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Sara and Her Magic Abaya

Sara and her Magic Abaya is an entertaining story about a young girl who wishes to see far-away lands. Join Sara as she travels to fascinating countries around the world. She sees amazing sights such as the Taj Mahal in India, the ancient pyramids in Egypt, plus a whole lot more. This is a perfect adventure story to teach young children about the wonders of traveling the world! The book is ideal for children aged 4-8 years.


Boken's Big Trip To England!

In this book, Boken, the cheeky Miniature Schnauzer, takes his first car journey to England. As he is driven through France, his eyes are opened to the beauty in this wonderful country, but it is a short drive and doesn´t prepare him for all the new sights, sounds, smells and adventures he is to experience in England. From travelling on an underwater train, to the hustle and bustle of London, our lovable little chap has the time of his life. Only to be matched by meeting Winston, the British Bulldog puppy and Laidback Dave, a gorgeous Labradoodle, with whom he explores the forest at midnight. Does it all go to plan? Of course not. A book filled with fun, laughter, adventures, excitement and education - a must read for children and adults alike.

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