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There's No Place Like My Own Home

There's No Place Like My Own Home a Juvenile Young Reader Chapter Book for grades fourth through sixth.

It is when given a writing assignment by Ms. Thompson (to write a letter to a student attending a school in Alabama that has been destroyed by a tornado) that Alyssa discovers a way to relieve herself of her secret. Penning her life on handmade stationery then sealing it in a yellow envelope, she places it deep within her bookbag.

The next day, feeling unburdened and carefree, she reaches into her bag to turn in her assignment and discovers IT IS NOT THERE! What will Alyssa do? She doesn't want anyone, not even her new best friend, Onika, to get a hold of that letter and discover her secret.

By the time someone finds the envelope, Alyssa fears it may be too late. By now, she is sure everyone, to include the school's bully, Marcus knows all her business. What she doesn't know is, what will happen next?

This Realistic Young Reader Fiction book highlights kindness, compassion, empathy, gratitude, friendship, family-bond, and brings to light the plight of families living without shelter. It is perfect for readers grades fourth through sixth and is a great companion for classroom teachers in the subjects of Social Studies, Language Arts, Health, Civics, and Public Speaking.


Fiction - YA

PROVIDENCE: A New Home...A New Life

Brianna's journey continues and with her parents detained, Brianna and her brother Matthew must travel to the lunar colony Genesis without them.

Brianna, who possesses several psychic gifts is commissioned by the government to protect the residents of Genesis. The government wants to use her gifts to detect, deflect, and protect the science and engineering community of the ‘First Lunar Residential Compound’ on the Moon.  But before leaving her Earth, Brianna experienced strong visions of mass destruction and evil plaguing the people of Earth. She also sensed issues at Genesis.


She tried to report her visions of doom to the FBI in an attempt to ensure the people on Earth would be safe. But did they listen? Except for one, her concerns were not well received or confirmed.

On her arrival to Genesis, Brianna’s first steps inside the compound only confirmed her premonition of increased and new efforts of mayhem and destruction that would impact the lives of the residents. After learning of Brianna’s primary purpose at Genesis, the Chancellor in charge was annoyed by her presence and therefore avoided her at all costs. They quickly became adversaries—Brianna did not like him either. After the Chancellor ignored several warnings, Brianna was forced to form alliances with influential directors and managers, also at odds with the Chancellor, who became Brianna’s allies after they witnessed her abilities.  

But, what about Earth?  Will anyone survive?

What about Genesis colony?  Will they be safe? 

Brianna’s challenge—protect the colony without being killed.

Fiction - YA

EMERGENCE: The Journey Begins

Brianna Burrows knows she is different. Is she perhaps damaged? She sees things others do not.  Brianna’s story takes the reader along on a journey, from a young age to sixteen, and reveals her discovery of who and what she is in this world. Brianna’s destiny will drive her further into a life she never knew existed.

As she emerges into young adulthood, Brianna discovers she can be strong and take command of her life and the challenges before her, even when she must learn to be resilient as adults and friends fear or shy away from her because of what she knows and reveals. Brianna’s story takes the reader on a rocky ride filled with adventure, intrigue, fear, and doubt, mixed with conflict, heroism, terrorists, and heartache.

The question in her mind remains; can she keep her family safe from harm? Will she be able to save others?

Fiction - YA

Jenny and Me


Billy is a high-school student in New York who spends his evenings with a rebellious youth gang.

During one of the gang's missions of destruction, Billy was caught and sentenced to community service, in which he must give assistance to an ailing girl named Jenny.

Billy is quickly drawn into Jenny's world,  and meeting alternately with Jenny and with the gang, he finds himself swung impossibly back and forth until, eventually, he must choose which world to live in. 

Fiction - YA


World War II, The Philippines. Johnny Oldfield tells what it’s like to grow up in a Japanese prison camp, his pivotal teenage years filled with danger and defeat, adventure and intrigue, cruelty and betrayal, starvation and death, survival and liberation.

Johnny calls himself a WONK (from the Chinese won gau, yellow dog) a mongrel running with a pack of rebellious kids and viewing his society from the ground up.

Separated from his father by the Japanese invasion, he gets his life lessons from a diverse cast of characters: his mother Ruth, a nurse with a strong and independent spirit; Harry Barnes, a storyteller who arrives from China carrying the urn of a friend’s ashes; Southy Jack, an ex-pro boxer who trains boys in the manly art; Polecat, a mestizo pal with an all-consuming hatred for the Japanese; the Colonel, a wise old plantation owner who gives advice on survival; Haverford, a disgruntled alcoholic from Manila’s high society; and Abiko, the feared officer of the Japanese camp guard.

This dramatic tale is played out in the heart of Manila, a city once called “the Pearl of the Orient,” now being destroyed by massive bombing, strafing, artillery barrages and mortar attacks.


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Fiction - YA

The Hypnotist's Assistant nt: When Magical Thinking Meets Reality

This is a quirky, Coming of Age, story about a boy who learns hypnosis from his fireman neighbor that has a small magic show he takes to retirement homes and birthday parties, but has become paralyzed from an accident. 

We follow the boy, Gary as he grows to the age of 19, Along the way he experiences loss, love, addicts, healing, religion, racial problems, transgender encounters, virginity issues, friendship, forgivenss and happines.

Fiction - YA

Bad Unicorn

Who said all unicorns are good?

Xavier isn't like other unicorns. He's got attitude and the tongue to match. But that attitude gets him kicked out of Unicaria, the secret part of the forest where all the unicorns live. With nowhere to go, Xavier wanders for days until he is befriended by a young man and woman from a nearby village.

Together, they accidentally uncover an evil wizard's plot to invade Unicaria and kill all the unicorns. When no one believes their story, they take matters into their own hands and embark on a quest to save the unicorns - and unknowingly, the world.

Bad Unicorn is a standalone fantasy novel that tries not to take itself too seriously. Follow Xavier as he adjusts to the humanoid world while trying to save everyone he's ever known. Filled with fun and adventure, humor and horror, this book will change the way you look at unicorns forever.

Fiction - YA

A Killer Christmas Break: The Adair Classroom Mysteries Vol. II

A Killer Christmas Break: The Adair Classroom Mysteries Vol. II

Enjoy the second novel of my father-and-son mystery solving duo, Logan and Ulysses Adair, in their new, exciting Christmas murder mystery for all ages: A Killer Christmas Break: The Adair Classroom Mysteries Volume II.

It’s been a long school year down in sunny Somerset, Florida, and it’s only halfway over. Logan, a teacher, and his freshman son Ulysses are really looking forward to their long Christmas break together, especially after both Adairs nearly died solving the 1% Murders earlier in the school year. They are both in need of a nice, relaxing family Christmas break. So they go back to their New England roots, up in Maine. It will be a classic Maine Christmas at Logan’s parents’ new Victorian bed and breakfast on a small island on the Kennebec River. What better place to relax than to go home for the holidays? What could go wrong?

A Nor’easter and murder soon will blow these plans away. As fast as you can say wicked pissah, one of the B&B’s guests is found murdered. Now everyone is trapped on an island with a killer and no means to call for help. The Adairs are on the case, but unnerving guests, whispered plots, and the storm’s aftermath seek to block their investigation at every turn. 

Aided by Logan’s bumbling best friend Bob and Ulysses’s fierce girlfriend Hannah, the Adairs relentlessly pursue their suspects and hope to unravel this Yuletide mystery. Can the Adairs find the killer in time? Or will they suffer the same murderous fate? Join me for A Killer Christmas Break.


Fiction - YA

1% Murders: The Adair Classroom Mysteries Vol. I

1% MURDERS tells its story through the eyes of Ulysses Adair, a freshman at Mangrove High, and his widowed father, Logan Adair, who happens to be his U.S. history teacher. They are transplants living in the predominantly 1% city of Somerset, Florida. Both Adairs live normal lives. They even play guitar at the local coffee shop, Penny University. However, their everyday lives are turned upside down when a wealthy parent is murdered inside their beloved school.

Out of necessity and curiosity, the Adairs become a father and son mystery hunting team. Because of their love of mysteries, they can’t resist the temptation to investigate, especially when the murder hits so close to home. They are aided in their investigation by Ulysses’ no-nonsense girlfriend, Hannah, and Logan’s best friend, Mangrove High’s bumbling physical education teacher Bob Nelson. Logan and Ulysses tirelessly follow the clues, avoiding danger at every turn, even as they get dragged into a deep, dark underworld they didn’t anticipate.

Who committed the 1% murder? Ulysses’ horrid geometry teacher, Mr. O’Leary? Maybe the principal? Or is it someone from their past? Everyone's a suspect! Hopefully, the Adairs can solve this case before it’s too late!

As a teacher and father, I wanted my novel, 1% MURDERS: THE ADAIR CLASSROOM MYSTERIES VOL. I, to be a coming of age, whodunit mystery for young adult readers. This is a mystery novel parents can enjoy with their children, a book series that will grow and mature with the audience. I wrote this to appeal to all readers, but particularly fathers and sons, since novels about them are often hard to find.

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