Science Fiction & Fantasy

The End of the World

In a not-too-distant future, the US has fallen into near social and economic ruin. As the fringe elements of society and ordinary citizens alike struggle to deal with the terrifying new reality, a maelstrom of governmental deceit and malevolence churns just beneath the surface.

Against this chaotic backdrop, strange new beings have risen out of the rubble. A former government worker, who in a fit of obsession and delusion steals and inhabits alien technology during a violent raid… A teenager whose reality contorts, making him privy to the cries of the dead as he stumbles in and out of worlds in a surreal game of musical chairs… Soon things take a dark turn for the newly emerged pariahs.

A long-running conspiracy involving a highly proficient military-industrial complex is attempting to resurrect an ancient horror, and the very outsiders laboring to cope with the dangerously altered state of the world might be the only ones who can do anything about it.

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Science Fiction & Fantasy

On the Wings of Dragons

Come ride a dragon in this thrilling new fantasy! Emily is mysteriously transported to a place known as Aquila, a world divided by a mist wall, one side in constant sunlight and the other in perpetual darkness. Unbeknownst to Emily, the necklace she wears, passed down from her grandmother, harnesses the power to stop the evil sorceress and the destruction of Aquila. With the use of seekers, shifters and black magic, the sorceress intends to bring down the mist wall, allowing the light to be consumed by darkness. Emily must find the courage to fulfill her destiny. She joins forces with Martin, a young doctor, who abandoned his days of being a knight long ago. Martin must face his own past and the hatred he feels towards his father. With Martin's assistance, Emily seeks out the Council of Dragons in hopes of defeating the evil sorceress and the ancient evil she intends to unleash. The two form an unbreakable bond that spans across time. On the Wings of Dragons is a tale of courage and sacrifice, a tale of betrayal, and a tale of forgiveness.  

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Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Eyes Behold Tomorrow

The royal family has been assassinated.
Galactic war is about to begin.
These are the least of Roberts' worries.
He's been selected to join a Harem.
It's an offer he can't refuse.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

It Was a Small Affair

An army infantry squad, carrying ammunition to a training exercise is caught in a time rift. The rift takes them to the Alamo, 13 days before it fell.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Sword Of The Apocalypse

Join the quest for the sword all leading up to the final battle of good verses evil.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Magic in Her Shadow

…Only Crazy People Believe that Magic Exists…

Living in the shadow of a small-town library in the middle of Chicago is all Evangelyn Murant has ever known.

Most of her life has been spent under the watchful, and obsessive control of her Stepbrother, Darius.

Darius has a secret, and he’s not sharing…

Her own life rests atop a house of cards built from them…

Bored and restless, she longs for a Grand Adventure. She really should be careful with her wishes…

Because seemingly overnight everything changes and nothing will ever be normal for Evangelyn Murant again.

A Strange Invitation…

Sudden Powers She didn’t know she had, but must learn to control…

And one Crazy Cat offer an opportunity to find the answers in her own

hidden past, if she can find the courage to go after them…

The Catch? Unless she can survive long enough to unravel a 100-year-old mystery and return a piece of her own history to its final resting place in time?

An Island will sink…

Thousands will die…

Evil will be unleashed…

Life just got a little less boring…

Come on a journey to discover what happens when Magic

bursts free from the Shadows…

Science Fiction & Fantasy

I Saw: Gilraën and the Prophecy

Gilraën has arrived, and the Prophecy has been invoked. Adjudicars attack relentlessly. Elves cower in their Realms. Dwarves seek refuge in their dwarrows. The King must fall.

But, the pawn is now a Queen, and she has been loosed upon the board.

Beware, the Queen!

I SAW, the second book of Gilraen and the Prophecy, is GameLit epic fantasy in which the heroine bravely faces doom in a medieval world filled with Elves and Dwarves, Sorcerers and monsters set amidst a great civil war and wrapped in a romance of forbidden love.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

I Came: Gilraën and the Prophecy

Tony Richardson, a world champion video gamer, volunteers to beta test a ‘new, fully immersive experience.’ Instead, he finds he has been transported to an alien world. He is in the court of Prince William. And, he is in the body of a beautiful Elf who is the image of the Prince’s martyred wife. What Tony doesn’t know is that he is a pawn in game for control of Jaralii.

But, a pawn may become a queen.

And a Queen can play her own game.

If you’re looking for GameLit in which the hero of an epic fantasy bravely faces doom in a medieval world filled with Elves and Dwarves, Sorcerers and monsters set amidst a great civil war and wrapped in a romance of forbidden love, this is the book for you.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Vanguards of Scion part 1

A savant creates a sanctuary for the extraordinary, a living breathing encyclopedia dimension, but Scion is dying.

The King of Scion must act to preserve the populace and the magic he has collected from other worlds.

He chooses a world that harbors the East Realm, the King of Scion recruits those who must help prepare the way for him to make their world the new Scion and preserve all that he has built for the advancement of all who would serve him.

The Vanguards of Scion is a violent tale of five eccentric characters from different parts of The East Realm, an ex-knight, a rogue assassin, a witch, an alchemist & a huntress. All 5 begin on separate paths across the world but their fates collide as some are visited by a being from another world & each given unthinkable powers as in exchange for servitude as vanguards to the King of Scion.

Ivanos Jorganaut- once a great champion knight in his now fallen and forgotten Kingdom of Ironwood. He traveled the roads of the East Realm for many years on the back of his only beloved friend Velvet, a warhorse. Over the years he has shifted between many freelance mercenary jobs and temporary farm jobs to feed himself and Velvet, all the while seeking redemption for his failure as a knight. A visit from the King of Scion changes his destiny in ways he could have never dreamed of.

Emmanora Cerahal- the feisty, foul-mouthed, rogue assassin who trained from childhood with her family in the Spiders on the Wind, an elite assassin group. She is a loner now, having abandoned the Spiders, living a life as a loner assassin. Her secluded home is discovered and attacked by pirates. She goes after them only to have her fate take a turn with a visit from the King of Scion.

Vendronia- a strange young woman with scarlet red skin who has been raised by the trog, a giant race of humans from the Caribou Valley. Having been raised by Ona, the Crone Mother, Vendronia has tried to find her role serving the Witchgods. She struggles to find her place in their ranks and gain acceptance among their people. The King of Scion intervenes in her life and changes her situation forever.

Kazimir ‘the touched’ Drajor- a dark skinned Belazonian alchemist who struggles to obtain respect from his colleagues in the Hall of Alchemy. Unfortunately, his illusions blunder often, and he has trouble trying to teach a class of alchemist initiate students without inciting their laughter. He is determined to prove his value by making the next great discovery and adding his name to the archives of the Hall of Alchemy Alumni Elite.

Aeile Melicah- a huntress on a desperate mission to find a rare flower that is said to be the only thing that will save her young sister of her necrotic disease. She finds her journey averted when she is attacked and then infected by a stranger with an unworldly disease that changes the moral barriers of her soul forever.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

I Conquered: Gilraën and the Prophecy

The Queen has arisen in all her power. Mighty armies march at her command. Dwarves and Elves, Men and Orcs, Giants and Spiders march upon the stronghold of the Adjudicars. The fate of Umbeqjaralii will be decided before the gates of Shalal’m Caer.

Will the Queen savor the sweet taste of Victory or the bitter despair of Defeat?

Will Tony ever go home?

I Conquered, the final book of Gilraën and the Prophecy, is GameLit epic fantasy in which the heroine bravely faces doom in a medieval world filled with Elves and Dwarves, Sorcerers and monsters set amidst a great civil war and wrapped in a romance of forbidden love.

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