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Darksoul is not for the faint of heart. It's an action-packed, sultry Urban Fantasy that never lets up from start to finish. Filled with erotic situations, demons, merciless mercenaries, and super powered heroes and villains. There's nothing like it. 

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Stormrider - Trust The Wolves of Nashira

Stormrider, young woman Janissary, quests for justice and peace on her rebellion-torn world; and for the missing Amulet that must choose the leader of the worlds in concert. Isolated, dependent upon her own wits and skills to survive, Stormrider is cast adrift in a sea of intrigue, mysticism and magic. Alone until she’s bound with the wolves, annoyed by the Bounty Hunter and enthralled by the Ancient Ones.

The Journey has just begun…

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Three Stones of Destiny

The hero of The Wizard's Sword, Mirrortac, is found guilty of sacrilege against the god of his ancestral cousins, the Roznogh, after he steals their most sacred object of power, the Werdstone, and kidnaps its keeper in a mission to liberate three planets from enslavement to this false god who relies on three mysterious stones in connection with the Werdstone to govern. Mirrortac loses face and his mind, leaving three of his children and an unlikely ally the only ones who can ensure the success of his ambitious quest.

Science Fiction & Fantasy


Darksoul is an adult Urban Fantasy with an unlikely and highly unorthodoxed superhero. There's graphic violence, sexual situations, and strong language.

   The protagonist is the uniquely named, Orion Stormgod, a club owner who is viciously ambushed with his partner. Only he survives by allowing an ancient entity to become a part of himself. Darksoul, the first soul to exist. Their connection grants Orion incredible power, which he uses to exact revenge on his attackers and partner's murderers. 

   The targets are a group of hired mercenaries led by the enigmatic Graveyard, working for an influential business tycoon/crime lord named Michael Tyranny.

    Adding to the chaos is the awakening of a forgotten Pharoah so evil that his reign was removed from history. Soulchaser, a man capable of stealing your very soul...and he has his eyes set on Darksoul to claim as his own. 

    With his hands full Orion also has to find a way to keep in check the Earthly desires Darksoul continuously craves, refusing to be denied. 

      Is Orion up to the task? He better be. The game has begun, and everyone's playing for keeps.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Aberrant Creation

A journey through space, a dimensional slip, and a dark uncharted region in the galaxy, all add up for big trouble.

Centuries into the future at the Space Agency HQ near the centre of the galaxy, Intergalactic craft 1B sets out to look for reported missing ships. Space Agent Jim Long finds himself in an uncharted section of the universe; forced into immediate action to save the craft and crew.

The spacecraft enters a new area that throws everything into a state of chaos. Stranded, and shifting into other dimensions, communication to the outside mysteriously cut, causes confusion and fear. Mysterious deadly foes duplicated appear in different time-shifts ready to cause mayhem and death. Finally, the crew challenged to fight on everything abhorrent to humanity, sexism, racism, and extreme religion, under the control of dark, malevolent spiritual beings called the Nomed.

Will Jim and crew ever escape from this fiendish driven environment? With his usual drollness, wit and fortitude, the Nomed use Jim for their amusement until the situations become critical in a nerve-ending climax.    

Science Fiction & Fantasy



Marc Gregorio wakes up paralyzed. He can’t feel his own body. Accident? Stroke? An overdose of Botox? The answer, he discovers, is much, much worse. He’s only a copy of Marc, a digital brain without a body, burdened with all Marc’s human memories, but without access to human sensual pleasures. The digital entity, now called Adam, only begins to discover the extent of his powers while monitoring the internet to expose terrorist plots, cyber-crime and government corruption. You know: the kind of work that creates enemies….

Science Fiction & Fantasy


The subway ad is enticing. One might even consider it elegant as well. A beautiful woman, sitting atop a desk in a sparsely decorated office, staring directly at Bobby Fastow, a blue collar worker, on his way to his monotonous yet physically exhausting job. The photograph has an unusual charisma, a spectacular presence. It seemingly leaps off and out of the poster. 

Bobby Fastow intensely absorbs the information directed at him. BurgerBlast, his favorite fast food restaurant, famous for quick service and reliable, if not artery-choking fare, is announcing a new name and a new direction.

But, in the world of advertising, nothing is as it seems. What if the line that separates an advertisement from the real world were erased? What if an image stepped from an ad and beckoned you to follow it back, inviting you to melt into its world. Could you resist? Bobby Fastow couldn't, and his decision would turn his world upside down.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

New Continent

It all begins with a signal in space. A strange message.

The starship New Continent has been lost in the galaxy for over five hundred years. Guided by this radio wave, her passengers will finally be able to enjoy a world that is not limited to the ends of passageways. There is exultation. For this generation, Earth was only a legend.

But the euphoria does not last. They discover an annihilated planet and the possible extinction of mankind. What happened? How could humanity have disappeared, only leaving behind one more pebble in the universe? Questions to which the Captain Ilyana Ferguson persists in seeking answers for.

From the very first pages of this non-stop action science fiction military adventure, you’ll plunge into the heart of a thrilling plot that sets up deadly obstacles and multiplies the twists and turns. Once the first chapters are read, events take place in real time. You’ll be holding your breath. You won’t be able to put the book down…

Until the message finally reveals all its secrets.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Black Hole Radio

Do you believe in black holes, wormholes, wrinkles in time? Are you interested in space travel and alien encounters that lead to amazing adventures? If not, do not open this book. If yes, get ready for a fun-filled adventure to thrill your imagination. Fifth-graders Hawk and his best friend Matt are fascinated by outer space and its mysteries. They even have their very own space-club. Little do the boys know that they are about to get a closer look at other galaxies and universes beyond their wildest imaginations. A radio left behind by Hawk�s grandfather opens a wormhole to outerspace � one through which the two fifth-graders are transported to a planetoid in a far-off galaxy. But can our heroes defeat the Boogers from Boogernaut and learn how to deal with their own bully at school? Stay tuned to Black Hole Radio! �Black Hole Radio also sucks readers in and doesn�t let go until the story ends. The vivid descriptions will keep kids and adults entertained. [It] fuels the imagination, while also imparting an important message. It seems that even advanced intelligent alien races can be bullies and even enslave those living on other planets. Friendship, peace, and acceptance are the themes in Black Hole Radio [and] to always follow your passion and believe in yourself.� �Entrada Publishing Review

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Last Star Standing, by Spaulding Taylor (pen name)


Winner of a Kirkus star, one of the most prestigious designations in the book industry.

Character-driven action/adventure.

Last Star Standing follows its rebel outcast hero through imprisonment and escape, treason and betrayal to a life-affirming conclusion. Only 99p on Amazon this month!!!

"A deeply addictive read" (SPR).

"A thoroughly entertaining adventure with imaginative action and an appealing hero" (Kirkus).

"RECOMMENDED: Taylor melds original worldbuilding, dramatic flair and a lively storytelling style, bringing late twenty-first-century Earth to vivid life… " (US Review of Books)

"Last Star Standing is a gritty, unique sci-fi drama powered by an unlikely hero and unexpected humor" (Midwest Book Review)

Last Star Standing is an entertaining read, with cohesive world-building that makes the plotline believable: brilliant." (Love Reading website, editorial review)

Aiden is a fiery protagonist, making this outlandishly creative novel a pleasure to read. Last Star Standing is refreshingly unpredictable, while holding to classic form.” (Independent Review of Books)

"Intriguing... captures and holds the imagination. The individual characters are artistic and original, giving a realistic feel. An extraordinary tale with a dynamic storyline. (Susan Sewell, editorial review for Reader’s Favorite)



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