What's in the Panties? - Understanding the psyche of a woman one panty at a time

Have you ever wondered why women select certain types of panties from day to day? Could there be a reason one style seems to stand out more than another? Is it the color? The material? Or could it be their mood? The outfit they're going to wear? Or, better yet, do certain styles of panties enhance feelings of excitement, happiness, success, or power?

What's in the Panties? offers the answers to all of these questions through the fun, entertaining, and true-to-life relationship of Whitney and Trevor, a young couple learning the secrets to a successful marriage. Not only is Trevor understanding the importance of that question, "What's in the panties?" but he is learning how to guide Whitney through everyday life in a way that is beneficial to both her and their marriage.

Through a uniquely crafted storyline, a bit of "Panties 101" history, and action items for both men and women, What's in the Panties? is a book filled with tongue-and-cheek nuances which provoke intriguing thoughts and conversations designed to capture the reader's attention while subtly educating on the subject of gender communication, woman to man.


Genesis: Book of Beginnings (Journey Through the Bible 1)

Genesis: Book of Beginnings (Journey Through the Bible 1)

by Russell Sherrard @sherrardsebooks

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Doomsday Cults The Devil’s Hostages

Jim Jones convinced his 1000 followers they would all have to commit suicide since he was going to die. Shoko Asahara convinced his followers to release a weapon of mass destruction, the deadly sarin gas, on a Tokyo subway. The Order of the Solar Temple lured the rich and famous, including Princess Grace of Monaco, and convinced them to die a fiery death now on Earth to be reborn on a better planet called Sirius. Charles Manson convinced his followers to kill, in an attempt to incite an apocalyptic race war.


The Secret Life of Captain X: My Life with a Psychopath Pilot

Her marriage to a successful airline pilot Captain X seemed like a dream come true. In reality, it was a nightmare. She ignored the red flags and abuse, continually hearing "You're so lucky to be married to him!" Lacking empathy and putting them in serious debt, he promised to fix things but instead divorced her. When she uncovered his involvement with prostitutes, he left her, alienating her from her only child. The horror finally ended when she realized he was a psychopath.

When people think of psychopaths they think of violent criminals. Most psychopaths are not criminals but rather socialized and living among us. Since experts estimate as many as 4% of people are psychopaths, a chapter in this titled Understanding & Avoiding Psychopaths helps readers recognize and avoid these untreatable social predators without a conscience. A final chapter, Suggested Reading and Viewing provides resources to learn more about psychopathy.

​A memoir straight from the heart, you will long to comfort MrsXNomore while admiring her determination to get her child back into her life while surviving the aftermath of a life with a psychopath.



World War II The 103rd Cactus Division Story

A true story of the 103rd march across France, through Germany, and into Austria pushing and defeating the Nazi Army along the way.  A gripping story first written by two journalists [members of the 103rd] and updated by the author with historical facts about the war and the Allies victory.



Suzanne White has done it again!!!

Her World Famous Yearly Horoscopes are back for 2020 – The Year of the Metal Rat. This captivating book includes the whole year’s forecasts for all 24 Zodiac signs – both western and Chinese. Your “New Astrology” sign is a combination of your celestial Astrology sign and your Chinese animal sign. It’s eerie how precise Suzanne White’s predictions can be. Her prophecies are not only accurate, they are wildly amusing. Common Sense Comprehensive Advice throughout. Rest assured. 2020 New Astrology Horoscopes is not just another boring new age astrology book – this book was written for everybody. And it really really sings!


The science of getting happy

We are the only ones who can create our own realities, and if we don’t like something we have the opportunity, but above all the duty, to change it.

Complaining about our lives, our jobs, disappointing relationships, crying over them, blaming others, adopting the attitude of eternal victims of cruel fate, is simply a way of not taking responsibility for our own lives.

We are involuntary co-creators of our current reality. 

But, the good news is that we are capable of modifying this reality and making it more enjoyable, consciously experiencing whatever we want.

This is the aim of this book. 

It isn’t just a motivational book, it is a lot more!

It is an overview of a few of life’s lessons, a few nuggets of wisdom and techniques I’ve picked up, then in some way, modified and personalized through practice, that can guide and help you to become the conscious co-creator of your own marvelous and happy life!

Are you ready for this?


The book is available both in kindle and paperback format.


Remember to share it with everyone who wants to change his own life, now!


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Life in the Spin Cycle

Trials, Tribulations, Innovative Intentions from a not so standard middle class white American male. Born into a nurturing family with all the right love and discipline, it's a wonder what happened to me. Always striving well in school, sports, music, and the arts, yet I still can't seem to obtain basic happiness or stability in life after four decades of diligence. Life sure can be a roller coaster ride, yet for me it's been an endless ride on a supercharged Tilt-a-Whirl. Buy a ticket to the carnival and join me on this ride! 


My Impossible Life

Jennifer Monahan memoirist, author of This Trip Will Change Your Life and Where To? hosts me on her blog talk radio program. We talk about memoir, and My Impossible Life (still a best seller in 3 categories on amazon!) and journeying in life.

thank you Jennifer Monahan!


The Firestick Phenomenon: The Evolution of Television in 2020 & All-In-One Guide to Free Video Streaming

This Book Is For Everyone!

This book may quite literally change your life regarding the way you watch TV and how much money you spend on subscription fees. The average consumer in the USA spends well over $100 for their monthly cable and Internet service, in many instances exceeding $200, and that's not including additional fees for subscriptions to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The way consumers watch television has changed significantly over the past few decades, and it will benefit you to educate yourself on what those changes mean and what the best available options are in 2020 and beyond. In The Firestick Phenomenon, the best tips and tricks as to what make the Amazon Fire TV devices so awesome to use are brought directly to you from an experienced user and enthusiast.

Cancel Those Costly Monthly Subscriptions

By purchasing this Kindle book for a fraction of the cost of one month of a standard Netflix subscription, you will gain access to apps that have access to practically everything you could possibly want to watch, without limitations! This means you can start watching virtually limitless movies and TV shows in the hour or less it takes to read this book! Think of the savings of subscribing only to an Internet service compared to bundling a cable package and adding streaming much money would this save you each month?

This Comprehensive Guide Will Show You:

  • How to set up your Firestick for an optimized experience.

  • How to quickly and easily install third-party apps that allow you to watch virtually all television media for free.

  • How to stay legal, protect your privacy, and make sure your usage is anonymous.

  • How to resolve buffering issues to ensure you have a clean, enjoyable viewing experience.

You will learn about the best free streaming apps in the world, and experienced users will get a crash course that will save them valuable time and make the process of finding, installing, and using apps much easier. This guide is filled with photos and screenshots to help users apply these steps in a simple manner, ensuring people from all walks of life will have no difficulty taking advantage of this technology and information! 

Why Using Other Streaming Devices Doesn't Make Sense

You will learn about the differences between the available streaming devices and why choosing the Amazon Fire TV or Android streaming devices like the Nvidia Shield are the best choice. The others simply don't add up.

By the Time You Finish Reading This Book

By the end of the hour it takes you to read this book, you will be able to install and use applications that allow you to watch virtually any TV show, movie, and anything else in between, for free. You will learn how to prevent and resolve buffering issues, stay anonymous and legal, and how to navigate the apps!

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