How I Survived Working at RTD/Metro: Watch Your Back!

I started working for RTD/Metro when I was 19yrs old and after 32yrs I wanted to write about how I learned to maneuver through an adult environment that was predominately men. My book tells about my challenges and triumphs the good, bad and hilarious. My book is designed to help people avoid the pitfalls on any job. 

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Mike Pence Equally Yoked by Grace

The title of this book Mike Pence: Equally Yoked by Grace will give readers a brief background autobiography of the current vice president of the United States of America, Mike Pence. It will show his tenure as a governor of the State of Indiana, including his policies, his failures, and his success as a governor.

This also includes the challenges he faces while he tries to get his conservative agenda through a difficult political system. Mike Pence: Equally Yoked by Grace shed a light as to why a conservative politician and a man with strong Christian faith would join in alliance with then candidate Trump whom many see as lacking the political background and experience to become President of the United States. Many people also questioned the moral integrity of the then candidate Trump now President of United States just as many people questioned the reason behind why evangelicalssupport the president.

I highlighted the risk that Mr. Pence took by answering the call to be a running mate for their journey to the White House which also included their policy success and pitfalls in their administration. In this book, you will also read about how the faith of the vice president has been challenged several times as a political figure and, at the same time, trying to hold on to his values as a Christian. I see Mr. Pence as an inspiration of how to be a dedicated public servant with perseverance and discipline without letting negativity and unnecessary things hold you back. I hope readers, especially the young and upcoming political leaders, will find this encouraging and inspirational.

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Fiction & Literature


Life hasn't turned out how Danny Owen expected it to. Formerly an investigative journalist, today a radio reporter reluctantly covering celebrity and the music industry, focusing on glitz, glamour and the gaudy stars.

Danny is offered an exclusive interview with Martha, the star of the forthcoming Martha Movin' Out tour, but when he arrives at Elstree Studios he discovers that rehearsals are not going well. Not suspicious initially, but then things take a dire turn when he learns that Martha has disappeared. With the concert tour potentially in ruins, Danny and occasional lover Daisy DeVilliers, the tour's PR, team up beyond the call of duty in an effort to find Martha and rescue the tour.

Soon Danny and Daisy are unwittingly inveigled into the murky world of people smuggling, blackmail and international organised crime. They pick their way through a minefield where one wrong move could not only blow the rescue attempts but could also end their own lives. In a duplicitous world where people show only their best side, trusting the wrong person could be the last thing they ever do.

Mystery & Suspense

Game of Twins

Suzanne Delacroix, Atlanta’s superstar, super-hot, blaisan detective walks into the grisliest crime scene she’s confronted in 17 years: twin girls ritualistically  carved up on their own dining room table. Nicknamed the Tigress, she’s seen hundreds of crime scenes, but at this one, she pukes. Then quits. It wasn’t just the mayhem, but it was something… Her head clearer after a week at the beach, Suzanne knows she can’t quit investigating the murders. Off-the-books, she and buddy, FBI special agent, Mia Gonzales find the latest were the 6th of similar murders of teenage twins going back to 1911. How the fuck does that happen, they wonder? But Mia finds out the FBI hierarchy has something to hide, and Atlanta politicos are thrilled when two white supremacists are arrested for the Atlanta murders (of twins who are black). The suspects are themselves murdered in jail. The two females sleuths know the good ole boys got set up. Problem is, they don’t have single suspect. All the cases go ice cold again.

Until a year later when something, seemingly random and unimportant, changes everything. Isn’t that the way life often is? A middle school kid in Roswell gets unfairly booted off his lacrosse team. You can’t be serious, Suzanne tells her boss, Kip Davies, Atlanta’s top criminal attorney, who she now works for,  are longtime friends (who have unconsummated hots for each other)  – when he asks a favor. Grudgingly, she agrees to investigate his nephew’s trouble.

Enter the bad girl of the story, Pamela Loncart, the chairwoman of the lacrosse club who is much more than that. She’s an auburn-haired stunner who is not only a DEA heavy-hitter, but also the longtime surreptitious paramour of the Pacific Cartel’s top narco; plus she’s a suburban mom who loves illicit fun with teenage boys, including her own twins – and is a member of a satanic coven called the Atlanta Tribe.

Suzanne comes to realize that she’s a player in the Tribe’s deadly Game of Twins —  which is intertwined with twins murders and several others going back a century; her assault at a frat party two decades ago and her debilitating nightmares since; her father’s supposedly accidental drowning – as well as the boy’s unfair sports dismissal. Then it’s Suzanne playing cat-and-mouse with Pamela and her Tribe until the shocking conclusion.



Tragedy brings them together. Will love tear them apart?

In this second edition, you will find an updated and expanded story which is now clean and wholesome. The first edition, The Reluctant Debutante is sweet with a sprinkle of spice.

New York City, 1832. Clarissa Tanner is carefree and lighthearted until the sudden death of her parents. Forced to pay off family debts or lose her horse farm, she's given one choice: auction off her beloved horses or reluctantly enter the 1830s New York Society social season to face the dreaded marriage market.

Nicholas is a man on a mission, searching for his missing brother. Fearing Liam may be the victim of foul play, Nicholas needs to keep a low-profile while conducting his search. He takes a position as a dance instructor, providing refresher lessons to the beautiful but distracted Clarissa.

Clarissa and Nicholas find a connection through grief and movement as they fight their attraction to one another. Will they give in to their desires and find true love or will family obligations keep them apart?

Mystery & Suspense

Sins of a Savior

One woman's determination to bring justice to her world is taken into an unexpected battle between good and evil.  The world was not what she dreamed about when she was little, and now it was clear what she needed to accomplish.  

Working for the Department of Children and Families gave her the opportunity to correct many imperfections and get rid of some of the garbage that polluted the lives of others. The strong and the evil, praying on the weak and helpless was not acceptable to her.

The world needed cleansing.

Marcos Cuevas had been a victim of the church. He lived in constant anger and hate. He carried his past like a lit candle slowly melting until it had no more light. His quest for revenge kept him going, thriving but never satisfied. It was never enough, not till he completed his mission, not until his mind could forget, but forgetting seemed impossible.

The dreams kept him awake. His anger fueled his thirst for revenge, and the knife did his bidding. He was here to do his work. He was here to free the world of the evil that laid behind the mask of the church walls.

His goal was to silence the voices that he had trusted long ago.

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Fiction & Literature

The Liberation of Paul

When Paul Sarin befriends Riley Bennett one night at a bar, he couldn’t have imagined where this friendship would take him. Riley introduces Paul to a world of extreme retribution and revenge by taking him into the inner circle of the Elites. The Elites assist victims struggling with past abuse—and more often than not, their abusers. Riley and the Elites support victims in destroying their demons, in turn setting those victims free of the memories that have weighed them down. All victims confront their demons and handle them as they see fit. Riley eventually grows to almost messiah status with followers in the thousands.


A compelling psychological thriller, The Liberation of Paul explores the darkest and most twisted aspects of humankind and sheds a healthy beam of light on them in more ways than one. While the Elites are executing their orders, we peer into the mind of Paul, exploring his own pain, trauma, and hope. Good and evil exist in everyone, and the sheer effort to balance these attributes proves a fight in and of itself.


Anne and Charles

It’s 1488, and eleven-year-old Anne of Brittany is thrust into a desperate situation when she becomes ruler of her duchy. Besieged on all sides, she eventually agrees to marry Charles VIII, King of France, to save Brittany from plunder.

A fiery relationship as they unexpectedly fall in love. Yet Charles cannot shake the bad habits he brings to their marriage, and Anne cannot pull him out of his darkest depths of struggle.

Together, they usher the Italian Renaissance into France, building a glorious court at their royal residence in Amboise. But year after year, they fail to accomplish their most important  aim: to secure the future of their kingdom.

As they pursue their shared dream, will an unexpected twist of fate change the fortunes of Anne and Charles, two of fifteenth-century Europe’s most star-crossed rulers?

Anne & Charles is Book One of the Anne of Brittany Series, the gripping tale of a larger than life queen. Next in the series is Anne and Louis, general fiction winner of the Publishers Weekly 2018 BookLife Prize.


Technicolor Dreaming' in her own fashion

In my third year of art school in Canada, inspired by Kerouac's On the Road, I took off hitchhiking to San Francisco where I met the beatnik poets. In Paris, as an artist in training, I attended art classes, hung out at the Beat Hotel, and participated in Poetry and Art Events. I participated in the 1960s protests (ecological, sexual feminist and political protests in London and in 1968 on the Paris barricades), which not only helped liberalize our society but changed the way we think and the way we dress. In London I became a highly successful designer, first with my own boutique and then with sales to Carnaby Street and Kings Road, and throughout the world. In 1969, I established the first textile design studio in London and after winning awards and gaining international recognition, I moved my studio to Paris. In 1976 I created Trend Union, named by TIME magazine as ‘One of the world's most influential fashion futurists'. In 2017 this memoir —a personal and critical history of the 1960’s and 70’s counterculture— was published in England.

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Sin's Seduction

Darkness has no place for the light and Sebastian’s world is pitch black, no place for the likes of Gianna DiMarco. She’s everything he’s not and knows better than to bring her into his treacherous world. But desire burns hot and he finds her difficult resist. He wants her, and intends to have her, no matter the cost. 

Powerful, dark, and devastatingly sexy, Gia knows she shouldn’t get to close, but like a moth to a flame, she can’t resist the overwhelming desire that pulls her to Sebastian Sinclair. She knows if she gets too close, she’ll eventually get burned, but that doesn’t stop her from descending into his dark and dangerous world. 

As their all-consuming passion intensifies, his enemies take note, which ignites a perilous path further into darkness. Now he must protect her at all costs: from his enemies, his darkness and even himself. Sebastian realizes the only way to keep her safe, is to let her go. But can he?

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