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Confessions of a Caped Crusader


Confessions of a Caped Crusader (CCC) takes the superhero genre and reimagines it for the social media age. Filled with sex, violence, and droll sarcasm, CCC is an unflinching look at the man behind the mask. Confessions is the unfiltered journal of the flawed hero that has inspired some of today’s greatest pop culture icons.


In the aftermath of a massive prison break, the caped hero must battle a rogues’ gallery of his most dangerous foes. Complicating matters, he has been poisoned by an unseen enemy and only has days to find the antidote. A series of events has been set in motion that will force the masked avenger to confront his inner demons and come to terms with his own mortality. 

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The Watcher's Tale

The award-winning graphic novel series Mary Morgan's Journal continues with this surprising and enlightening third installment, The Watcher's Tale, Mary Morgan's Journal Book 3.

After rescuing thousands of Resistance fighters from the Arctic Mines, Mary and her team return to find an even more dangerous and desperate world. Not only has the villainous Herr Bigly Rump returned and retaken his throne, he has now declared himself King of the World, and has demanded unwavering loyalty from the citizens of Rumptopia.

To ensure his plot prevails, the Rump and his evil allies – Chain Yankervich, Prince Moolah Bin Greeeed, and the Emperor Ang Wee Wun – have devised a plan to steal all the world’s children and exploit them for their magic. This sinister scheme is well underway and shows no sign of weakness as Mary and her friends scramble for the truth and for others who can help them defeat the Great Orange Beast. The Rump’s lies and distractions thwart them at every turn, though, leaving them clueless as to his true endgame, and blind to the only ones capable of saving the world.

The Watcher’s Tale is the third book in the Mary Morgan’s Journal serialized novel collection. Book Four, The Hero’s Tale, is coming soon.

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Zeke N. Fein: Investigative Reporter

Our novel “Zeke N. Fein” follows the bumbling exploits of Zeke, a journalist working for Sun TV News. Zeke aspires to be a hard-hitting journalist who uncovers corruption and wrongdoing in the style of a 60 Minutes reporter, but he has a skill set more suited to covering local events, including spelling bees, 4H events, and “the latest person in town to make it to their 100th birthday.” The only way Zeke can see to get himself out of the local news beat is to ask hard-ball questions even in the fluff pieces he has been given. In doing so, he manages to turn Sister Martha, a nun in the local parish church, into a town celebrity, when she charmingly deflects his gestapo style interrogation. This ultimately sets him up for a confrontation with Ginny, the President of the Sister Martha Fan Club, an articulate and effective, but quite off-beat spokesman for the newly formed club.

Comics & Graphic Novels

Bee Gone: A Political Parable by Constance (Corcoran) Wilson

Bee Gone: A Political Parable is a rhyming, illustrated short e-book that examines the thought, (articulated by Barack Obama), “Elections have consequences.” Given its timing, perhaps it will encourage those who did not vote in 2016 to go to the polls and vote in 2020.

In a very short rhyming story about a disgruntled drone in a bee hive who wants to take over the hive from the queen bee, the key take-away can be described (in the words of the book) this way: “So, the hive lost its honey, its Queen, and its money. It was really a mess, and that isn’t funny.”

The outstanding illustrations by illustrator Gary McCluskey are spot-on. They are both amusing and illustrative of today’s political situation. (Gary says, “It’s the most fun I ever had at work.”)

No matter what your political affiliation, no matter how divided in our individual beliefs, we all agree that citizens in a democracy must exercise their right to vote in order to insure that our democracy continues to function properly. Elections must be fair. Citizens must participate. Elections must be supervised to assure that they are not influenced illegally by outside forces.

If you’re a Democratic or Independent voter, you will probably chuckle all the way through this book.

If you’re a die-hard Trump supporter, maybe not so much.

Whatever your political leanings, enjoy the excellent illustrations and let’s try to remember that, so far, in this country, we all are allowed to express our opinion(s) under the First Amendment to the Constitution. Let’s hope we never lose that. 

Lighten up and enjoy Bee Gone: A Political Parable! Order your copy today or check out Amazon’s Look Inside feature to read the first few pages

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