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How To Easily BOOST The Income From Your Stocks By Selling Call Options---Kindle Edition

Don't let your stocks just sit there and do nothing for you. Put them to work and use them to generate EXTRA income for you to spend or save. This publication will give you a real world example (using Colgate-Palmolive stock) on how to BOOST your income by selling call options on your stocks. This makes perfect sense especially for an IRA type of account. Become a master investor and spend $1.99 and get and study this publication.

I have been using this strategy for years and it works.

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Hello everyone,

Okay so y’all want to know how the Rich continues to get Rich through all the stuff that’s going on in the world. You want to know why because they understand how money 💴 works!! They know how to make their money 💴 work hard for them. People let me teach you how I went from owing thousands of dollars to now being completely Debt free and now I’m able too make my money work for me as well. 

If you are interested in learning check out my online class so I can teach you what I have learned from trial and error.  Dm me if you are interested!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

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The Positive Effect

Retail is the heartbeat of a thriving economy and community; Without it, the gears come to a grinding halt. But when it is functioning at its highest capacity, the millions of people it employees learn skills that shape their future in amazing ways. In this book, April Sabral brings you a fresh perspective to the power and passion of retail. In it she shares her personal journey, lessons learned, and how to lead with a positive attitude against all the odds. This attitude and style of leading helped her in growing strong, dynamic, and effective retail teams. You will come away with practical action steps you can use, whether you are just getting started in retail or have been in the field forever. You’ll learn the art of leadership, the power of connection, and the role of mindfulness in building teams that collaborate to achieve massive success. After reading this book, you’ll never go back to working with your teams the same way. Even if you do not work in retail her three leadership principles can be applied in any field. Having a positive effect on people has a positive effect on any business.

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How to fail fantastically

Humorous guide on failure reveals true nature of how to succeed

Everyone in the world has failed at something at some point in their lives. For many, failure is a daily occurrence. To help them and everyone who fears failure, a new self-help guide has been published that is aimed at getting people to open up and talk about the topic.

The new tongue-in-cheek guide is called ‘How to Fail Fantastically’ by serial failure-ist, Ken Williams, who says we shouldn’t fear failure, but embrace it.

Through the companion guide, Williams shows that with a sense of humour and sense of purpose, anyone can fail fantastically. In fact, he demonstrates that failure is not this big, bad monster, but a major precursor to success.

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Rogue Thinking In the Age of Herd Mentality

This eBook is dedicated to those independent thinkers who do not wish to follow the mindless herd. The postings that follow are broken down by category and were developed to give people a different and realistic view on life and events...devoid of popular myths and seductive illusions.

Your success in life will be dependent on breaking free from mass thinking and talking the road less traveled. You are the pilot of your own ship. May your journey be safe and prosperous.

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How To Be A Business Lord In The New Feudal Society

We live and work in an economy governed by turbulence and chaos. This is the norm. There may be moments of tranquility…but these are fleeting at best. For your future you have two choices. Do you wish to be a Business Lord or a Business Serf? There is one Key critical criterion that separates the Business Lords from the Serfs. Discover and understand this and you will prosper as a Business Lord

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Kitchen Open: A Practical Guide to Keeping Your Restaurant Open During Challenging Times

Are you a restaurant owner, manager, operator, or head chef trying to figure out your restaurant's best response during these unprecedented, challenging times?

Are you unsure of your options or how to implement them the right way?

Do you know the best ways to keep in contact with your loyal patrons so they know what your restaurant is doing right now?

Whether your restaurant is open or closed, Kitchen Open will help you answer these questions--and offer solutions--as you consider the directions your restaurant needs to take during the pandemic.

* Explore your takeout and delivery options--including innovative ideas from other restaurants.

* Discover a free tool that allows your customers to order your food online . . . right from your restaurant's Facebook page and website. (And if your menu isn't too complicated, you could have this up and running in about an hour.)

* Learn several ways to keep revenue coming in even if your kitchen is closed for regular takeout and delivery service--and help your community as well. (Tip: Restaurants currently doing takeout and delivery can do these ideas, too.)

* Learn how to optimize every bag and box that goes out your door to keep customers coming back.

* Find out the best ways to let your current patrons know what you now offer and how to get it . . . and create a little buzz to attract new customers--all for no or low cost.

Use Kitchen Open to help you make choices for your restaurant in these unprecedented times and let the world know!

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Door to Door Sales Made Simple

Door to Door Sales Made Simple is beginners guide to anyone who is considering a career in sales. It's an A-Z of what and what not to do, when starting out door knocking or cold-calling. We cover everything from the approach, along with what you would say when someone answers the door, right all the way through to closing a sale after the presentation is complete.

Sales is a great career to consider, but for someone who has just started out on that road for their 1st time, it's a whole new ball game and is a world away from our traditional 9-5 retail or office job or factory work

From my own experience of 20 years on the road, cold-calling and being a sales rep, I have documented here, a great sales aid for beginners, for company managers or team leaders who may have a sales team or for anyone that is considering a career in the sales industry.

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Starting a Business Now in Creative Writing Job as Passive Income Idea: Inspirational Business Author to Being a Writer & Make Money from Home. Stop Overthinking: 8 Power Habits that Change Your Mind

If you knew how to make $ 100,000 per year in a few months, then you would be interested in Starting a Business Now in Creative Writing Job?


If you knew how make money from home and have unlimited growth, then you would discover The Secret of Modern Leadership to Make Money Online day after day?


If you knew "How Entrepreneurs are Earning a Passive Income Idea in Self-Publishing without have a prior experience of writing", you should read this book!

Self-publishing a book is growing more common these days and it's the only way new authors can get published.

"Print on demand" technology has made self-publishing more attractive. You just need to be sure that you follow some of the publishing world's best practices-exuding the professionalism, competency, and technical know-how of a traditional publishing outfit. The trick is not longer to self-publish, but to do it in such a way that your book will be read… and that's where this special guide comes in.


"Starting a Business Now in Creative Writing Job as Passive Income Idea!" focuses on the A-Z aspects of publishing a book: from writing to marketing on digital platforms such as Amazon and the "tricks" behind it.


Some of the BENEFITS offered in this fantastic book are listed below:

  • Serves as a marketing tool when you have no clue! – especially as a beginner

  • Provides a laid-out plan with the fastest, most efficient ways to build an engaging following online and starting a copywriting project

  • Teaches you how to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle comfortably

  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes authors make when self-publishing

  • Hacks to get started with copywriting fast

  • Step-by-step how to go from zero to published - and – earn $100,000/year

While there are several methods and techniques to doing self-publishing successfully and professionally, this special guide, divided in III Exhaustive Part + Bonus, focus on the main pointers which will guide you in getting started.

  • How to Develop Positive, Effective Habits for Personal Change

  • Getting Motivated So You Don't Find Excuses

  • Shifting Your Mindset for the Better

  • Learn Power Habits that can Change your Mind

  • Creating Interest and Passion

  • Defining Your Profitable Niche

  • Creating A Great Book

  • Publishing Your Book On Amazon KDP

  • Rights and Pricing

  • How to do Marketing Proper

  • Setting Up Your Sales System

  • Secret Strategies to Profit with Kindle

  • How to Repel the Lazy Bug

  • Living the Entrepreneurial life

  • Understanding Copywriting

  • Get your Writing juices flowing

  • Easiest Ways to Research your Market and Understand your Niche better

  • Planning a Copywriting Project

  • 10 Creative Ways to Generate Unique Content Ideas

  • Ingredients of Highly Successful Copy

  • How to Organize the Key Messages in your Copy Rightly

  • How to Craft an Attractive and Converting Headlines

  • All about Body Copy

  • Essential Ingredients for a Successful Blog

  • How to Turn your Writing Skill into a Money Machine while Working from Home

  • ...and lots more + Bonus "Copywriting Secrets That Sells"


You see, Self-Publishing is full of potential traps. Using a step-by-step, proven and easy-to-follow System, " Starting a Business Now in Creative Writing Job as Passive Income Idea" will teach and guide you so you don't fall into these traps.


Do not hesitate to scroll back up now and GRAB A COPY of now!

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Alternative Economics: Reversing Stagnation

This anthology of critical economists is dedicated to all seekers of truth and justice, to all yearning for an inclusive future of generalized security, reduced working hours, exchanging roles, community centers and free Internet books.

By rethinking work, happiness, health and security, we can pave the way for a future that is open and dynamic, not closed and static. Life should be full of play, exuberance, surprise and mystery.  The economy ought to be a part of life, not a steamroller crushing self-determination and creativity.    Alternatives to stagnation, unemployment and depression lead to changed priorities and policies, a political-economic revolution of qualitative growth and joy in living.

Alternative economics is a vital corrective to market with unfettered deregulation, privatization and liberalization of markets.  While neoliberal mythology insists higher profits bring more jobs and greater investments, profits soar and investments fall by the wayside.  Radicalism and neoliberalism, mainstream market-radical economic theory haves led to exploding inequality, cynicism and resignation and has no answers to mass unemployment, growing precarity, global warming and the rights of nature.  The time is right for alternative economics, for economics that is part of life, not a steamroller crushing creativity and self-determination.

The market is not self-healing or a panacea but a necessary and helpful instrument after political questions are answered: what kind of society do we want?  How can public necessities remain public?  How can people be active participative citizens and not mere cogs in the machine?  How can nature be protected and nurtured and not trivialized as a free good, external or sink?

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