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The Fourth Rising

On May 8, 1945, WWII in Europe ended with Germany’s surrender. But did the Nazi Party itself surrender? Some say no.

1943: A German ship moors in a clandestine anchorage in western Mexico with a cargo of gold intended to bribe the Mexican government into declaring war on the United States. When the attempt fails, the German vessel flees leaving its gold buried somewhere along the coast of the Sea of Cortés.

1997: The horrific murder of an old flame’s husband sets former war correspondent Peter Brandt on the hunt for the hidden Nazi treasure. The search takes him down a bloody trail leading from the drug cartels of Mexico to a neo-Nazi training camp in the Southern California mountains. Along the way, he unearths a decades-long Nazi conspiracy to create a new Fourth Reich and continue the Nazi Party’s plan for world domination.

Mystery & Suspense



Every year, scores of aspiring actors flock to Hollywood with dreams of stardom. Most fail and go back home, while others stay and suffer disillusionment. Some, however, are so desperate they will do anything to succeed....


Rich MacGuffin, an aspiring actor with a talent for acting but a distinct lack of Tinsel Town looks, struggles to find work that will lead him on the road to stardom.

When a series of murders takes place by an elusive serial killer nicknamed THE HOLLYWOOD SPECTRE, and one of those victims is the star in a movie in the process of being shot, MacGuffin comes up with a unique idea that will land him the starring role.

Finally, MacGuffin gets his chance to show his acting ability, and he shines. But the killer is still on the prowl and seeking revenge against those from his past. MacGuffin unwittingly becomes involved with the LAPD and FBI as they hunt the killer and the bodies stack up.

Mystery & Suspense

An Evil Planned

Antioch, Eastern Roman Empire.

An heiress murdered in broad daylight, an uncooperative household, a rejected suitor, an elusive Roman blackmailer and back-stabbing Greeks. Introducing Captain Antonius Sabas and his team of amateurs facing murder, mystery and magic during the reign of Emperor Trajan. But what family secrets from the Captain's past come back to haunt the present and threaten both life and career?

Mystery & Suspense

Ribbons of Death

When a gun fails to do the job…pick up another tool….

Carter is a man who lives for his work. The more dangerous, the better. He’s the one that Special Agent Vernon Saunders calls, when he needs a precision tool to remove what threatens the security of the citizens. He’s the one he sends to have a chat with US diplomats overseas, about alarming developments in their part of the world.

Then suddenly, those alarming developments move stateside. The vicious riots are sweeping the country. They have no source, no reason, no focus. They just erupt spontaneously and leave streets littered with bodies.

Like always, Carter picks up a gun. Then intelligence gathered overseas sends him on a strange quest to Montana. And there someone who Carter thinks is plain crazy, suggests that he puts down his gun…and picks up a book.

Mystery & Suspense

Sleepwalker: The Whodunit Series

Nicole Ric sleepwalks and wakes in places other than her home. As if her condition didn’t already cause enough problems, her broken relationship with her recovering drug-addicted mother is further challenged when her mother starts dating Mr. Geld, the principal of Stanridge High, where Nicole is an outcast. The most popular girl and head cheerleader, Claire Edison, ensures Nicole continues to feel like a loser by embarrassing her during gym class, at her job at the local diner, and every opportunity she has. But when Claire turns up murdered outside of a popular local club, the school is left reeling. To complicate matters, Nicole wakes not far from where Claire is murdered. As more murders follow, Nicole has a startling realization: the victims are all connected to her. When she continues to wake in odd places and find items from the victims mysteriously appearing in her bedroom, Nicole’s concerns grow. Is she responsible for these murders while she’s sleepwalking?

Mystery & Suspense

Lullaby for Leo: A Novel of Discovery and Forgiveness

After Lisa's mom is murdered during an intentional car wreck, the investigative journalist learns she has a Vietnam vet father she never knew existed. Her goal is to find him. Add in the rekindling of a romance with her first and only love, and the formula is almost set. They must be extra careful, though, and avoid the deranged killer who's looking for misbegotten payback.  

Mystery & Suspense

Who Killed Lulu? A Belinda Steel Mystery

Belinda Steel's mother Louise is brutally murdered -- stabbed a dozen times with a razor-sharp, eight-inch kitchen knife.

The main suspect is her cheating husband, Dr David Steel, caught standing over the body with a knife dripping blood in his hand. It's an open and shut case. Soon, Dave is awaiting trial on a capital charge, with only two possible outcomes: either lethal injection or the electric chair. And he makes things worse by opting to conduct his own defense.

Dave's daughter Belinda is devastated. She knows her parents had a turbulent marriage, but begins to think, or maybe just hoping, Dave didn’t do it. She has lost one parent, she doesn’t want to lose another. Using her IT skills, determined nature and forensic mindset, she sets out to see what really happened.

This case also proves to be a journey towards self-discovery; Belinda recognizes her true passion – fighting for a cause. Author Russel Emery’s heroine loves fighting for those suffering from the miscarriage of justice.

Mystery & Suspense

The Mystery of Flight 2222

Two strangers meet while seated together on a long distance air flight. The more seasoned of the two creates a game to pass the time. They choose seven passengers and proceed to guess their names, age, occupation, marital status, and personality. Later, they are informed of severe mechanical problems disabling the plane, leading to a crash into the sea. They survive along with only seven other passengers, incredibly the seven people from their game. The subsequent prolonged and horrifying adventure in a raft presents many obstacles to their survival including sharks, severe weather, death, hunger, thirst, declining physical and mental health, paranoia, and pirates of the high seas. Their long awaited rescue from the ravages of the sea is just the beginning of their trip to Hell and back.

Mystery & Suspense

Dead Before Morning: British Detectives (Rafferty & Llewellyn Book 1)



A murder investigation…and Joe Rafferty’s already got trouble in spades.

His first case in charge looks like being his last. Because he suspects that the case of the 'Faceless Lady' is a poisoned chalice. Gifted by his new boss, who is only waiting for Rafferty to fail, to put the boot in. He's even arranged his even newer partner—a pedant who rubs him up the wrong way from the start.

Rafferty’s boss looks hand-rubbing ready in anticipation of his failure. If he’s got some detective favourite ready to slot into his space, the case of the ‘Faceless Lady’ looks likely to be the one to do it. 

All he can do is grit his teeth and hope for a lucky break.

But when he gets it, it’s from such an unlikely source that he suspects the fates are having a laugh at his expense. But it’s the only clue he’s got, so he has to follow it up.

Will he end up with egg on his face? Or solve the murder against all the odds?

Rafferty wishes he knew. The only thing he’s sure of is that his boss won't hesitate to get rid of him if he drops the ball. Determined to deprive him of that satisfaction, he goes with his gut-instinct, but keeps his fingers crossed all the way.

'Did not see the end coming.' Amazon Reviewer


'Evans' humor seriously added to my enjoyment of her book. The series has stand out central characters and clever plots.' AUNT AGATHA'S BOOKSHOP, ANN ARBOR


Mystery & Suspense

A Perfect Storm Of Injustice

Charles Wilkerson's life is pretty set. He has a beautiful and loving wife, Dana, and a delightful toddler son, Travis. However, life can change drastically in just the twinkling of an eye. Dana's beaten and murdered body is discovered in their bedroom while he is at work. Travis witnesses the gruesome event and knows who the murderer is, but he is too young to testify in court. Besides, no one believes him anyway. Charles, as an African-American man married to a white wife, is immediately suspected by the local law enforcement authorities of the murder. Then follows a "perfect storm" of police racial bias and prosecutorial malfeasance, and the result is life inprisonment for Charles. He spends over a quarter-century in prison until he is aided by the Innocence Project. Though the wheels of justice turn agonizingly slowly and the state will fight any attempt for exoneration tooth and nail, Charles is finally pronounced innocent. The real murderer is disovered, tried and senenced. Charles tries to begin his life again as a free man. The plot is a compilation and fictionalization of real-life situations of death-row inmates he mentored as spiritual counselor in the Florida State Prison. Charles' story is similar to that of dozens of persons who have been wrongfully sentenced and imprisoned. Some, like Charles, are fortunate enough to receive expert legal assistance and are set free.

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