Mystery & Suspense


A tragic explosion results in the death of over 200 airplane passengers.  Was the explosion caused by pilot error, or was it a conspiracy? 

Pilot Cathalene (Lena) Penn, accused by the airline of being a smuggler, died in the tragedy, and her wife, Jessica is desperate to clear Lena’s good name. 

When Jessica travels to Belgium, her wife’s home away from home, she discovers diamonds, a second family, and a mystery…

Sometimes, choosing between what is safe and what is right isn’t easy, and running away is always an option…Flight!

Mystery & Suspense

Gallows Field

Dublin 1941

A brutal murder. A missing ledger. Mistaken identity. And barman Eamon Foley is running for his life.

Tralee, six months later, Foley is in a crowded pub. The music is loud. The singing is louder. His brother-in-law Joe McCarthy is shot dead.

In the chaos Foley thinks he sees the Dublin killer rushing through the door. Is this a message? Have they caught up with him at last, looking for the ledger?

Or is it as the local Gardaí suspect – Joe was killed by a jealous husband, given his reputation as a notorious womaniser?

They dismiss Foley’s concerns. With horrendous results.

Mystery & Suspense


If you’re on vacation, fly coach. If you’re on business, fly first-class. If you’re on a mission, fly with Mickey.

Tony Boccaccio is after a bag of cash that he believes is his. Max Burke thinks otherwise and has hired two couriers to take the money to California. Mickey Soto is a commercial pilot hauling freight and instructing students from a small, Florida airport. Tony hires Mickey and his airplane to go after the couriers. Mickey thought his days of flying illegal cargo were behind him, but the lure of easy money and his policy of 'don't ask/don't tell' cause him to add to his history of poor decisions.

Tony's cousin, Gina, jumps in to help, and the three of the end up in a desperate cross-crountry race that leads to a West Coast pier and a fateful decision by Tony that impacts their lives in ways that none of them could have foreseen.

Mystery & Suspense

Deadly Secrets

Deadly Secrets  the truth will out

Gavin's life will be turned upside down when he joins a compamy to work on a product that will revolutionise the food industry. His initial gut reaction is to walk away, then he discovers that one of the directors is the former love of his teenage life. The financial implications of the product are huge, and powerful individuals are prepared to kill to gets their hands on the technology.

Against overwhelming odds, Gavin must rescue his former love from the hands of an evil cult as they prepare her for a living nightmare.


The Spiritualist Murders


Women in 1886 San Francisco are killing their husbands. Attorney detective Clara Foltz uses an eighteen-year-old clairvoyant to track down the mysterious man using the powers of sexual magnetism and mesmerism to turn abused women into murderers. This becomes a family mystery, as Clara’s two oldest children get involved.

Clara’s assistant, Ah Toy, must also enlist the help of her evil uncle, Little Pete, because he also uses his paranormal abilities to control his harem of prostitutes in Chinatown. Ah Toy learns how he does it and leads Clara and her family inside the dark, seamy side of how women are controlled for nefarious purposes.

But the true confrontation comes when Clara joins together with her attorney friend, Laura de Force Gordon, to question witnesses who testified at the trial of Mrs. Rachel Wilson-Rafferty. They also pay a visit to the wife of the man who began the first Rosicrucian group in America, Dr. Paschal Beverly Randolph. They learn he taught sexual magnetism and the use of hashish and marijuana to help transfix his members in spiritual trances before they had sex with their partners.

As the wealthy and abusive husbands are murdered by their wives all over the United States, Clara and her team begin to close in on a variety of suspects. The supernatural climax leads to a final confrontation and the solution to the mystery, inside the Winchester house in San Jose, but not without several twists in the action, which place Clara’s daughter and son in immediate danger.

This second, much-awaited mystery in the Portia of the Pacific series shows how women used Spiritualism in order to further their rights as women and wives. In this case, however, women once again become victims of a sexist predator who will risk everything to achieve his misogynistic goals.

Chinawoman's Chance

The First Woman Attorney in California Fights the Patriarchy of the Nineteenth Century

Clara Shortridge Foltz faces a patriarchal nemesis in 1884 San Francisco. When a white prostitute is murdered and flayed down to a skeleton, Clara is hired by the Six Companies of Chinatown to defend the sixteen males who are swept-up by the Chinatown Squad.  


This ragtag and corrupt group of sheriffs works for the mayor, Washington Bartlett. The mayor uses the nation's anti-Chinese sentiment in his quest to win the race for Governor of California. 


Foltz, the first woman admitted to the California Bar, must learn fast to become a detective in order to prove that her client, journalist George Kwong, is not the killer but was set-up by the mayor to take the fall. Along with Ah Toy, her trusted translator and best friend, she is instructed by the head of detectives, Captain Isaiah Lees.  


Lees becomes enamored with Clara, who is having personal problems with sexual commitment, due to her first marriage with Jeremiah Foltz. He was a Union vet who deserted Clara and their five children for a younger woman. 


Captain Lees has personal problems of his own, as he has devoted all his time fighting the corrupt politicians and the Chinatown Squad for twenty years, and has not even made time for female relations. Theirs is a very special kind of romance.


First Place Winner of the 2013 Chanticleer Book Award for Best Historical Mystery. Finalist in the Best Digital Fiction Award, New Generation Book Awards, 2014.

In post Civil War New York City, Detective Pat O'Malley is living inside Poe's Cottage in the Bronx. O'Malley is haunted by Poe one night, and the detective finds a strange note. As a result, O'Malley decides to prove that Edgar Allan Poe did not die in Baltimore from an alcoholic binge but was, instead, murdered. O'Malley quickly becomes embroiled in a "cold case" that thrusts him into the lair of one of the most sinister and ruthless killers in 1865 New York City. Selected by the Library Journal for special choice in their "Self-E" indie book awards and distribution program.

Jim Musgrave's "Forevermore" is a quick read in four acts that will keep your mind razor sharp trying to solve the mystery of Poe's murder. Pat O'Malley must first find out how to become intimate with females before he can discover the final clue in this puzzle of wits, murder and romance.

Visit the author's BookLife page for more titles.

The Stockton Insane Asylum Murder

“Madness can be seen as an intuitive probing into true reality.”–R. D. Laing

Women were, among others, misdiagnosed as insane by alienists in the 1800s. My plot will involve a female child who has been institutionalized in 1887, but the aunt of this child comes to Clara Foltz to say she believes the child was admitted to the Stockton State Insane Asylum (the first such institution in California) because she knew about a murder that was committed on her wealthy parent’s estate.

Clara solicits the help of Elizabeth Packard, the crusading (real) activist who was committed in the 1860s by her husband.  It took Mrs. Packard three years to earn her freedom. Together with Ah Toy, they contrive a way to go undercover to gain admittance into the Women’s Building at Stockton to find the child and determine what happened to have her institutionalized. Children were regularly institutionalized, as were the elderly and the feeble-minded.

  • Five of these characters will be readers who won a raffle held by the author.  They will be suspect asylum patients inside the Stockton State Insane Asylum, the first public mental hospital in California.  The author will be working with each reader, using their photos, descriptions and “personal idiosyncrasies” to craft the characters used in his mystery.

  • BookLife Prize, 2018:  "A thrilling adventure, perfect for whodunit fans and historical fiction buffs."

  • Kirkus Review:  "An entertaining mix of fact, fiction, feminism, and the occult."

  • Visit the author's BookLife page to see other titles available by him.

Mystery & Suspense

Clone Drones

This award winning thriller has it all; murder, mob revenge, political intrigue, a little romance, strong male & female characters with a storyline that could be tomorrow’s headline news. The O’Rourke team is called in to help solve a nationwide plot involving the assassinations of several US Senators. To complicate matters, they have to work against the clock to rescue one of their own. It seems the mob didn’t take too kindly to the O’Rourke team’s involvement last spring that led to the indictment of their boss.

Will they succeed?

Mystery & Suspense

Echo of Escape

SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS MARRYING THE PERFECT GUY, BUT THAT WAS A PERFECT LIE. Alyssa Burdick spends her days teaching middle-school and her nights battling the psychological oppression of a misogynist husband. He was her knight in shining armor from the day she met him up until the end of their wedding reception.Now she’s humiliated by what goes on behind closed doors. At least at school she can be herself. And after school, behind her closed classroom door … well, she’s humbled, confused, hopeful even, as her department head, Connor, mentors her. Slowly, very slowly, she opens her heart and soul to him. Just when she’s brave enough to leave her husband something inconceivable happens. Followed by the unimaginable.

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Mystery & Suspense

Sins of a Savior

One woman's determination to bring justice to her world is taken into an unexpected battle between good and evil.  The world was not what she dreamed about when she was little, and now it was clear what she needed to accomplish.  

Working for the Department of Children and Families gave her the opportunity to correct many imperfections and get rid of some of the garbage that polluted the lives of others. The strong and the evil, praying on the weak and helpless was not acceptable to her.

The world needed cleansing.

Marcos Cuevas had been a victim of the church. He lived in constant anger and hate. He carried his past like a lit candle slowly melting until it had no more light. His quest for revenge kept him going, thriving but never satisfied. It was never enough, not till he completed his mission, not until his mind could forget, but forgetting seemed impossible.

The dreams kept him awake. His anger fueled his thirst for revenge, and the knife did his bidding. He was here to do his work. He was here to free the world of the evil that laid behind the mask of the church walls.

His goal was to silence the voices that he had trusted long ago.

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Mystery & Suspense

Shattered Memories of a Broken Man

Charlie Doe has a dark secret, only even he doesnt know what it is. He has suffered complete amnesia as the result of a near death hiking accident. As he is trying to recover he realizes he is falling in love with his doctor. Dr Annie Sexton is trying to help Charlie recover and help learn his past but she has her own dark secret and her own past. 

Can a man who doesnt know who he is and a woman with a dark past forge a future together?

Mystery & Suspense

Land of My Sojourn

Trent Carter, former state policeman and Colfax County Sheriff's Department detective, has finally retired to peacefully live out the remainder of his days with his new wife on their horse ranch in northern New Mexico—or so he thinks.

Book #2 of the author's "New Mexico Trilogy," LAND OF MY SOJOURN spans 150 years, from the Civil War through the infamous Colfax County War to the present; from the Goodnight-Loving cattle drives to the gold fields of Elizabethtown; and from colonial Santa Fe to present day Amsterdam. Along the way, we meet some of Trent’s earliest ancestors, along with larger-than-life historic characters who helped to forge the history of New Mexico during some of its wildest and bloodiest days.

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