Mystery & Suspense


Thread, a story like no other, weaves through the lives of those who want to do harm to Kyle Stone. Betrayal, greed, corruption, and much more as they try and destroy a young man just back from war, wanting only to build a business and raise a family. Thread weaves around the crystal ball of a witch and over paranormal events, scaring the hell out of everyone. Kyle Stone, an orphan at 8, fought the enemy in Vietnam and now faces a stronger enemy in the Boardroom. Take and destroy what he has built, all for their own greed, and they will stop at nothing. Read Thread and see how special it is as being it is my life experiences and you won't believe all that happened in this thriller crime mystery, and who said romance is dead?

Mystery & Suspense

Phoebe's Money

Recent release “Phoebe’s Money” from Page Publishing author Rhonda Kings is fast-paced

and suspenseful novel introducing Maddie Montgomery, a graphic designer whose widowed

mother, Phoebe, invites a charming stranger into their lives. When the mystery man’s

smooth demeanor begins to show some suspicious cracks, Maddie must overcome her initial

attraction to reveal the true character and motives of the real Jack Stone.

Mystery & Suspense

Winter of Red

One of the soldiers immediately grabbed Tommy from behind and put his knife to his throat, ‘Move away, or I swear there will be bloodshed this night.’

Tommy had a look of fear in his eyes and not willing to blink, his eyes grew wide and white. He used his peripheral vision to try to look at the man behind, but he was terrified and shivered with more fear than chill.

‘Come men mount your horses,’ the sergeant of the soldiers, a career man, could sense the fear in the men that stood opposite. The other four took out their flintlock pistols and pointed them at the clubmen.

Come along on this historic fictional, adventurous and mysterious journey which twists, turns and surprises until the very end. If you like history, adventure and intrigue with a dash of spirited love, then you will be engrossed by this tale of a peasant family getting caught up in the ravages of the English Civil War in 1642.

The story keeps readers on edge surprising them with twists, turns and mystery all the while painting a vivid picture that places you in the time and in the place. The comical, crudeness of the writing mirrors times when peasants were a lowly, uneducated, rough lot, but this only adds to this realistic and vibrant tale.

Reading this novel, one can immerse themselves within this factually accurate tale and discover the more colourful, candid details of what it may have been like to live in this rebellious time.

Mystery & Suspense

Shadow Bay

Josh Henley lost his daughter when she accidentally shot herself with his gun.

He lost his wife when she couldn't forgive him for their child's death.

Now stricken with guilt,

every decision since has been wrong.

Laying in a coma which he's convinced wasnt an accident, Josh is trapped in Shadow Bay.

While finding a way out, he is faced with his grief.

And it's not like before when he could just run away from it. 

Mystery & Suspense

Diary of a Serial Killer

Get inside the mind of a killer. He looks like the boy next door. He could be the young man dating your daughter or sister. He could be the boy who cuts your lawn. He considers himself an artist, creating twisted art using human canvases. Leaving a trail of once beautiful, but now shattered, female bodies in his wake, he always stays one step ahead of the police. He is highly organized. He is highly motivated. He does not believe he can be caught. And the body count is rising.....

Mystery & Suspense

36 Hours

Christian Price is a man on a mission -- to test the readiness of law enforcement. But in his quest to better the police force, innocent lives are lost. Can the APD stop him before he sadistically kills again?

Mystery & Suspense

Mission COVID-X


China's top virologist has been moved to Wuhan while the CIA is training a young Chinese deadly weapon of their own. A high stakes game of cat and mouse ensues as the Chinese Communist Party plots to overtake the world economy.

A meeting of China's politicians is in session as the Chairman of the Communist Party reveals his grand plan to put China in a position of world supremacy. books2read link



The top virologist in the country has been given a dark directive that may have horrific consequences, not only for him and his own daughter, but for the global population. 

The CIA have caught wind of a plot, but they need to send in one of their own. Nobody can be trusted. 

A young recruit has caught the CIA's attention. She was born in Beijing, but spent most of her life in the States. Her life will be thrown into the deadly game of cat and mouse, pitting operative against a double agent to either save the world or to bring down the global economy. 

From Langley to Wuhan, Beijing to New York and finally in Milan, how will it end?


Mystery & Suspense

An Unethical Practice

Dr Julian Fitz-Bartholomew, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, goes to a bar after attending a Health Minister’s Forum to relax and put his long and draining day behind him. After talking to an attractive young lady with an alluring middle-class British accent, whose features gave him the impression she was of Eastern European descent, he regains consciousness on a beach close to his hotel late at night. When he takes a bath, he discovers a black line drawn along his breastbone, and a ruptured puncture wound in the crease of his arm. Given his medical background, he suspects he was drugged and something untoward was meant to happen to him. To prevent anybody else being subjected to his traumatic experience, and the press catching wind of what had happened, he turns to a private investigator, Jane. Working with her small team, Martine, and recruit, cocky wide-boy Grant, they race against time to find out who’s responsible for what happened to Julian—before whoever it is gets what they’re hunting for. And reporters have the opportunity to twist Julian’s innocent conversation with the vixen into a sex scandal, thereby potentially destroying his marriage and career.

Mystery & Suspense

Gold Star County

Cliff Reagon is a newspaper reporter for the Old Hickory Gazette in Sugar Creek, Indiana, and he is good at it. It is 1946, and World War II has mercifully ended.

Cliff’s spunky younger sister, Bea, fresh out of journalism school, snagged a job alongside her brother at the newspaper. Less than a month after Bea joins the Gazette, Sugar Creek experiences a brutal murder― the first murder of a woman there in over thirty-five years. Clara Blystone, the victim, was a young single mother whose battered body was found inside an already infamous, long-neglected cemetery mausoleum.

Despite caution from her brother, Bea occasionally slips out of her role as a print journalist and slides into the unofficial role of detective. Her amateur investigative work eventually pairs her with the murdered woman’s roommate, Gracie. Gracie, who barely graduated from high school, and according to a few folks around Sugar Creek, has a bit of “history.”

In this dark-and-light, often humorous but sometimes disturbing, thriller, an unlikely friendship between the two polar-opposites develops. The two self-appointed sleuths make for an odd duo, but they are a duo that is hell-bent on finding the murderer. As should have been expected, Bea and Gracie find themselves up to their necks in danger before Sheriff Donald Pritchard can zero-in on the killer.

Hickory County’s Sheriff Donald Pritchard, is the son of Zeke Pritchard, a former crooked Sheriff who years ago began his semi-retirement in Indianapolis. Donald has recently been handed his father’s badge for the second time thanks to elections controlled by Zeke.

While the lawman may not be likable, he is damn good at what he does and, uncharacteristically, for the hardcore sheriff, this case is personal. Years ago, high-school-aged Donald Pritchard had a crush on classmate and now victim, Clara Blystone.

This winding story begins on the streets of “Little Italy” in Chicago and wanders through Sugar Creek, Indiana, to a tense conclusion inside the gates of Shade Valley Cemetery.

Mystery & Suspense


A military coup will begin in Turkey in less than a month. The year is 2016. Chick Cutter and Emily Yilmaz are excited about their upcoming two-year working trip to Adana, Turkey where they will manage the construction of a multi-million dollar electricity generating plant. Chick is a young experienced construction project manager and he has chosen as his assistant the even younger but capable and tenacious Emily. Emily is fluent in the Turkish language. It is a skill that played a key role in her hiring‒ problem is the generating plant will never be built. 

Hasan Izzeddin, Turkish multi-billionaire, and Omar Akbas, Turkish bureaucrat, have an ingenious but somewhat insane plan for power and revenge. The coup will provide a perfect smokescreen for their dastardly scheme. 

Once the dark mission is discovered, Chick and Emily team up with the project’s veteran Vietnam-era heavy-lift helicopter pilot, Rusty, and his Philippine partner of twenty years, Jasmin. It is to be Rusty’s job to assist the secret revolution utilizing the construction project’s Sikorsky heavy-lift helicopter. The safety of a kidnapped Jasmin will buy Rusty’s cooperation. Along with Chick, Emily, Rusty, and Jasmin, a loveable and portly hotel manager and an Air Force Major round off the small squad who will stand against the megalomaniac Izzeddin and his group of hired mercenaries from Afghanistan and Syria. 

The small six-person squad of unlikely combatants will be whipped into shape by Chick. Chick is a recent veteran who excelled as a skillful combat infantry Lieutenant while fighting in Afghanistan. “The Ottoman’s Sword” is a fast-moving action/thriller loaded with clever banter between likable characters and a mix of not-so-clever and very un-likeable villains. The story comes together nicely with a good share of surprises as it winds down to a satisfying conclusion that should please any reader.

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