Mystery & Suspense

The Mystery Of Flight 2222

Helen and Frank, complete strangers, play a game on a long flight to Argentina, guessing the names and personal lives of seven other passengers. The passengers chosen include three women and four men. Each has a story to tell in their own right, but they all hide dark secrets of their pasts. 

The interaction among the passengers creates stresses well beyond one's imagination leading to physical and mental decline, paranoia, and even death. Sharks, bad weather, mirages, and open sea pirates complicate their miserable tribulations.

Their eventual rescue is considered retribution for all their misfortunes only for them to realize that another trip to Hell and back has just begun.



Mystery & Suspense

Mystery in the Mine: Gold Dust Returns

Michael inherited a Gold Mine built in 1852 during the California Gold Rush. Now he has decided to reopen the mine. Michael Bishop and his crew are on the Gold but only with some very mysterious help in the mine. Explore the Double Pick Mine and see where the help is coming from.

Mystery & Suspense

City of Broken Lights

A mysterious summons to another world.

News no man wants to hear.

Old acquaintances from the past, some Sully would prefer to never see again.

In the hot, gritty streets of the run down industrial district of city of New Paris, Sully must race against time to find a kidnap victim and the truth in the City of Broken Lights.

For fans of Hardboiled Noir From The Future, Don't miss City of Broken Lights!

Mystery & Suspense

Sacrificial Lam

When English professor Lam Corso receives a death threat at work, he thinks it’s a joke by one of his colleagues. When his home is broken into and his wife’s business vandalized, he denies any connection to the threat. But when the violence escalates, he is forced into action. His wife—a passionate anti-gun crusader—is outraged when Lam brings a gun into the house. The police can't find any leads. Left to their own devices, Lam and Susan are forced to examine their marriage and their values in the face of a carefully targeted attack from an assailant spurred into action by his own agenda.

What will it cost to survive?

Sacrificial Lam, psychological suspense that builds until it grips you and you can’t stop reading.


Mystery & Suspense

Noble Phoenix

Viktor Prazsky, a young man with unusual mental abilities, risks everything as he wages a personal battle against the powerful leader of a secretive organization.

Perseus, the grand master of Arcadian Spear, has unleashed terrorism across Europe, and he plans to deploy the ultimate weapon. But Viktor Prazsky has a secret weapon of his own. Perseus is determined to destroy Viktor, his family, and the woman he loves.

The relentless action and frightening technologies leap from today’s and tomorrow’s headlines. Can Viktor save the world from Armageddon?

Mystery & Suspense

Cyberian Affair

Russian computer hackers attack the U.S. presidential primary. A small team of American hackers go rogue to stop them. When the Russians launch a brutal retaliation, two oddly matched computer experts team up to seek revenge in ways not approved by the U.S. government.

While hiding from both Russian and American government agencies, these young hackers learn to respect and even love each other. But when the conflict bursts out of the computer realm and into the real world, they are torn apart.

The action, both physical and cyber, is lightning fast. Discover the world of hackers and learn how dangerous a cyber war can be.

Mystery & Suspense

Hard to Breathe

ER doctor and medical researcher Drake Cody has a hidden past no physician is allowed to have…

When an injured woman presents to the ER with a report of a fall, Drake reports to police his suspicion that her powerful businessman husband is guilty of domestic violence. Within hours, Drake’s medical license and the rights to his breakthrough experimental drug are threatened. Murder, billion-dollar intrigue, and corruption involving the most powerful elements in business and medicine threaten Drake’s career, those he loves, and his life.

Can the law deliver justice, or will it abandon Drake as he battles forces driven by greed and the lust for power?

Hard to Breathe is a fast-paced, intense, twisting thrill ride involving individuals you care about and realities that affect us all.

Mystery & Suspense

Wrongful Deaths

People go to the hospital to be cured—not killed. Patients are dying, and malpractice is the claim. Is incompetence the cause, or is it something even worse? Emergency doctor Drake Cody must stop the mysterious hospital deaths while also facing an invasion of deadly new opioid drugs that are turning his ER and city into a war zone. Overdoses, malpractice, and murder—wrongful deaths all. The disasters shred Drake, both as a doctor and a man, when a young patient of his dies unexpectedly and the killer drug strikes down the person he loves most. Nothing is as it seems as Drake and police confront evil hiding where none suspect it. How many more will die? Wrongful Deaths puts the readers on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic and exposes intrigue, greed, and crime within the medical, legal and business worlds in this action-packed tale involving characters you care about. Emotion and pulse-pounding suspense surge, as Drake and those he loves battle to survive.

Mystery & Suspense


A fast-paced Action/Thriller full of mystery and suspense. Two former MI6 agents set up a Close Protection Company providing security for the rich and famous, but after declining a contract they find themselves inexplicably drawn in to the world of organised crime and a drugs network worth millions of pounds. A brief stand-off with a senior figure in one the organised crime groups puts their lives on the line and to eliminate the threat they have to track down the overall boss and get him to call off his subordinates. Their investigations lead them into the seedy world of drug manufacturing, the Bulgarian Mafia and an ISIS pod intent on supplying drugs to the whole of Europe.

Mystery & Suspense

The Proposition

They met on the eve of battle. One enlisted to avoid prison, the other enlisted to avoid the money lenders. On the bloodied fields of France, Harry Connelly collapses beside the corpse of Andrew Conroy. It’s a risk, a hanging offence, it’s his only hope for a future. Harry swaps identity discs. Now Andrew, he's just another face in post war London until a letter arrives with a proposition, plunging him into a nightmare of murder, family jealousy and greed. To survive he must live this lie without a mistake, until Lacey, the truth and the consequences.

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