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Pinpoints of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse

Do you need hope and light in all the darkness? Do you need fear to stop and Hope to rule? How is it possible with a book that will bring you the emotions and fear factor of Sleeping with the Enemy, the brilliance of Rainman, or the mental prison of A Beautiful Mind? 

Mental illness. Addiction. Pain. Fear. Control. Abuse. What images do those words stir in your mind’s eye? For me, those words paint a darkening abyss filled with millions of gallons of heaviness, guilt, and duty trapping me in tangible darkness. My former spouse could not see us or find us because he was locked away in his own mind of mental illness, then became trapped by substance abuse, and would strike out in forms of Domestic Violence. 

He had suffered painful experiences in his childhood, and that pain warped and twisted his mind and awakened the genetic mental illness that runs in his family. I share the stories as he told them to me: sometimes during drunken depressed states and other times with sober clarity, to give background. I describe abuse in two ways: the hunter and the caged animal. Both ultimately have control as the foundation. His mental illness was awakened from his pain, and as stress was added to it, he needed to control everything. How? As a caged animal strikes out at anyone to free itself; others are damaged in that process. 

HOW?? Find out how I escaped the Abyss of Abuse through Pinpoints of Light!

In nine years of marriage, we went through various stages; incredible rays of the sun, to dimming light, to growing darkness, to finally inky blackness of the abyss of abuse. Why do I share this story? I write it for the victim. Why?  Because there is more than hope, there is light, and I want you to know that you have worth within you more than you can ever know.

I am an author, speaker, and life strengthening coach who helps the battered, beaten, and broken discover their strength to heal so that they become a victor in the light! My story is what I learned as I descended into this dark abyss and how I found pinpoints of light that led me back out of it. The events that occurred will be told in the most accurate way I can: from my journals.

It brings me hope to know this book will give each reader an opportunity to learn the processes I used when escaping my abyss of abuse. My clients, their advocates, and the supporters deepen their value and their self-worth because they learn that they are WORTH it!

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Reality to Rags to Riches; The Story and Life of an Ex-NFL Wife

 The Story & Life of an Ex-NFL Wife is a book filled with inspiration and implementation to "Get off the bench and get in the game of life!" Reality to Rags to Riches is a transparent story that encourages people to live vicariously through themselves, how to convert downs in life to wins and expounds on the scores that do not count. An amazing read for all that are ready to sow, grow and glow! I suffered from depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety during a time in my life that was supposed to be a lifestyle of lavish- but it was a life of LACK- lack of love, liberty, laughter- I placed myself in mental bondage while in the shadow of my ex-husband and his career. I penned and published my autobiography to share every emotion, feeling, lesson and loss I encountered during that time. Most people think power, status and money equals lavish…and maybe it does materialistically, but it also can equal lack and less-than. I had an abundance of things that can’t love you, can’t comfort you and can’t free you. I was surrounded by superficial, extravagant and abundance of everything but what truly mattered was to feel and be genuinely loved.

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The Sad Son: A true story about mental illness and a mother's love

Funny. Sad. Depressing. Hopeful.

This new release is a true story and FREE with kindle unlimited!

When Claire walked into a room, men paid attention. She was beautiful, she was blonde, and she dressed like a Kardashian.

Then Claire met “him.” And it’s hard to see evil in a man who’s so hot.

How many hot men does it take to screw up a life? Just one.

The Sad Son reads like tequila shots with a friend—it’s straight up, a little salty, and contains an inconspicuous worm. This true story unravels how Claire went from partying with rock stars, hitting all the hip nightclubs in Chicago and LA, and owning every dance floor she set foot on to becoming a single mother to a son she feared would kill her in her sleep. Her life veered to pure loneliness and denial as Claire unconditionally loved—and desperately tried to protect—a son who didn’t deserve his sad existence. And it’s a story of finally letting go when nothing else seemed to work.



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How To Eat An Elephant

The how-to guide for overcoming obstacles, the daily mantra, the wild adventure, the quarter-life crisis, and the self-help book of the century – all wrapped into one crazy story about the life of a “kinda Amish” girl.

It’s messy, honest, real, and inspiring. A young woman’s fearless journey into the unknown after having an epiphany about the true meaning of life.

The beautifully woven masterpiece looks at the life of a small-town girl who, at the age of seven, predicted that she would one day write a book. Despite being shunned by her family, she decided to take a leap of faith and left home at the age of nineteen with $500 to her name and a one-way ticket to Honolulu, Hawaii. 

How to Eat an Elephant is an eloquent reflection of the life of a first-generation college graduate. The nuanced writing style brings new life to the mundane artifacts of everyday life.

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Weird Girl With a Tumor

I am both smart and not. I am both a social butterfly on one hand and racked with social anxiety. At 5 years old, I was diagnosed with epilepsy – and only after three long years of numerous medications and hundreds of seizures was I diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor, a Hypothalamic Hamartoma. The removal of my tumor, which instantly stopped my seizures, immediately changed my life and left me with a disability that no one can see but only I can feel and only those very few closest to me can attest to that truth. I have a serious brain injury. My struggles are real – I overcame and continue to overcome.SIERRA CRISLIP is the survivor of a rare brain trauma, Hypothalamic Hamartoma. Despite it, she’s gone on to graduate from high school early and obtained employment with the help of a job coach. “Even though you can’t see my disability,” Sierra says, “I want to put the word out there and help others going through the same thing.” Her HH story is on the Hope For Hypothalamic Hamartoma’s website. She resides in California.

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The wry and relatable narrator of GRAY IS THE NEW BLACK--a memoir of ageism, sexism and self-acceptance--came of age in the psychedelic sixties. Now in her sixties, it's time to take stock. After decades struggling to be thin enough, pretty, sexy and successful enough to deserve love and happiness, she devotes a year to cracking the code, a journey that forces her to confront the gnarled roots of female shame. If you have a complicated relationship with your mother, food, your hair, your body, the past, or your partner, you will likely find GRAY IS THE NEW BLACK a page-turning, resonant, and engaging read.

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Under the Banana Moon (living, loving, loss and aspergers/selective mutism)

To Kim Tucker, solidly in the Asperger's section of the autism spectrum, the colors blue and green and gray are not just colors, but rather whole worlds of iridescent life. Likewise, to say that Under the Banana Moon is full of laughter and love and heartbreak is to only scratch the surface. Growing up, Kim couldn't speak when there was more than one person present, and sometimes even then her words failed her. But she could always write. More comfortable in the company of cats, or passing notes to grandmother, she found peace where she could, and avoided the frightful parts of the world—like anything that was the color green. But school brought whole new worlds of fear: other kids. Their words and feelings were indecipherable. Their touch was toxic. She survived with scars. As a teenager, she felt the same urges as her peers but went about it in extreme ways: when she drank, she went to the hospital; when she dated, she got married. Her husband, Howie, was her high school sweetheart. He was also her best friend and the father of her three children. He took care of her and managed her disability. When he was diagnosed with ALS, their roles reversed, the world collapsed—but they kept going. Some things Kim could never learn (like how to drive a car... without crashing), but some things she could. Like how to help her husband die, and how to live to tell the story. In her book, as in her life, tears and laughter are like a rhyming couplet, similar expressions of the same deep feeling. Only with both can Kim tell her story which is, in the end, about perseverance, and joy, and love beyond lifetime.

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Mugged By God

A must-read, this wild romp of a ride is filled with angels and assholes, hilarity and divinity. With a lifetime hankering for holiness, Sunne Justice, founder of Love Daily, takes us on a potholed odyssey from Vogue to Victoria’s Secret to Burt’s Bees, from modeling to meditating, from vanity to humility and from tragic to triumphant.

Mugged by God is moving in its frankness, surprisingly funny, and a rarity of raw accountability. Dive into near-death, divorce, sex, celibacy, accidents and archangels, all while you laugh, cringe and shed a tear.

Brimming with humor and fortitude, Sunne’s uplifting story of self discovery will inspire your own personal exploration of ego, humility, perseverance and spiritual development. This confessional memoir ignites one’s personal pursuit of evolving shame to surrender and fear to faith.

A modern day tool box with exactly what you need to ‘go within’, so you never have to ‘go without’ again.

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Breaking Free

The fact is, we don't know what lurks just around the corner, and just when we may feel that all is lost and darkness will swallow us up whole, a light might shine as it did on me. To you who are thinking of, or are in the middle of, an interminable transition that never seems to end, or maybe you have done all you feel you needed to do yet still feel dysphoric and depressed, anxious and unloved -- know that you are loved and that no one can take away your humanity. This book is for you.

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Saturday's Child

An only child, Deborah Burns grew up in prim 1950s America in the shadow of a her beautiful, unconventional, rule-breaking mother, Dorothy—a red-haired beauty who looked like Rita Hayworth and skirted norms with a style and flair that made her the darling of men and women alike. Married to the son of a renowned Italian family with ties to the underworld, Dorothy fervently eschewed motherhood and domesticity, turning Deborah over to her spinster aunts to raise while she was the star of a vibrant social life. As a child, Deborah revered her charismatic mother, but Dorothy was a woman full of secrets with a troubled past—a mistress of illusion whose love seemed just out of her daughter’s grasp.

In vivid, lyrical prose, Saturday’s Child tells the story of Deborah’s eccentric upbringing and her quest in midlife, long after her parents’ death, to uncover the truth about her mother and their complex relationship. No longer under the spell of her maternal goddess, but still caught in a wrenching cycle of love and longing, Deborah must finally confront the reality of her mother’s legacy—and finally claim her own.

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