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Suit to Saddle

"Your job has been eliminated." In other words, you're unemployed, out of work, and desperate to find a new purpose. When US Army veteran Larry Walsh heard those words, his world was turned upside down. With a desire to move beyond unemployment, create an exciting new future for himself, and push past his limits, he decides to fulfill his lifelong dream to bike across the country.

He purchases a Surly Disc Trucker touring bike and begins his 3,120-mile ride of the Southern Tier from California to Florida. Cycling over treacherous mountains, through open plains, unforgiving deserts, and over 200 unique small towns, Walsh not only discovers a new world and new people, but he uncovers a side of himself that he thought was long forgotten-one filled with true grit and determination.

In Suit to Saddle, Walsh chronicles his story of triumph over adversity. Each person he meets along the road plays an integral part of his quest for inner peace and growth. Through the eyes of a one-armed cyclist, a retired police officer, a gun-toting waitress, and a thousand miles of open road, Walsh learns that the true meaning of a life well-lived is the journey.

Join Walsh on his trip across America and see what it feels like to experience life one mile at a time.

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My Journey of Completion Body, Heart & Soul: Enjoy Life While Managing Cancer

Everyone lives in fear of a cancer diagnosis. Aside from the pain and stress of the disease itself, the diagnosis brings with it the horror of being subjected to terrifying surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapyall of which can have side effects as bad as or worse than the disease. When Sheryl Malin was diagnosed with breast cancer, she wasnt willing to have her health ruined by US-standard cancer treatments. Instead, she and her husband went to the internet, and armed with their belief that the usual prescribed course of action wasnt right for Sheryl, they discovered highly effective alternative treatments being used in Europe and in Mexico. This is the story of how Sheryl beat cancer without surgery, chemo, or radiation. Through her daily journal, which she also shared online as a blog with readers who followed her journey of hope, Sheryl charts her progress. With information ranging from the types of alternative treatments available to the necessity of lifestyle changes to stay healthy, Sheryls amazing memoir is a radiant beacon of possibility for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Her message always remains that how you treat your illness should be your choice. Everyone is unique, and its your right to trust the wisdom of your body and mind to choose the path that is best for you. Follow Sheryl on the road to recoveryand learn about the innovative options available when you start thinking outside the box.

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Angel in the Upper Peninsula - A Memoir

A 14-year-old girl suddenly finds herself hundreds of miles from home, living on the outskirts of the Potawatomi Indian reservation in Michigan's remote Upper Peninsula. In the ensuing seven years she will survive her mother's boyfriend's contempt, sexual advances by his son, and become pregnant at age 16 by a mentally ill and abusive man 20 years her senior. "Angel in the Upper Peninsula - A Memoir" is a powerful and moving story of loss, hope, and survival.

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Sin Child

Sin Child is the personal account of a strong-minded child who endured a daily struggle to find the smallest amount of acceptance and, many times, a place to fall asleep at night. The innocence and nostalgia of a one-traffic-light town fades too fast for the cotton-top child with a neglectful, angry mother and an absent father. Waking up, at the age of ten, in a house surrounded by fire and men in white robes, she was terrified of what was usually only feared by blacks and the LGBT community in rural Mississippi. Angela came to accept loss, abuse, and organized crime as a natural part of her life. The AIDS epidemic and simple abandonment repeatedly robbed her of friends and loved ones. On March 2, 2018, Oprah Winfrey appeared in a 60 Minutes segment, further introducing the concept of PTSD in those who suffered childhood traumas. She stated, "This story has had more impact on me than practically anything I've ever done." Sin Child continues the national discussion about the role of childhood trauma in a person's development. A riveting memoir, Sin Child tells the story of childhood trauma and abandonment, alongside a narrative of grit and determination, and life-saving relationships.

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Going the Wrong Way

I am selling my self published memoir , Going the Wrong Way. The book is about growing up in Belfast in the 70s and traveling round the world on a Moto Guzzi.

Some reviews on Amazon.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Motorcycle touring classic!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 August 2020

Verified Purchase

What a read, I simply couldn't put it down. This deserves to become a motorcycle touring classic, it has everything. Riding through some of the most volatile countries in the world at the time ( early 80's) no Internet, on a shoestring budget, riding a Moto Guzzi Le Mans on roads that a dedicated modern trial bike would struggle on. No fancy kit, or sat nav, or a support vehicle coming behind , this was true adventure biking that simply couldn't be done today. Buy it.

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David Blevings

5.0 out of 5 stars Great read - makes my touring seem tame when I read about your adventures!!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 August 2020

Just finished your book - very enjoyable read. Your ingenuity & ability to adapt to the numerous heart stopping events amazed me. As you say, we are cocooned today on m/cycle trips (or any trip) with GPS, hotels and itinerary all laid out...I hope you have another adventure planned on the Guzzi.

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Alan Johnston

5.0 out of 5 stars Well worth reading .

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 August 2020

Verified Purchase

Set off to ride from Belfast to Austraila and ended up in Argentina , this could be me without my satnav !

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Mr P A Smith

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolute must read

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 August 2020

Verified Purchase

Five stars from me. A book I struggled to put down. Never came across a chapter that didn't leave me wanting to read more. Written in a no fuss, bare bones, easy to understand, mere mortal way. I wish every book that looks slightly interesting had the same page turning capability as this. Huge thanks to Chris for sharing this experience. It just makes me want to travel and see the world.... But I'm afraid I'd have be a snow flake and plan most things. Best book I've read in a long time, and in fact, I think I'll read it again.

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5.0 out of 5 stars An adventure to read

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 August 2020

Couldn't put this one down. It was an adventure to read. Proof that touring on a motorcycle is a state of mind, and the physical aspects can be overcome if the will is there. Also very interesting to read Chris's background in Belfast, which put into context his journey. A bit like Ted Simon's book 'Jupiters Travels, it was undertaken before mass communication, therefore a real adventure travel story, where Chris had to improvise and survive along the way (understatement there). Overall I would highly recommend this book.

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Child of The Greatest Generation

The country had just gone to war with Japan, and a new patriot is born in the small coastal town of New Bedford, Massachusetts. The date is January 20, 1942. Sit down and enjoy the memories of growing up as a child of the greatest generation, who as a young boy, came to understand what patriotism and love of country meant to him. As the years go by, take a journey with him and how he discovered a gifet to write patriotic stories, such The Eagle, Woman Warrior, A Conversation to name but a few that are found within the book mixed in with his joueney and live his American dream. A book worth reading by the entire family young and old. 

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TAPPED, yet, unrooted : poetic word slaughter

Can toxic family secrets ever be forgiven or forgotten? J.E. Rome's raw, visceral poetry is a personal and chronological journey through the hell of growing up in a dysfunctional family where when bad things happen, there's no one to blame but yourself. Rome faces the skeletons in the closet head on: from childhood trauma, abuse, and parental neglect to the soul-ravaging effects of poverty and addiction.

Graphic and hard-hitting, this unforgettable memoir, structured as a collection of poems, takes you through the darkest places of the human heart to the light of hope and truth.




"Tapped, Yet Unrooted is captivating from cover to cover. Rome poured his heart and soul into this book and it shows. He shares the horrific details of abuse and neglect, and the life he endured from infant to adult; which is unfathomable. It was a simple, yet horrifying read. I couldn't put it down. Rome has somehow overcome adversity with his familial adversaries and survived a childhood that nightmares are made of."

Tara Erickson, Speech Language Pathologist Assistant


"The deepest, powerfully raw, poetry you'll ever read! Poetically witty! These are the darkest and most unfiltered poems ever. When you pick up the book you'll quickly realize that you are in the front seat of the poet's traumatized life. Easy to understand, heartbreaking read, hard to put down."

Emmanuel Forty, Technical Recruiter


"Rome does for poetry what Eminem does for rap. An unbelievable magical array of perfection in words, through raw, rough, beautiful yet brutal reality that tells a story most aren't brave enough to share. A million accolades and all the thumbs up still would barely scratch the surface of what this man brings to the world through his gift of poetry. To say I love him, is an understatement. READ THIS BOOK!"

Amila Elizabeth, Career Nanny (Retired)


"Tapped, Yet Unrooted takes you on an emotional ride into the life of a man carrying deeply embedded scars. The lyrical flow of each poem is flawless and the story within each poem captivates you and keeps you wanting more. Even though the story behind each poem is oftentimes dark and tragic, somehow Rome still makes you laugh and leaves you with a little hope for the next volume. In the end, this book is about survival and overcoming the obstacles put in place by the very people in life that are supposed to protect and lift you up. A must read!"

Brian Chenevert, Author, Historian - Settlement Case Mngr.


"This book can and will touch many hearts and souls... While reading it I was moved to several different emotional thoughts and feelings... Right from the beginning of Tapped, Yet Unrooted I found that I could easily connect with the author on many levels in my life, and can also relate it to the lives of people that I know... Trust that what author J.E. Rome has put together was carefully written and well thought out... Once you pick this book up you will not want to put it back down. I'd HIGHLY recommend that everyone read this masterpiece!!"

Erik Iverson, Inventory Control


"The raw, honest, real life, poetic stories in this book are crazy beyond my worst nightmares. The author writes in such a clever way, to extract some of the deepest suppressed memories, as he tries to rise above despite all odds. He takes some of his most traumatizing family secrets out of the darkest shadows of his head, off his chest, and onto paper in a way that will have you stunned in more ways than one."

George Walker Jr., Sales Manager

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Orphans of an Angel

A tragic, but true story of Evelyn Dalton's struggle to survive, burdened by destitution and serious health conditions. Social Services become concerned and threaten to take her four boys into child-care if conditions do not improve. As if matters couldn't get worse, husband Eddie abandons the family and plunges her life into dire straits and purgatory when she is evicted from her home. Unexpectedly, Evelyn collapses with excruciating abdominal pains and is admitted to hospital for emergency open surgery. Misdiagnosis of her symptoms result in her drifting into a coma. Unable to provide adequate care, her boys are condemned to a Children's Home. The youngest two children, aged four and ten, spend their childhood incarcerated. Evelyn’s four boys never see their mother again as their crisis deepens into a battle for their own survival. Four orphans became motherless, fatherless, homeless and destitute.

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'Hollywood: Hollyweird' "How People Survive And Make It!"

Hi! Everybody! I am glad to be here! 1st I would like to say that I am African-American & I would like to share my 1st book to you all it is 'Hollywood: Hollyweird' "How People Survive And Make It!" The book is based on my nearly Decade stay in good 'ole HOLLYWOOD, CA! I was a Bodyguard there that got to network In & around some cool Celebs like The Legend Chris Rock & always up in the Club Ms. Paris Hilton & the Oscar-winner himself Mr. Jamie Foxx just to name a few! So being that you are looking for a good read to take your mind off of the Pandemic this is it! We also cover Hollywood to Venice Beach & back to Tinseltown for more fun! So sit tight & grab a book & after you read please give a review & there is a Part 2 & 3! Thanks & Enjoy! -Art Norman Jr.-author.

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Mercedes Sosa - The Voice of Hope

The Argentine folk singer, Mercedes Sosa, was a world-class performer, whose influence went far beyond the borders of music. Nicknamed, “The Voice of the Voiceless”, Sosa used her voice to transmit the strength and fire needed for cultural and personal change. For decades, Sosa was a dynamic force in shaping Latin America.

Mercedes Sosa - The Voice of Hope is a history lesson, a touching tribute, and a triumphant memoir all in one. It shows the power of art to transcend cultural differences and to unite us in what is most human.

The first part of the book chronicles Sosa's spiritual, political, and artistic journey and offers a psychological profile that displays insights into the artist’s character and actions. Danish author, Anette Christensen paints a portrait that incorporates the colors of despair, triumph, love, fear, and all the other human emotions that define a life, - in this case, the life of one of the greatest contemporary artists in Latin America.

In the second part, Christensen frames the understanding of how connecting with Sosa and Sosa’s music helped her overcome her own illness and emotional traumas. It is a brave offering from Christensen, authentic and at times vulnerable.

Through principles from interpersonal neurobiology, Christensen shows how relationships and connection have the power to heal and how music and mindfulness can help rewire the brain. By doing so, Christensen has developed a useful and an applicable roadmap to recovery for anyone who struggles with a painful past.

Capturing the restorative impact of compassion and affection, this narrative that calls out for the best in all of us. It empowers us to be ourselves and to overcome life challenges.

“In her voice, life becomes a song with a scent of hope as sweet and beautiful as the flower that grows in the paths of those who looks forward.”  (open the link in a new window and listen while you read on)


Editoral review: 

Anette Christensen's book, Mercedes Sosa - The Voice of Hope: My Life-transforming Encounter, is both biography and personal memoir. She chronicles Sosa's spiritual, political and artistic journey in the first half of the book. Christensen writes in the present-tense, which gives it an immediacy that's not only powerful and gripping, but it helps to bring this remarkable woman to life. The writing itself is clear, unpretentious and often eloquent, much like Sosa's music. There are times when the author's voice and creativity blends with the material, which is often the case in good historical writing. It's impossible for a biographer to know for sure what a subject is thinking, for example, but in using good research together with a well-honed instinct and empathy, delivering those thoughts to the reader can be a transcendent as well as informative experience. Christensen manages this beautifully, and paints a portrait that incorporates the colors of despair, triumph, love, fear, and all the other human emotions that define a life--in this case, the life of one of the greatest contemporary artistic revolutionaries in Latin America.

In the second half of the book, Ms. Christensen explores, in memoir fashion, her own life, and how her discovery of Sosa's music and life became a catalyst for change and growth in her own. She's careful to use enough detail to make her generalizations solid, and she doesn't shy away from uncomfortable truths about her own life. Her journey through neuroscience and other contemporary approaches to spiritual growth such as mindfulness, is interesting and informative. If I had to choose one thing I regretted, and wish she had addressed more fully, it would be how Sosa affected her own stance toward political things. Make no mistake about it, politics was at the center of Sosa's life, for politics is the science of human relationships. Sosa was a political revolutionary, which is a dangerous thing to be in this world, even in places and times where fascism and repressive politics are underground or waiting for the first chance to rear their ugly heads. 

This is a beautiful book, and I hope it gets the attention it deserves. The fact that English is a second language for the author is remarkable, in and of itself.- Charles Musser, film historian, documentary maker, author and professor of Film and Media Studies



“In this work, you will find a new and touching perspective on our beloved Mercedes. It is a heartfelt and affectionate tribute honoring the life of my mother.”  -Fabián Matus, son of Mercedes Sosa and president of The Mercedes Sosa Foundation.

“The Author’s profound connection with Mercedes Sosa and subsequent transformation is a testament of the restoring impact of positive connections. The author does more than just entertain the reader or spark the reader's interest. She spreads hope and knowledge.”-Pauline Skeates, Therapist, Director of Insight-International and Developer of Insight Focused Therapy, New Zealand

"This is a coherent, lucid, authentic and well researched account of the life of Mercedes Sosa. It is the first book written in English about Mercedes Sosa and a powerful reading which I would highly recommend to followers of Mercedes Sosa - but also to readers who are interested in personal growth." -Barbara. M. Webb – Author of South America, Under the Skin of a Foreign Country.

About the Author:

Anette Christensen, born and raised in Denmark, began her career by helping develop international charity programs. Later she became a language teacher for college students, and then, with her husband, ran a travel agency and a real estate agency. Now semi-retired and living in Turkey, she writes and focuses on personal growth.

For years Anette traveled in many parts of the world. Her experience with various cultures has enabled her to engage with people with a different outlook on life than her own. She is eager to learn from others and finds joy in embracing the difference of others, spotting the uniqueness that she believes is within each individual.

It was only upon Mercedes Sosa’s death that Anette Christensen discovered this influential and important Argentine singer. Captivated by Sosa’s voice and presence, Anette immersed herself in Sosa’s music and life. In doing so, she discovered an avenue to personal healing that can be accessed by anyone.

In her book on Sosa, Anette shares the singer’s story while exploring the scientific underpinnings of how connecting with another person leads to growth, something Anette discovered intuitively. Mercedes Sosa - The Voice of Hope is the first book by Christensen. It is a product of a life fully lived and shows that Christensen is a gifted story-teller.

Anette has undertaken more than 7000 hours of research for her book about Mercedes Sosa and is today  regarded as a respected Mercedes Sosa ambassador throughout the world.


  • 44 photos

  • The author's personal sketches

  • Multiple hyperlinks in the eBook to songs and events described in the book

The book has been translated into Spanish. Get it here:


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