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Breaking The Silence

Tammy will not be silent anymore…

Tammy stayed silent on the fights, the bruises, and the tears she cried behind the couch, hiding from her mother. She stayed silent about what happened between her father and her when no one was looking for eight terrifying years. Even after finding the courage to protect a friend and tell their small-town sheriff, she stayed silent, refusing to explain the sordid details of what a father should never do to his daughter to strangers who were trying to help her

Now, after thirty-two years…the first manuscript being taken from her by the group home she was sent to live in…another manuscript being burned by a drunk raging boyfriend…scraps of it being pieced together and hidden in the bottom of dressers, written in the early morning hours after her children have gone to bed…and the understanding support of a professor after going back to college at the age of thirty-eight; Tammy has decided it is time to break her silence, because by breaking the silence she is saying that “it is not her shame to bear!”

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Biography & Memoir

Damaged Girl a memoir of Pain, Love, Healing

May your inner strength shine through the dark times. May life be a light for you to know that someone has been through a similar pain. May these words show you, that trauma is only a small fraction of who you are. Remember to stop occasionally. Patience comes easier when you’re focused on the moment at hand and remember to breath. It’s good for the soul to welcome good days and bad ones. It is also ok to fall somewhere in between stuffed animals and your favourite chair and even if you can’t erase the memories, remember you’re making your own memories now. Sometimes you’re going to feel trapped. But always remember; you have the freedom to choose. Chin up buttercup! You’re a warrior. Screw them! Stop trying to please them! Yes, you do have a voice! Stand tall! Even in your darkest moments when you feel like shit and could care less about grace and gratitude! Karma will collect when it’s due. Check your karma card. Second thought be more grateful than that… Live and stay balanced with the universe. Know that abuse, shame and pain can never truly define who you are. They say, “practice makes perfect '' but who the hell is? Nobody. Don’t waste the time you have. Life is short and the moments left behind are fleeting. Always trust your instinct, your intuition and respect your values. Even if no one else will. Stand tall and speak more to the weak and less to the proud. Pour your heart out and yes it will break you and yes it will crumble your pride it never your spirit. Never. The sun will shine eventually. Then you will laugh, and you will cry and maybe even get mad. But the words you read here are pure, unfiltered and unrequited. Damage is only a word. You have the power to allow it to consume your heart. You will stray and run into danger. Drugs and alcohol can temporarily calm the hunger. But underneath you are still aching from the pain. You can try to drain all the shame from your veins. But reality is simple. When all is said and done, we have lost our way to live. We forgot our humanity. Who the hell wants to walk in their scars, when they can walk around them? I say to you with a proud voice, “swim in your pain rather than skip muddy puddles. Paint with your tears. Become the physical manifestation of a warrior and release it all! Who knows? You might actually heal.” Yes, we are can be vulnerable by choice and not by force. Admit it. You can find peace in revealing your truth and letting your shame be known. I cried and screamed out to that little girl with force and tried to burn every twisted thought and internal battle. Why? Because I allowed my pain to hinder my purpose. I ran away from my trauma. This book is not to blame you, him or her. It is my story, my journey and my reconciliation with me. With her. Yes, that little girl. Our stories are not unique. They are universal.” There are millions of people who have faced abuse, neglect, abandonment, suicide and depression. We all hurt the same and we are all a little damaged and changed.

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set at the beginning of the century, the extermination of the Armenian and Greek people is a startling reality!

Those fifty years of non-stop killings of innocent people did not end until after the Second World War when millions were certified dead! 

Shame to the human race that can't protect its kind!

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Clara Colby: The International Suffragist

This book is the story about a leader in the cause, which one hundred years ago, gave American women the right to vote.

Clara Colby was born in England, graduated as valedictorian of the first woman’s class at the University of Wisconsin and became a writer, publisher, teacher, public speaker and friend of many leading figures of her day. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the founders of the suffrage movement in America, became Clara Colby’s mentors. Her journey is an epic saga of untiring and heroic endeavor, sometimes under the most adverse circumstances, across the United States, and her native England.

She suffered great injustice, but she never complained, and her accomplishments contributed significantly to the successful introduction of the Nineteenth Amendment.

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I justify Hitler

Even though there is a tons of literature written about the events of the First and Second World Wars, the historians still voice their debates that the true history of the 20th century hasn't been written yet. Indeed, there are still no meaningful answers to the questions: who unleashed the First World War, why did the October Revolution in Russia happen, what were the true reasons for the Second World War? For these and other questions, the author is trying to find the answers in his book.

Of course, there is absolutely no way to justify the horrors of the war, but a different perspective of the generally held opinions of the historical events allows one to look at this troubling period in European and World history differently and make critical conclusions for the present.

The book is appropriate for a wide audience.

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But they call me Sonny

5 Star Review

Let's not forget his story; let's not forget he lived.From the start, the author cast me into the story. That as a young boy Sonny didn't have the answers, but had to reason until he found one that made sense. Growing up in the street means he had to stay focused; had to second-guess people motives, which he learned to turn around so they would step up and claim as their own. Throughout the book, Sonny never lost his imagination; that the young spirit he possessed remained just below the surface. Most of all I liked the pace of the book, and my travels through time. I found myself living the story. Most reads of this period are so depressing, but the author found a way to let us know that all was not "gloom and doom." People found ways to make do, to still have a life; move over Steinbeck, times were tough, but there was another side to this era. For sure, this is a multi-read book!

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How I Heard The Audible Voice Of God

Jason "Rink" Moye's life is about to change,but he doesn't know it yet. Growing up on the mean streets of Riverdale Park, Maryland, he has often had to fight for his life from surviving a dysfunctional home to becoming a drug dealer and thief to being jailed multiple times and homeless. Jason had it in the back of his mind that someday his sins would eventually catch up to him. But when Jason thought he was too far-gone, preparing himself for prosecution God approached him in the most unlikeliest  of places in a miraculous way.

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The Reilly Thanksgiving Invitational Story - Baby Boomer Story Born of the Greatest Generation

In 1960 on the front lawn of an elementary school in North East Dallas, a tradition was born. A group of seventh-grade boys, capturing the free time before Thanksgiving dinner, an occasion engaged in a game of touch football. It was a good day to play. So good in fact, that the game would resume each year, same time, same place.

Through the ebb and flow of lives, loves, and responsibilities, the Reilly Thanksgiving Invitational continued for 50-years. On the pages that follow are accounts of the lives, the game, and the tradition of RTI. The book is full of humor, life lessons, and the true meaning of friendship and family.

The 50-year history of the RTI is chronicled in this the 60th Anniversary eBook; documented through photos, papers, videos, and links. An interactive book providing the reader the best reading experience possible.

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HENRY: A Polish Swimmer's True Story of Friendship from Auschwitz to America

This incredible true story is both a witness to the Holocaust through Polish eyes and the story of how Henry Zguda, a Polish (Catholic) competitive swimmer, survives Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps by his wits, humor, luck, and friends. At times humorous, always gut-honest, this account fills a huge gap in historical accounts of Poles during World War II. Katrina Shawver met Henry in 2002 when she wrote for the Arizona Republic and after one meeting offered to write his story. Henry’s story is backed by authentic documents and photos reprinted throughout the book and meticulous research.

Recipient – 2018 Polish Heritage Award from Polish American Congress of Arizona

2018 Chanticleer International Book Awards – First Place Category Winner of the 2018 Journey Book Awards for Narrative Non-Fiction.

2018 Arizona Authors Association Literary Contest – First Place for Published Nonfiction

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Mortal Musings: Waiting for Dawn

This book is about personal miracles.  Miracles happen!  Mortal Musings: Waiting for Dawn details my fight with Stage IV cancer – about being told you have months to live and there is no cure.  It describes my experiences, thoughts and speculations about what lies beyond our mortal coil.  It is also about faith and a will to live.  And, the miracle that I am now cancer free.  But that has not been the only “miracle” I have experienced.  It is entertaining, educational and provocative.  It is inspirational and will tug at all your emotions.

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