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Stuck in a loveless marriage, Julie sends her first love, Ron, a 40th birthday card. She hasn't seen or heard from him for twenty years but remembers his parents' address.She's about to give up all hope of finding him again when he phones her from Sydney Australia. This is a love story set in London and the south of England in 1966 and 1987, full of period detail and the music of the time.

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How To Become A Successful (recovering) Alcoholic

Sobriety isn't a destination, it's an ongoing journey, one with which J.P. Willson is all too familiar. In How to Become a Successful (recovering) Alcoholic, Willson is eager to offer whatever insights he can for those embarking on the same road. This memoir examines how his addiction contributed to and informed some of the choices and behaviours that ultimately led him to Vancouver's Downtown East Side.

Make no mistake, however; though it contains its fair share of hard truths and regrets, this is not a sob story and does not wallow in what might have been. Instead this is a story of success and redemption through hard work.

His first book, Through the Mind's Eye: A Journey of Self-Discovery, was about getting sober. This book is about something much harder: staying there.

Written while working as a chef at the Salvation Army Harbour Light Addiction and Recovery Rehabilitation Centre, it is a testament both to what is possible with the right mindset-and what is all too probable without it....

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Through The Mind's Eye: A Journey Of Self-Discovery

Depression, self-loathing, unemployment, and destroyed relationships: the effects of drug and alcohol addiction run so much deeper than the morning-after hangover. However, awareness alone will not save the struggling addict, as J.P. Willson reveals in his fearless examination of substance dependency; recovery means doing the mental and emotional work to look inside oneself and discover a way to live as a sober, fulfilled individual in an often challenging world.

Through the Mind's Eye: A Journey of Self-Discovery is a thought-provoking and honest examination of the emotional, psychological, and physical ways someone must enact their own healing. As a recovering alcoholic, Willson courageously shares his own story of addiction, as well the ups and downs he experienced along the road to recovery. Packed with astonishing insights about our culture's relationship to alcohol, as well as the lies we tell ourselves in order to keep using, this book will change the way you view addiction. Willson has no qualms about telling the reader how difficult recovery is-and how there is no quick cure-all-but his compassionate, candid reflections help foster the knowledge and will to change....

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Life is a gift

The author, the Bosnian woman, paints a portrait of her life. With touching sincerity, she leads the reader through her childhood and the years that followed. God gave her life as a gift, and everything that followed was destiny. It was up to her to accept destiny as it was or to try to influence it by choosing a different path, more or less difficult, but in the conviction that it was better for her.

From the stories that are true, you will acquaint with the woman whose life was almost bestowed. There are too much sadness and pain but without any anger and hate. All in her autobiographical confession is pure acceptance.

In this book, you discover a gift, a destiny, a choice, but the spite too.


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Mattie, A Woman's Journey West

After discovering Mattie's fenced grave in Yellowstone National Park, author Nan Weber followed her own curiosities through four years of research to trace the steps of this mystery woman's spirited life. The result is the inspiring story of a strong woman trying to better her life during difficult times.

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Death Wins All Wars: Resisting the Draft in the 1960s

Daniel Holland's memoir details his involvement in the draft resistance movement of the 1960s. The people of age to fight in today's conflicts were not yet born when the lessons of Vietnam were being learned, so this book may serve as a guide to the decisions they face in this contemporary, volatile world. Holland alternates chapters about the breaking news of the time with personal memories and reflections on his own coming of age, portraying a growing consciousness and his evolution of youthful naievte into committed antiwar activism.

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Only in India: Adventures of an International Educator

"We're moving to India!"

Travel along with two international educators who take the leap and move to Gurgaon, India, to become principals at an Indian/International school. Excited by the opulent marble hallways and the grandness of the school, they quickly learn it lacks even the most basic supplies, like chalkboard erasers. The couple make a go of it, however, and ultimately adjust to the dizzying day-to-day life of Indian society where sacred cows stop for red lights, women wear glittery saris while planting rice, and dreadlocked sadhus go about renouncing all their worldly pleasures.

Part memoir, part travelogue, and part tragic comedy, readers will marvel at all the couple has to endure only to end up leaving the school and India abruptly, without even so much as a Namaste. Despite a catastrophe or two, their go-with-the-flow attitudes and kindred senses of humor help them to endure the overwhelming bustle of India while recognizing and appreciating its distinctive allure.

A humorous and engaging read for travelers and non-travelers alike.


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Flying with the Rich and Famous

For the fi time ever, come aboard a private jet with the flight attendant and see what it's like to fly around the world with the rich and famous! I flew Rod Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Cruise and many, many more. These are all true stories and it's a fun, uplifting read. A great Christmas present for mom! 

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A Time to Grow Up: A Daughter's Grief Memoir

When Larada Horner-Miller’s father died in 1996, her mother told her, “Everyone grieves in their own way.”


Horner-Miller took these words to heart when her mother passed away in 2013. She discovered that writing poetry was the best way of working through her fresh grief. Eventually she penned dozens of intimate, heartfelt poems about her parents’ lives and legacies and her deep sorrow and gradual recovery. Now she has gathered those verses into her first collection, A Time to Grow Up.


Horner-Miller discusses the emotional challenges of caring for her parents at the end of their lives. Her words will strike a chord with any worried caretaker or child watching over ailing but fiercely independent loved ones.


As Horner-Miller explores the nuances of bereavement through her poetry, she provides inspiration and comfort for readers coping with the same burdens. While many of her poems explore the depths of her anguish, others exude humor and warmth—a reminder that there is still always light in the world.


In addition to her poems, Horner-Miller includes biographical sketches about her mother and her father, as well as appendices that provide coping tips, suggested activities, and resources for others dealing with intense bereavement.

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Together Alone - I Have A Story To Tell

In this book, I count the costs of my personal journey and the emotional roller coasters many of us face. The depths of God's unfailing love during times of trials and the inner turmoil we face when conquering our own demons. We are destined for greatness in our lives, but we must learn to take heed to life's processes. I lived my life as I chose at a young age. I thought I knew what life was supposed to be like because I saw it with my own eyes. I saw the differences we had in society. I saw how different couples were living their lives. I saw our upbringing and the effects it had that carried over into my adult life . I saw enough things in life to think I knew what life was about. I was so incredibly wrong and I paid the price for all of it. That was until things changed. When God meets man, and the desires that lie within the depths of our goals begin to transpire and new beginnings flourish. Take this amazing journey with me and explore the depths of trauma to the victories of absolute restoration.

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