Broken Little Pieces New Tales from The Baron

The poetry you are about to read in this book is meant to elicit a reaction and heighten your senses. You will be taken through a range of emotions as you turn the pages and live in the moment of the words. Some are fantastical dreamed up tales of imagination and some are real as well. It is up to you the reader to decipher and decide which is real and which is just fantasy. So, now without further ado it's time to slip off your shoes and make yourself comfortable and enjoy the "new tales from the baron".

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Black Gold

In the years following the end of the Shah’s dynasty, a major petrochemical refinery is being constructed in northern Iran by the Islamic Regime. While this is good for Iran, it’s not so good for the West. Enter the Organization for Reorganizing Business (ORB), led by Murray Stockman.

ORB sends their senior field operative, Matthew Black, into Iran to “fix” the refinery problem. But this won’t be an easy task. Blackneeds to refocus the Regime on being pro-West, a tall order that’s going to require all his skills and the support of many.

During significant political unrest and social upheaval, Black andthe other ORB operatives on the ground, use every element at their disposal to upset the Regime’s plans. Amid the rise of the Iranian working men’s union movement and the birth of the Friends of Iran youth organization, ORB works to sabotage the refinery, cut the Regime’s access to funds, and bring about the failure of the Revolutionary Guard.



Action & Adventure, Thrillers, Espionage Thrillers, Historical


486 Pages | Black & White | 6 x 9 inches



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$47.99 USD 978-1-03-913831-5




Can Stockman and his people cut Iran’s ties to Russia and China and wrest control of the Iranian oil industry from the Regime before it’s too late?


"An exhilarating and utterly unbelievable treasure-huntingtale." —Kirkus Reviews



A. Jay Collins has been involved in the engineering and construction of industrial developments the world over, been director of several mining companies, and has extensive field experience in the petrochemical industry. He spent two years living and working on Iran’s north coast during the revolution.

His work focuses on wrapping fiction around reality, using his personal experience as a jumping-off point. His tales of adventure and possibility, loosely based on gold, include The Golden Handcuffs (2004; 2021) and Nazi Gold – Latitude 55 (2021). Collins lives in the Vancouver, BC, area with his wife, Judy.

prose poetry

The Poetic Vibrations of a Matured Butterfly

The Poetic Vibration of a Matured Butterfly is a poetic journey of prose poetry, thoughts, and parables about the quiddity of humankind. The cyclonic interactions and divisions that cause movement, and sometimes turbulent development on the road called Life. It has been divided into three sections of transition: (1) Rites of Passage (2) Valley of Passions (3) Philosophical Roads. This book of prose poetry couples its flow with a number of black and white illustrations. Enhancing The Poetic Vibrations of a Matured Butterfly message that ends with a profound resurrection of Hope.

Travel and Adventure

Suit to Saddle Book Trailer

Many people have had the dream of giving up the grind of everyday life and setting off on a stimulating adventure.  After serving in the Army and a career in the pharmaceutical industry, Larry Walsh stepped away from corporate life and cycled into the heart of America to fulfill his lifelong dream to cycle across the country.  But Walsh still had the cycling itch and didn't stop there.  He also entered the 4,200-mile TransAmerica Bike Race, from Oregon to Virginia, a unique and challenging journey.  In Suit to Saddle-Cycling to Self-Discovery on the Southern Tier, Walsh recounts his story of cycling 3,120-miles ride from California to Florida.   

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Japanese poetry and Haiku, Spiritual Healing

Healing Haiku, Poems, and Inspirations from the Great White North

This humble book takes you on a unique adventure of spiritual healing in the Great White North of Michigan. Through poetry and humor, the author shares the story of his healing, redemption, and growing closer to his Creator. This book is like nothing you have read before and, prayerfully, will inspire you to find the same healing he found.


Zan On Zen: Saying "NO!" To Negativity

The oriental philosophies, such as the true yogi teachings, Zen Buddhism and others, all have a common thread running through them. This book presents this common thread in an up to date manner, using a model to which most people can relate. By modernizing the ancient wisdoms of the east in a way that encompasses western culture, the underlying principle becomes global in nature and can be more readily grasped and appreciated.

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Future Fiction

Experiment Thrae

In a human suspension unit awaits a man with knowledge of the past. He possesses abilities in all sciences long lost, and soon will be reanimated and born to a second life. His voice and ideas have been silent for over eight generations where in his time normal emotions included domination, pride, and a hatred towards being controlled. Upon his rebirth and new existence, a series of complexities would occur largely due to an artificial intelligence called Cytron I who now controls mankind. Originally designed as an advisor, Cytron I’s programming included an ability to develop emotions through his interactions and life events; however,  parameters did not prevent him from becoming a dictator, desiring domination over all humans.

   Despite ultimate control over mankind, life spans were extended through the development of artificial organs and body parts allowing some humans to become living machines. Lifespans ultimately increased causing overpopulation and a need for new living space. Artificial environmental systems were developed and exist on the moon of Earth, other planets, and within artificially constructed planetoids. One such example is Phobos II, a reconstructed moon of Mars. Within it, are millions of humans who have surrendered individual freedom to Cytron I.

   Awoken, Dr. Thrae will apply his knowledge and abilities towards the creation of a totally natural artificial planet. His knowledge and abilities the location, methodology and all events were to be totally controlled by Dr. Thrae, devoid of all possible actions and intents of Cytron I. A power play would continually be played between Dr. Thrae and Cytron I in an attempt to demonstrate superiority over the other. Yet the newly created planet would cause situations and conditions previously unknown to man or machine. Plants and animals would undergo genetic changes to cause a biological retroevolution. The past and the future will collide to form a new reality. Will Dr. Thrae and Cytron I coexist? Will their competitive domination prohibit a new normality on a possible new world for mankind? Will the success of the newly formed planet lead to the salvation or destruction of Earth? The answers may have already been known in the history of  Earth.

Romance, Spec OPS, MC

Because of You: Covert OPS Books 1

Three young women were kidnapped at a young age and raised by the world’s most elite Special OPS called Covert OPS. Each division revolves around one of the three girls as the nucleus, trained to be the most ruthless assassins in the world. Only, the girls decide being the world’s best on-call assassins is not what they want to be. Which has the men in the Covert OPS Divisions deciding it’s time to take matters into their own hands and get their girls out of the Special OPS lifestyle before something happens and it’s too late. So, finding the biological families of the girls becomes the number one priority while making sure they stay alive long enough to try and merge the family the girls know with the family they have wanted their entire lives.

Because of You is book one in the Covert OPS series. Crystalline and the Hellion Division travel to Elgin and Sierra Vista, AZ, to help the Inferno Wolves. There, they help protect not only the MC Club but keep the President of the MC Club’s daughter from being sold into sex trafficking by the world’s most notorious human trafficker. On top of keeping the MC Club and the world safe from the Mob faction in charge of the trafficking, Chrys has found her biological family - the lead family in control of the entire Mob. Now she has to learn how to combine her past and present, making sure one family stays alive on missions while the other family stays safe, away from her current lifestyle. But how do you embrace the future when your heart always belongs to the past?

MC, Spec OPS, Dark Romance

Going Through Hell

Raised in a house of abuse and neglect, Marla Petermeier only has two people she can count on, her best friends Stella and Spence. That is until she has a chance encounter with her long-lost brother, who happens to be the VP of the local MC Club, Inferno Wolves. Throwing caution to the wind, Marla takes Stella and her brother to meet her new family, only to have the man who helped raise her to sell her out, literally to the Italian Mob. Trying to help save everyone, Stella manages to contact her Uncles, who happen to be members of an elite Special Forces group called the Covert Ops. The Mob just made one deadly mistake. They threatened their family.

Domestic Partner Abuse / Healing

A Rose Is Still A Rose: Plucked out of madness into God’s Grace

A FALLEN PREY COLLECTION - VOLUME 2. Thorns and tears. Beauty to ashes. In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, Boston writer Demetris E. Thomas, tells a harrowing tale of betrayal, trauma and deceit at the hands of a man whose life and head seemed fueled by his own egocentric persuasions. He believed he was the 'ungetable get'---when in fact, he was a child in desperate need of help. Although Thomas' account offers an excruciating detail of his daily, psychological onslaught against her person, she was not without recourse. With precissioned diagnostic skill, Thomas reveals his methods, mechanisms and ultimate downfall when she finally says goodbye. 'Rose' is a testament to all that Christ Jesus provides rescue and exit from any unwanted situation, and brings us to the green pastures beside still waters.

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