Christian Poetry

100 Steps In Faith

Enhance Your Devotional Life With Christian Poetry!

This collection of Christian poetry originally released in 2008 was the first one hundred poems the author Tammy Varner Hornbeck wrote after she learned to live in her newfound faith. Journey with her as she grows in her faith-- each poem is a step of faith and the way God speaks through her.

Tammy believes that God loves His children so much that he will find a way to speak to them and that poetry was hers…perhaps it is yours too. She also strongly believes that Christian poetry is not a replacement for reading the Bible but should be used to enhance it.  And so, she encourages readers to use it as a tool to enhance their own devotional life and perhaps to pick up a pen and see if God wants to talk to them in the same way.

Christian Poetry

Faith, Hope...and the greatest of these is LOVE!

Tammy Varner Hornbeck has had one consistent thing in her life: God talks to her through poetry. In the beginning, as a teenager, God helped Tammy deal with the trials in her life through poetry. Although she knew it was a God-given gift, she was still not ready to surrender her life to Christ. Years later, after making that decision, her writing took a new path. Tammy still uses poetry to handle the trials in her life, but now she uses it to glorify God and as her ministry. Faith, Hope and the Greatest of These Is: LOVE! are the first poems written by Tammy to God after her salvation and deliverance from alcoholism. Simple and to the point, the poems will touch the hearts of everyone who reads them.

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Zoetic Soul - Pertaining to life, Your Life

Do you feel like you’re always “this close” to achieving something only to fall short? Do you feel as though you are always struggling and not moving forward or feeling fulfilled?

Making changes that will turn your life around takes an understanding of the universal energies and how the soul and spirit interact and connect to everything.

Author Jan Mayfield channels the energies and voices of souls who have evolved and transcribes them. Read the dialogue of the souls who pass on valuable messages and worldly predictions.

As you read Zoetic Soul, goose-bump reactions that resonate with the dialogue and Jan’s life experiences will begin to open your thoughts revealing your soul’s reactive patterns. You will understand how to:

  • Initiate proactive changes that will turn your life’s story from one of struggle and sacrifice to one of fulfillment

  • Make mindful decisions instead of reacting automatically based on past experiences

Zoetic Soul’s intentions are to empower mind changes that enable life changes potentiating your soul’s passion to create your own rightful miraculous adventure!

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Murcheson County

Murcheson County, a sweeping tale of four families who settle on Georgia’s frontier in the early nineteenth century…their triumphs and sorrows, their frailties… and of the best and worst of the human spirit.

Maureen O’Steen escapes the ravages of Ireland’s Potato Famine only to encounter bitter discrimination in Boston. Her father, determined to improve the family’s lot, relocates to Georgia.

Ezekiel Salter scrimps to buy a ticket in Georgia’s 1807 Land Lottery, wins, and he and his impoverished family head west to newly-created Murcheson County.

Prominent since colonial times, the Underwoods foresee the growing demand for cotton and acquire extensive acreage in newly-opened lands in central Georgia. Dispatched by his father, Jacob Underwood begins construction of Poplar Grove plantation.

And, the slave known as Gant, his wife and daughter, Lucey, have no say as to their destination…the highest bidder will decide for them…and if the family remains intact.

Spanning over fifty years, Murcheson County chronicles the four families’ fortunes against the backdrop of the most turbulent time in American history.

An epic saga of slavery, emancipation, war and hardship, Murcheson County will remain in your heart long after the winds of war have stopped blowing.

Short Stories

Wit, Wisdom and Anthology of Southern Short Stories

Wit, Wisdom and Heart is an anthology of thirteen eclectic short stories about Southerners that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

A smart aleck ghost on North Carolina's Outer Banks will have you laughing at his journey to the hereafter...and back.

You'll experience the pain of lost loved ones as a widow and widower try to overcome the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. An aging baby boomer fighting severe depression asks an eternal question: Is life worth living?

Do evil people get what they deserve? And, do nosy small town busybodies ever receive their just comeuppance?

The horror of war, no matter when fought, leaves deep and permanent emotional scars. Whether a teenager fighting for the South in the Civil War or a World War II bomber pilot, a warrior's life is never the same after battle.

Rodney Page's Wit, Wisdom and Heart will surely stir your emotions.

Navy Fiction Techno-Thriller

SSN Seadragon

A “Leviathan spirit” is said to be a demon spirit controlled by Satan. When unleashed, it leaves total destruction in its wake, and cannot be subdued by normal human methods, but only by the power of God. The Cold War saw “Leviathan” snarling at his gate, salivating to be let loose, when humanity was treading ever closer to nuclear holocaust. During this period, American servicemen went into the breech to stand against whatever form “Leviathan” took, and like the American warriors of past years they held strong to their faith in God to see them through.

Such a warrior is Daniel O’Kean, a World War II UDT/OSS veteran and commissioned naval officer, turned covert deep-penetration maritime CIA specialist, who has only his faith to see him through his own encounters with “Leviathan.” His first test is a pre-invasion, reconnaissance mission behind the lines of Inchon Korea, where the threat of capture by North Korean invaders is around every corner. Later he leads an assignment into Latvia with near disastrous consequences. Then called upon again, into the steaming jungles near Haiphong Vietnam, while attempting to retrieve evidence of active Soviet intervention in the war, he uncovers an unusual and vital turn of events that leads to a twisted plot in the streets of London England.

With each step he takes he sees God’s hand guiding him 

closer to a fate he does not fully understand, but follows faithfully.

While O’Kean is battling an evil he cannot see, the captain of the nuclear submarine USS Seadragon, LCDR Renzo MacKenna has his own faith challenged in another form of “Leviathan” as he and CDR David Heidleman of the USS Permit coordinate to foil a Soviet plot to end America’s involvement in Vietnam. One wrong move by them and “Leviathan’s” bite could go nuclear.


The Airwaves Of My Soul

A variety of poetry that gives one insight into the mindset of the writer.  



With a lengthy list of suspects the shocking double homicide of two lovers brings seasoned state detective Al Bruce to the High Plains town of Hunters Creek.

Determined to find the truth, Al sifts through shaky alibis, secret agendas and the dubious intentions of Bill Johnson, a local sheriff compromised by family loyalties. 

With pressure mounting Al is compelled to make arrests. But he has reckoned without the cynical opportunism of the sheriff.


Window In The Sky : The Love Ring

"Window In The Sky" is a collection of thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams, put into words and drawings during the author's teenage years and onward into his twenties.

This is a very personal insight into the mind of a shy and extremely private young man, sharing his thoughts on growing up, love and heartbreak; coming to terms with his feelings in a world that seemed very much at odds with his own way of looking at life.

The author never intended for anyone else to read what he had written; in fact the contents of this book remained almost forgotten until, whilst sorting through a box of old belongings, several books filled with many of these poems, drawings and short stories were rediscovered.

Reading through his own words again, after so many years, the author wished that he could send a message back to his younger self, to let him know that life would get better and that the world he experienced in his youth would change beyond imagination.

The contents of this book have been left largely as originally written during the 1970's, with the addition of a couple of more recent pieces and a forward, entitled "The Rainbow".

Illustrated political rhyming nonfiction short book


Bee Gone: A Political Parable is a rhyming, illustrated short e-book that examines the thought, (articulated by Barack Obama), “Elections have consequences.” Given its timing, perhaps it will encourage those who did not vote in 2016 to go to the polls and vote in 2020.

In a very short story about a disgruntled drone in a bee hive who wants to take over the hive from the queen bee, the key take-away can be described (in the words of the book) this way: “So, the hive lost its honey, its Queen, and its money. It was really a mess, and that isn’t funny.”

The outstanding illustrations by illustrator Gary McCluskey are spot-on. They are both amusing and illustrative of today’s political situation. (Gary says, “It’s the most fun I ever had at work.”)

No matter what your political affiliation, no matter how divided in our individual beliefs, we all agree that citizens in a democracy must exercise their right to vote in order to insure that our democracy continues to function properly. Elections must be fair. Citizens must participate. Elections must be supervised to assure that they are not influenced illegally by outside forces.

If you’re a Democratic or Independent voter, you will probably chuckle all the way through this book.

If you’re a die-hard Trump supporter, maybe not so much.

Whatever your political leanings, enjoy the excellent illustrations and let’s try to remember that, so far, in this country, we all are allowed to express our opinion(s) under the First Amendment to the Constitution. Let’s hope we never lose that. 

Lighten up and enjoy Bee Gone: A Political Parable! Order your copy today or check out Amazon’s Look Inside feature to read the first few pages.

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