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  Beating Cancer on Your Own Terms


Everyone lives in fear of a cancer diagnosis. Aside from the pain and stress of the disease itself, the diagnosis brings with it the horror of being subjected to terrifying surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy…all of which can have side effects as bad as or worse than the disease. When Sheryl Malin was diagnosed with breast cancer, she wasn’t willing to have her health ruined by US-standard cancer treatments. Instead, she and her husband went to the internet, and armed with their belief that the usual prescribed course of action wasn’t right for Sheryl, they discovered highly effective alternative treatments being used in Europe and in Mexico. This is the story of how Sheryl beat cancer without surgery, chemo, or radiation. Through her daily journal, which she also shared online as a blog with readers who followed her journey of hope, Sheryl charts her progress. With information ranging from the types of alternative treatments available to the necessity of lifestyle changes to stay healthy, Sheryl’s amazing memoir is a radiant beacon of possibility for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Her message always remains that how you treat your illness should be your choice. Everyone is unique, and it’s your right to trust the wisdom of your body and mind to choose the path that is best for you. Follow Sheryl on the road to recovery…and learn about the innovative options available when you start thinking outside the box.



"MAÀT 42 Plus God" (Pocket Edition) gives basic ideas on how to incorporate 42 Concepts/Principles/Negative Confessions into your life to experience a more loving, joyful, simplistic, yet fulfilling everyday living experience. A book, perhaps, that offers you a common-sense approach to living a more prosperous life.

The term "God" is used, and refers to The Totality of Creation Itself.

Fear not: "MAÀT 42 Plus God" is NOT a religious book, but simply filled with a common-sense way of approaching LIFE. The 42 Principles/Concepts of MAÀT exudes the essence of "God."

We must Master a way to explain these Principles to our inner-selves in efforts to manifest our higher-self daily. It's time to reclaim or recover all parts of our Divine African Spirituality. Ancient Kemet recognized that MOST of what We need to get through Life with Purpose and Meaning already exists within our hearts. We simply need to tap into the powers within.

MAÀT also teaches how to create a self-directed Life that will bring Joy, Contentment, and a Renewed Sense of Purpose!

We must learn to manifest in a likeness and image of Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Peace, Reciprocity, and Love.

Undisturbed, amid everyday chaos, and confusion.

We must understand, it is in our best interest to always return to Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Love, Reciprocity, and Peace daily as we go about the day.

We are peaceful people by nature.

Our thoughts, feelings, and actions must align with the attributes of "God" and reflection of "God." If your emotional responses reflect the compassion, positive energy, and powers of God, you will change all events in your life into more positive experiences.

You possess the power to create your day.

"MAÀT 42 Plus God" is a Heart lesson, than a scholarly lesson, that gives you a common-sense approach to everyday life experiences that will allow you to vibrate at a higher frequency, above all negativity you may experience throughout the day.

If the Spirit of God is flowing through you to others, you'll respond in Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Reciprocity, and Love to be more effective in your speech and actions towards others.

You are Divine Beings.

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The Secret That Lies Beneath

The book, The Secret That Lies Beneath, has been written for the individuals who have suffered from a broken heart at the ending of their relationships. The broken bond of a relationship can be compared to the loud “pop” of a light bulb that echoes throughout a room when it illuminates it for the final time.

For over 3,000 years people have been experiencing broken hearts. Many cultures compare the success of a relationship to the Infinity symbol. People believe that when a relationship has ended a break has occurred within the Infinity symbol of that relationship. Infinity represents regeneration which can help to keep a relationship harmonious, balanced and happy.

Christian Fiction

Heaven's Open Book

Welcome to a peek into the lives of some devout Christians. Meet Clifford and Sandra Campbell, happily married for ten years, until Sandra ‘gives her heart to Jesus,’ and her body becomes the ‘temple of the living God.’

Listen to the charismatic Pastor Gerald Panton, as he electrifies his congregation, and wrestles with his educated and outspoken wife, Catherine. The charming Timothy and Beatrice Henriquez, will impress you with their dogged determination, simplicity and piety. And you may like, or even dislike the uncompromising Deacon Barrington Duncan and his sophisticated wife, Cindy. But, Hector and Jasmine Blackstock, will serve you a treat you’ll never forget.

When deep spiritual thoughts heighten Clifford Campbell’s search for the path to heaven, he is raptured in a startling vision. But Clifford’s wife, Sandra, and some Christian stalwarts from Earth, are missing from the heavenly throng. What will Heaven’s Open Book divulge?

The revelations are instantaneous, detailed, and shocking. But when the smoke clears, Heaven’s Open Book, is a blessing in disguise.


VD: Vintage Death

Detective David Knight lives in Birchwood, California. It is a small town in The Fiasco Valley of Elviño County, which is world-famous for the wine it produces. The town seems idyllic until young, healthy, male, harvest workers start turning up dead. While trying to solve the crimes, David meets a beautiful Mexican woman and falls in love. Follow David as he does detective work in order to catch the killer, or killers, and solve the rash of murders. Keep following David as he runs from the drug cartels that have started their own country and as he escapes monumentally mad Martians. David's political views and psychological problems are often put on display and the results are rather amusing. It's a hilarious and informative look at life in a dull town in a wealthy valley that is beset by murders . . . or is it? Since this book doesn't really fall into an established genre, the author came up with a new one. VD is a political sarcastic comedy, and so falls into the new "Polisarcasmedy" genre. It could become a huge, popular genre if our politicians don’t improve.

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romantic suspense

Rambler's Rest

A Winning Hand or A Bad Draw?


When womanizing gambler Nate Rambler wins Magnolia Manor in a poker game, he plans to sell the plantation to finance a long-desired gaming den. He soon learns that the windfall comes with obligations even he can’t ignore. Slaves in need. Repairs. Crops that need harvesting. And four children orphaned by their father’s recent suicide. Then the beautiful nun arrives.

Believing she has killed her abusive stepfather, Lisette Antilly flees her home and stows away on a paddle wheeler where she is befriended by a nun on her way to instruct four orphans. When Lisette survives an engine explosion and is found wearing Sister Dominique’s habit, she accepts being mistaken for the nun as the answer to her prayers. How better to hide from the law? Unfortunately, she can’t hide from the emotions the handsome owner ignites inside her.

A man who wants no roots. A woman determined to keep her home at all costs. Can an aimless gambler forced into responsibility and a phony nun running from a murder charge find love amidst a crooked game of lies and treachery and a deck stacked against them?


Christian fiction/Fantasy/Time-travel

Peregrination by SG Boudreaux

Storms are wreaking havoc on the face of the earth, due to man's ever-increasing sin nature. A few select people have been chosen to traverse the earth through time and space by way of these very same storms, to try and save mankind from our own destruciton. These people are known as Peregrines. They are guided by those know as the Dragoman, whose purpose is to direct the Peregrines in missions to obtain sacred artifacts that will aid in their fight to save mankind. They must battle demons along the way, as well as face perilous dangers associated with their missions. 

All the Pererines and Dragoman have converged onto Reader's Island to prepare for the great and final battle that a select few, known as The Twelve, will have to fight in. As they train and learn how to use their new found powers they must also find five lost keys that open the recently found ancient, archival books that could hold important information for the success of their missions. 

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ASK: A Collection of Poetry, Lyrics, and Words

A transformation of eighteen-plus years in the eyes of an emotional being from age fourteen to now.

We can be anyone we want, so why do we often choose to be mirror images of those around us? This is not a book or message about finding myself or how to help others find themselves. This is a collection of time. A collection of growth on how to gain the courage to share when no one asks. We can be anyone we want, so why do we often choose to be mirror images of those around us? Why do we camouflage to seek acceptance and validation or rebel in an effort to prove a point? Many get stuck, lost, and numb. At least I did. I had to ask myself the deeper questions that I love to ask others. I had to do the work because no one else was asking. By the end, I had answers. If you read this, I hope you find the answers you’re looking for, too.

“I stopped writing when I was eighteen. Literally stopped. . . .

I was always in the place between giving up and pushing on.”

Spirituality - Travel

Revelations - photographing and telling the invisible


The book is a collection of 50 extraordinary images taken all over the world and associated to 50 descriptive quotes, to convey clearly and originally the message that nature is alive, made of an invisible energy and documented, and as such, it must be respected. 

The book, was born with the desire to simulate curiosity, to make the world be seen from a different perspective, and to make people understand the importance of the necessary respect for nature and for the environment, by using photography as a scientific means to show the connection between the material world and the natural- spiritual world. Incredible figures, surprising faces push the reader back to an extraordinary reality which is the result of deep and real photographic research, connected to the myths and legends from different parts of the world and described with attractive quotes. 

The artist Stefano Favaretto explores elements which are like bridges between the material and immaterial worlds, as myths and legends, that have always connected real or really existed elements to surreal or imaginary elements which have lain down in the collective subconscious for centuries and this doesn’t mean they are inexistent ( see the myth of Christmas or the angels). According to the artist, myths contain precious information about rites, traditions and popular beliefs, often provided by a peculiar observation of the reality. By exploring this mythical reality we can perceive as well as show, how the human being has always tried to “go beyond” and has the certainty that there is another universe we do not see. After reading about myths and legends of a place, Favaretto aims at immortalising the figures or characters described there, in order to invite travellers to go and see those places and look at them through their own eyes as well as through “different eyes”. Consequently the project becomes a stimulus to observe nature in its beauty and depth, making it part of each human being. 

The images resulting in the photographs are real and not falsified or adapted but they are the result obtained by mirroring the original picture to make the complete image that the artist has already seen while shooting. 

The quotes written by Giancarlo Cencini help the reader understand the meaning of the artworks and stimulate curiosity, to understand the natural reality with his/ her own eyes. The project can be considered a simple and didactic guide to the meaning of “respect” and to the care for nature and the planet, understandable by everybody. 


Historical Fiction, Erotica, Traditional Victorian, Suspense

Tales From The Millinery Shop ~ With A Twist

The era is 1897—1924. Miscegenation laws rule the United States, not just in the South, but in northern places like New York. Recognition of love between men and women of different races and ethnicity is abhorrent. The penalty for violating those racial norms can be death. 

Glaring lavishness, unconcealed vice, and blatant promiscuity by professional "courtesans" with men who are engaged in the "sporting life" is the norm for New Yorkers in this Gilded Age era. The over-sized posh hats worn by women are adorned with birds and their feathers. Opulent in their design and creativity, this style of hat is in great demand by women everywhere and in all walks of life; and the women who work in millinery shops constantly strive to satisfy this overwhelming demand. 

Herein are the stories of a few of those women. These are their tales of romance and mystery, of success and misfortune, from the easily understood aspects of daily life, to the unexplainable occurrences of strange incidents ... especially those involving a unique "cat." These are their stories ... in their own words.


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