Faith is Tangible

What is faith? In this book, Adam Sharpe reveals the truth about what faith — in the in the Christian sense — actually is. Here, he reveals that faith is more than merely the act of believing in one thing or another, but rather a spiritual tool that enacts the spiritual power inherit in every born again Christian.

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In 1879, Delilah is young, tough, gritty and determined. After two years in prison, Delilah heads to San Luis, with sixteen year old, Sarah to find out what’s left of her home. Two men rape her and take the girl captive. Delilah will stop at nothing to make them pay and retrieve her young friend. She trails them into the high country of the Colorado mining towns, battling wolves, bears and ruffians in a pursuit that may lead to the loss of her own innocence, and maybe even her life. Along the way she makes colorful friends, has Indian encounters, and learns to love again. Savor the true flavor of the Colorado frontier with Delilah.

Christian fiction based on some true events

Mistress Within

Karmah was attractive and had sex appeal like fire. She always felt she was untouchable; as if no hurt, harm or danger could come against her. She never forgot the things people said or did to her. And once the tables turned, Karmah was vicious and uncontrollable in many ways. Her mind constantly flipped and wandered. But is there more to her story than broken homes and shattered dreams? Follow the story of Karmah and uncover whether you may need to purge The Mistress Within.


Mike Pence Equally Yoked by Grace

The title of this book Mike Pence: Equally Yoked by Grace will give readers a brief background autobiography of the current vice president of the United States of America, Mike Pence. It will show his tenure as a governor of the State of Indiana, including his policies, his failures, and his success as a governor.

This also includes the challenges he faces while he tries to get his conservative agenda through a difficult political system. Mike Pence: Equally Yoked by Grace shed a light as to why a conservative politician and a man with strong Christian faith would join in alliance with then candidate Trump whom many see as lacking the political background and experience to become President of the United States. Many people also questioned the moral integrity of the then candidate Trump now President of United States just as many people questioned the reason behind why evangelicalssupport the president.

I highlighted the risk that Mr. Pence took by answering the call to be a running mate for their journey to the White House which also included their policy success and pitfalls in their administration. In this book, you will also read about how the faith of the vice president has been challenged several times as a political figure and, at the same time, trying to hold on to his values as a Christian. I see Mr. Pence as an inspiration of how to be a dedicated public servant with perseverance and discipline without letting negativity and unnecessary things hold you back. I hope readers, especially the young and upcoming political leaders, will find this encouraging and inspirational.

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Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them - Ephesians 5:8

Deep within the forgotten and misty moorlands of Yorkshire, the secluded village of Middleton Kirkby unknowingly plays host to a dark secret. Malevolent, malignant and patient, It waits as if dormant for the next generation of an ancient family to make their Payment.

When the Esquire of Middleton Kirkby returns home to his manor and life of near isolation after a period of time away he finds he is not as abandoned as he always thought. As much as he may try to resist, he realises he cannot keep from making his Payment forever.

Payment is the first published work by Rhys N Rivers. Rivers, a veteran of the British Armed Forces, is making his way on a part-time basis through the dozens of fictional ideas conceived as a teenager and during service. Payment evolved from a short story entered in a horror fiction competition in 2017 on and the reviews and comments kindly received encouraged Rivers to develop the idea into a full-length novel.

“…very well penned. It reminded me of E.A. Poe.”

“I love Poe…many horrifying images…horror theme runs well throughout…”



Silke is joined by her look-alike eighteen year old cousin, raven-haired, Haven Justice. 

Haven wants to become a Pinkerton Detective like Silke. 

The cousins, along with Bone and Loraine, have to deliver a nine year old orphan girl to her grandmother in Santa Fe from Gainesville, Texas.

What happens on the trek through Palo Duro Canyon and across the Llano Estacado to New Mexico?

More importantly, what happens when they get to Santa Fe?

Who is Reginald Berkley and why is he along?

Be prepared for the twists and turns along the way in this third addition to the SILKE JUSTICE saga.

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Women Leadership Ministry

What No One Ever Told Me - 8 Incredible Things I Discovered About Women and Leadership

This book presents a look at two different views of women and leadership in the church from a Biblical and historical perspective. It is not a book just for women, but for those who desire to help the church grow and thrive beyond the current generation following God's direction in equipping and raising up spiritual leaders.

Stanley Swanson - Breed of a Werewolf

Stanley Swanson – Breed of a Werewolf : The gripping, action-packed story of what happens when a werewolf grants an interview to a human journalist as war breaks out among the creatures of the night.

A spellbinding story with in-your-face action: Interview with the Vampire meets An American Werewolf in London.

Take everything you think you know about werewolves and rip the rules to pieces. Just like the vampires will do to journalist Kain’s interview with Stanley Swanson if they ever get their fangs on it.

A war is coming between the creatures of the night. Werewolf Stanley Swanson believes it will also involve humans, and he needs to know which side they’ll take. He reaches out to retired journalist Kain, hoping that if he shares the secrets of both werewolves and vampires, the mortals will support his own people.

Kain never expected the opportunity to interview a werewolf. During his journey into the supernatural world, though, he forms a close friendship with Stanley. It’s only a matter of time before their agreement is uncovered. When the highest of the vampires find out, they take it as an act of aggression. Stanley returns home to find that he has put his people at risk—with his own family the first to be attacked.

As Stanley and his older brother seek revenge for their losses, the vampires set out to stop Kain’s report from becoming widespread knowledge and to punish the human journalist for his interference. The longstanding treaty between vampires and werewolves has been broken, and war will devour mortals and immortals alike.




0% of Something

A collection of prose and poetry. A book that plays with the idea of language. Prose that bounces the reader like a trampoline between odd and happy, lonely and content, sexual and lost. The words don't read as if they are organized, more like they fell out of the authors head and hit the paper. Rantings on politics or religion or love can all be found within this book.

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