Epic Poetry

Move Over Shakespeare Tales From The Baron

With a mastery of the nuances of unforeseen imagination, you’ll experience laughter, suspense, inspiration and become emotionally attached to the characters created. My poetry book, described as "one of the best poetry books ever written" is suitable for all target audiences, and is packed with imagery and poems that will effectively transport you to a superb new world. With a powerful command and use of imagination through words, pacing and character development, you can be certain of one thing: there are many stories that deserve to be read and experienced.

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Historical fiction

The Slum Angel

Perfect for the fans of Anna Jacobs and Dilly Court.

Orphan, Victoria Carlton is brought up by her uncle, a banker, to be a lady and make a good marriage. Yet, she is drawn to help the poor families in the slums, much to her family’s disgust. When her uncle dies suddenly, her cousins blame Victoria, and she is thrown out of the house with nothing.

Victoria flees to the poor side of York to start again in a world that is full of perils. To combat the heartache of being without her family, she befriends the destitute women and children in the slums, but such friendships come with the danger of disease, and increasing poverty, and the threat of a brutal man could cost her everything.

Can Victoria find the security she has lost? Will a certain doctor be the man she can give her heart to? Or will the ghosts of the past return to take away everything she has worked so hard for?

Historical fiction

Touching the Wire

The women of Auschwitz and a man who tried to save them. One woman's quest for the truth her grandfather couldn't tell her. Gold medal winner Readers' Favorite Book Awards 2019. IAN Book of the Year 2019. IAN Outstanding Historical Fiction prize 2019.

Poetry book

The Foreign Me!

A work like The Foreign Me!--which is the outcome of my long spiritual journey of learning to know myself and the knowledge of my past--although apparently authored by one person, only comes into being and to fruition with the assistance and support of many others. It is with great joy, therefore, that I embrace this opportunity to recognize, acknowledge, and thank the many individuals who have, in one way or another, walked with, or assisted, me along the three-year spiritual journey that was the making of The Foreign Me!

NeilYoung: Art of Gold

Book with cartoons, caricatures, drawinds, paintings, comics, murals etc about Nei Young (256 pages, color, hardcover)

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Historical, Thriller

The Brotherhood of the Black Flag

"Cohen delivers a solid, compelling, and briskly paced story that blends adventure and romance within a rich historical setting." -- The BookLife Prize

Thrills, romance, and high-seas swashbuckling adventure await in the Golden Age of Piracy's final reckoning!

His once-promising naval career in tatters, Michael McNamara leaves the newly-United Kingdom behind in search of a new life. With no other skills but the sword, he joins forces with a pirate turned pirate hunter, determined to rid the Caribbean of the Brotherhood of the Black Flag once and for all.

Eager for a worthy cause to fight for, McNamara pits himself against treacherous seas and battle-hardened buccaneers... and uncovers an international conspiracy that threatens the lives of thousands.

Fearless Puppy On American Road

Doug “Ten” Rose may be the biggest smart-ass as well as one of the wisest and most entertaining survivors of the hitchhiking adventurers that used to cover America’s highways. He is the author of Fearless Puppy on American Road and Reincarnation Through Common Sense, has survived heroin addiction and death, and is a graduate of over a hundred thousand miles of travel without ever driving a car, owning a phone, or having a bank account. Ten Rose and his work are a vibrant part of the present and future as well as an essential remnant of a vanishing breed.

Fearless Puppy on American Road This amazing (mostly) true story reads like a fantasy. Fearless Puppy is a transfictional self-help book, comedic, dramatic—a butt kicking, page-turning adventure story that makes deep spiritual impressions. Within this book you will meet several saintly Tibetan Lamas. You will also meet a man who is his own uncle, specialists in smoke, mirrors, and invisibility, spirited sex, oxygen orgasms, heavenly Hell’s Angels, phony preachers, domestic violence/domestic solu- tions, racist killers in America, Canadian race wars, Native American wise men, a bit of Christian ethics and Jewish ritual, angelic witches, benevolent heroin addicts, magical birds, an all-lesbian band playing a rock concert for the deaf, the musician raised by mul- ti-ethnic golden-hearted prostitutes, martial artists battling neo-Nazis, the modern-day Robin Hood, and many other strangely wonderful people.Buckle your seatbelt tightly, take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride. Fearless Puppy runs on rocket fuel!

Time-travel Romance

The Necklace - The Dusky Club, June 1962

What if you could travel back into the past to meet the man of your dreams at a time when it would be possible for him to fall in love with you?

Susan does just that when she meets two ladies from Haiti while on a cruise with her childhood friend, Lynn.  Mika, the elderly of the two ladies claims she can see into Susan’s soul, and that if she sends her back in time to meet James, the man who Susan has dreamed of for fifty years, Susan will learn something important about him and about herself.

Susan travels back to the year 1962 in her 17-year-old body where she meets James, age 20, who is part of a band who will one day become the most famous band of all time.  Susan is stunned and delighted when James is instantly drawn to her, inviting her out for coffee and offering to walk her back to her hotel after the band quits playing for the night. 

But much to her consternation, Susan’s 17-year-old hormones begin to play havoc with her 62-year-old brain, tempting her towards a relationship with James that she’s not really certain she wants. 

Will James end up to be the paragon Susan’s always thought him to be?  Or, will she learn that sometimes when a dream comes true, that it’s not quite what you expected?

Fiction: Occult / Supernatural

Fourteenth Floor; 13 Cornfield Road

"There are stories told about the eastern part of the United States where witch hunts, satanic rituals, and strange occurrences were a part of everyday life in early colonial America. Even now, in the early stages of the twenty-first century, tales of ghostly, ghastly figures still circulate throughout the nation. One such place remembers its' previous inhabitants who are unaware of their departure from this hectic, high-tech world. Welcome to Alexandria, Virginia, home to 13 Cornfield Road, where life is everything but boring. Take your coat and hat off and sit a spell with the tenants of ... the Fourteenth Floor!

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Humour & Satire

The Absolute Bull of New Zealand. Or How to Get Away with 96.5% Murdher

As one reader put it: You've got to be out of your mind to read this book.   

It's wacky, it's funny and it's packed with awful puns, silly jokes and weird references to Shakespeare, Gilbert & Sullivan and Alexander Pope. It also has a pre-published review/quote by the White House Resident which is genuine fake news. And it goes from bad to verse (pardon the pun) with a 74- stanza poem on a cricket match -- which is a scream if you happen to know the game. And yes, it's a parody of Casey at the Bat, the great American classic. 

And if that doesn't knock you off your perch the main characters are a Bull, a Shark and a Meerkat. And the whole idea revolves around 14 Defence Strategies by the Shark and the Bull to get the defendant Meerkat off the hook, because his wife has 'disappeared' and he's the prime suspect charged with Murdher.

The book is a satire on the New Zealand justice system which goes out of its way to treat criminals with deference and respect and adopts a benign approach to mitigate punishment to a level that can only be described as laughable. 

Although couched in humour this book has a serious message that the justice system in New Zealand is too 'soft' on criminals and needs an overhaul with a heavy injection of Sensible Sentencing.  The vast majority of New Zealanders believe that victims of violence in any form will never get true justice by the courts, in most cases. Very rarely do victims and the public at large express total satisfaction at a judicial sentencing.

Does Injustice pervade the courts in your country too?

The book is therefore dedicated to the scores of families who have had to live with the trauma of being victims of violence as well as suffering the inequity of the Justice system. 

Hopefully there are people with the power and influence to read between the lines of this book to ensure that justice is never denied.

Hopefully there are people with the power and influence to read between the lines of this book to ensure that justice is never denied.

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