Wild Imaginings

Holly's perfectly planned life fell apart when she walked in on her cheating husband. Kicking him to the curb was the easy part. Trying to figure out what comes next, not so much.

Mark is a friend when she needs it most. They reconnect on social media fifteen years after graduating from their ultra-conservative Christian High School. Experiencing the same heartbreaks gives them a connection and not living in the same city makes it a safe one.

The fun starts when he convinces her to take their flirting into the real world. The risk of being caught is worth putting their friendship on the line. Who cares what the church gossips say. They're headed straight to heaven on the road to hell.

A Steamy Christian Romance

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Her Cyborg Captain

Prequel to Her Cyborg Captor (coming soon) 

Keily wasn’t looking for anything more than a one-night stand to take the edge off.

What she found was the sexy Cyborg, Captain Ryker. Too bad she only had one night

to spare, because Ryker was the kind of lover you could spend a lifetime getting to


A super short story! 


That Time I Saw You

Where will you be in ten, twenty years?

That's exactly what Madelyn wondered as a little girl.

After living in a small town of southern Italy and going through a rough childhood, Madelyn finally moves to America for a better future. Her cheating spouse ruins her vision of a perfect family, but she doesn't give up on love.

She only needs to face a little mess to get her life back together. When Dylan, the gorgeous multimillionaire in town, walks into her successful wedding company as her newest client, destiny—and a few unfortunate events—brings her all she has ever wanted.

But will she be able to handle it?


An inside View of An Outside World.

Life is possibly preordained. As we venture through it, episodes occur more by chance than by design. Some accord it to coincidence some to fate.

It is your own perspective, whether you consider it a celebration, a fate or a windfall. associations, relationships and friendships originate from these happenstances.

It is a subdued love story bereft of fate, accompanied by a string of startling escapades under unanticipated statuses at uncanny locations around the Globe.

In his journey throughout the world, Mylan picturises the city, the cultural nuances of the countries he visits encountering adventurous sexual relationships, building memories and friendships.

A story dwelled by ordinary people with an extraordinary love for life and adventure.


Addicted To His Touch

"Your moans are like music... I'm going to make you sing for me baby."

When Phillipa Deven accepts her dream job on the Island of Mauritius, she has no idea that her wildest fantasies are about to come true. R is every woman's wet dream and a man who knows how to get what he wants. 

Her first night on the Island, Phillipa encounters this stunning male walking out of the surf and straight onto her deck.

He approaches her with the offer of mind-blowing sex and Phillipa finds herself giving into her darkest desires to seduce this handsome stranger for a single night of passion.

Believing that their encounter is nothing more than a one-night stand, Phillipa is shocked to find Lucien is a major share-holder at her newly contracted job with Bitec Global.

With his background in protection and his interest in Bitec, Lucien's job is to guard Phillipa against the cyber threats made to the company. 

Having enjoyed the hottest night of his life in this woman's arms, his ultimate plan is to mix business with the unimaginable pleasure of Phillipa's body.

Caught up in an impossible situation, Phillipa is forced to accept Lucien's help. 

Evidence of a cyber-attack sets them both up as the scapegoats, prompting Phillipa to work even harder to uncover the truth 

and clear both their names.


Timeless River

Be careful what you wish for...

Abigail Stewart won’t win any beauty contests, but she can talk to ghosts and saw the spirits of two children from a bygone era.

Heartthrob Wyatt Beaufort is all about football and pretty women but he holds a secret close to his heart that is preventing him from being the man he wants to be. To make matters worse Abigail has some kind of vendetta against him.

In a twist of fate, they are sent back in time to the California Gold Rush of 1852 where Abigail finds herself in the body of the Weeping woman, a beautiful Spanish singer.

Always sure of himself, confident, Wyatt now feels like a fish out of water.

Struggling to fit in, wishing nothing more than to get back to his old life, when Abigail tells him the only way home is to stop a murder, Wyatt sets out to help her.

When Abigail starts to lose herself in her new persona, against all odds, Wyatt becomes determined to save her and the children. But time is running out, and the murderer is still hiding in the shadows

Their struggle to save the children tests the power of a mother’s love and the true meaning of inner beauty.


Beyond the Surface

Ella is a middle-aged woman with a stagnant career, an exasperated teenage daughter, and a husband that has left to make a new life with another woman. Her first attempt at dating is a disaster, and in an attempt to refocus her life and rediscover her joy, Ella goes fishing. It is here that she meets Dennis, the older, captivating man that ends up saving her life and stealing her heart. But Dennis has a history, and Ella might just be in for the biggest heartbreak of her life if she can not get her emotions under control and face the demons from her own past.


April's Heart

Cheerleader April Schweiter navigates life and love through her turbulent and sexually charged romance with her hot boyfriend, Mitch Hudgins, the love of her life. Is he the love of her life? April really doesn't know.

Although they are finally a happy couple, April and Mitch decide to break up due to the fact they will be attending different schools in different towns far away from each other. But they find they cannot resist one another, moving on seems impossible. Are they meant for each other? Or just not meant to be?

Hold on to your pompoms as April and Mitch, with their on again, off again love affaif keeps them guessing. It isn't easy. You'll love this sexy romance novel with all the drama of high school in the eighties. It's flirty and spirited, full of heartbreak and angst, triumph and joy, not to mention April's dysfunctional family and of course, infamous bitchy high school girls. The ebook has almost 40 Spotify music links on all the songs in the story, bringing the reader right to the moment! So cool!

Find out what happens to the lovers who are clearly mad for each other, yet riddled with breakups.


Torn Between Love Or Lust

Leaving New York City left Lovely, Balinna, and Laria with mixed emotions. No one thought traveling to the city that never sleeps would insinuate more chaos into their already complicated lives.

With the ladies’ emotional state unmistakably changed, they are overwhelmed by a unique kind of desire they never thought would penetrate their being. New love interests create a nexus of consuming rapture they can’t escape. To the trio, it’s never-ending tempestuous entanglements.

Is it love? Is it lust? Or just another complicated love affair?

Can these undeniable yearnings stand the test of time? Or will the chronicles of their past continuously haunt their present?

Will Lovely, Balinna, and Laria forever be torn between love or lust?


Falling for Hart

Tiffany thought she had everything. A good job, a loving fiancé, friends.... That was until she discovered her fiancé having an affair. Now it's time to start over. Can Tiffany move back home to the one place she couldn't wait to leave? Can she find love, or is it not in the cards for her? Just when Tiffany seems to be getting her life back on track, something unexpected comes up... Will Tiffany run away, or fight like hell for the one thing she knows she cannot live without. Book 1 of The Hart Series.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

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