The Marriage Playbook: Living Out God’s Plan

The institution of marriage is like a successful basketball playbook. 

We all tend to need spiritual and marital guidance. The institution of marriage is like a successful basketball play- book. Each year brings new challenges. There is a lot of planning involved. Marriages cannot base its future on past success or past failures. The Marriage Playbook offers spiritual and practical advice by using basketball as an analogy. Many people enjoy watching or playing basketball "for the love of the game". We should have the "love of the game" spirit for our marriages.

The book seeks to encourage all spiritual couples to love as Christ loves. As marriage counselors, we enjoy seeing the art of love protected and achieved through the Holy Spirit.

Fiction & Literature


Jackson Bull is a retired private detective who spends most of his time with his two friends Hugh and Daniel, playing cards in their favorite local bistro. On the eve of the second anniversary of his retirement, nothing prepares Jackson Bull for the news he was about to receive from Hugh, his best friend for over 29 years. Jackson Bull's retirement is cut short for what becomes the most complicated investigative task in his 25-year career, a task that leads him to a hidden and an unbelievable secret surrounding the lives of his two best friends. How much does Jackson Bull know about his friends Hugh and Daniel?


Build Character is n Children: The R2L3C2D3 Formula

A child is a precious gift. The best way first time parents can nurture their children is through building character at a young age. Growing up on the sugar plantation in Hawai'i, I learned quickly through my parents' words and actions how to live my life. When I became a dad, I recalled everything I learned and wrote it down. I realized that R2L3C2D3 was the formula that I would use,

Mystery & Suspense

Cassidy Silverstone

 Cassidy silverstone is revolves around the story of a young girl and her sister's quest to find out who killed their parents and stole their money. This book is perfect for YA readers looking for a mystery thriller to add some excitement to their day. 

"The book is basically a crime fiction in the garb of a romantic drama which is built on trust and friendship." -



Progressives in America 1900-2020: Liberals with Attitude!

New Book Now Available

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This is the FIRST BOOK about Progressives throughout American history including the original Progressives of 1900-1917, the progressives of the Popular Front of the 1930s and 1940s, and the efforts of the last decades from Jesse Jackson to Bernie Sanders. Wagner argues that these movements for reforms have ended up in a dead-end in the two major parties.

see page describing me professor emeritus at University

of Southern Maine and author of 11 previous books and  of 3 book awards.



Dominant Business - An LGBT Submissive Romance

Bianca Ristretto, a dominant, hard charging business professor … with a secret. Her new position teaching young college students about real business could open some doors for her career.

Ruby Phillips an innocent medical school student who needs a business class to graduate. She doesn't care about business but wants to succeed.

When bad grades lead to Bianca seducing her student, sparks flare and a vivid submissive power play ensues. As they twist their way into an unexpected romance, they both find themselves falling harder than either expected. Will their new positions as teacher and student lead them into an unprofessional destructive relationship or find them forming a powerful merger?


Restored by Grace - Broken Vessels, Usable for God’s Glory

We live in a broken world.  These "breaks" come in many different forms.  What might be trivial to some, may be a mountain to others.

 We have all heard it said, “You are either going through a crisis, just coming out of a crisis, or about to head into a crisis.”  The question is, where do you fall in this equation?

 This book is based on true life stories of people.  I have personally walked alongside each of them, offering help and the tools needed in overcoming their struggles.

As you read this book, you may be able to identify with one or more of the stories.  You may know friends, family, business associates, or church members who have struggled with some of these issues.

Know that the purpose of this book is to give hope for the future.  You may feel as though you are stuck, or worse, trapped and can’t get out, or you are gripped with bitterness or anger against someone who wronged you.  Hold on to hope, the true hope of Jesus Christ, and know that there are answers.  Some answers can be extremely difficult, and you won’t want to take the first step in order to get what you need.  Fight for yourself, you are worth it!  In God’s eyes, you are worth it!!

No one said it better than Zig Ziglar, “You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

Now, go and become who God says you are, not the lies the world says about you.

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Fiction & Literature

My Half Brother - A Journey of Hope and Grace

Imagine growing up in a home where your big brother is literally PERFECT!  He never gets in trouble, he never talks back, he never gets punished for anything. Now imagine people start listening to and following everything he says and does. He even claims to be God. Then one day...

Available in paperback or ebook. Purchase your copy of this award winning book today.

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Cobalt and Tui

For Ages 6 - 10 years old. This book follows Cobalt and his friend Tui as they share the experience of gliding over their nearby area in flight. In the early part of the story Cobalt is antonished at his friend’s ability to fly. As a dog, he realizes that he cannot lift up in the air and accompany his friend. He quickly thinks up a way that he can join Tui. Follow them both as they continue to see their world together.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Devil To Pay - Time Guards vol one

John a Civil War re-enacter invites Cathy a doctor friend of his to a re-enactment. After a long day of at the re-enactment they retire to his rent.Expecting a good night's rest they drift off to sleep only wake up to find something is odd. They soon discover they have moved from the present to June ofm 1863. They are shortly involved in the deadlest war the United States ever saw. What will happen to them? Will they change history as we know it? Will they get home to now?

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