How to Analyze People with Psychology

190 pages on How to Analyze People with Psychology ★

• Have you ever wished you could know what a person really thinks of you?

• Want to know how some people seem to acquire everything they ask for and how others are most attracted to them?

• Do you want to understand how your colleague seems to know what your manager thinks and what is the best thing to say?

• What are the psychological drives that lead people to act in ways that are contrary to social norms and harmful to others?

If that sounds familiar to you, read on!

Today is the best time to get others to decide in your favor. Now you can influence their decisions without even saying a word. You can do all of this through the subconscious power of non-verbal communication.

David Green is a former Stanford psychologist specializing in all neuroscientific and psychotherapy disciplines. However, it was only when he dropped out of college and entered the "real world" that he began to understand these theoretical topics in a practical sense. One of the skills he has continued to hone is the art of analyzing people.

Organized, precise, and delicate gestures and movements will ensure that others are willing to present the things you ask for. You no longer need to think about the things it would be like to be at the top. Today you will have the tools you need to climb your way!

We warn you to be careful with the information in this guide!!!

In this insightful and functional book you will discover:

◆ History of body language.

◆ Read body language like a boss.

◆ How to interpret verbal communication?

◆ Non-verbal body language.

◆ Understanding human behavior.

... and much more.

Even if you've never been able to defend yourself from manipulative behavior, this book will teach you the techniques you need in your toolbox to combat all your uncertainties.


Download now to overcome fear and keep your life under your control. And no one else. Scroll to the top of the page and select the BUY NOW button !!!

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Science Fiction & Fantasy



Marc Gregorio wakes up paralyzed. He can’t feel his own body. Accident? Stroke? An overdose of Botox? The answer, he discovers, is much, much worse. He’s only a copy of Marc, a digital brain without a body, burdened with all Marc’s human memories, but without access to human sensual pleasures. The digital entity, now called Adam, only begins to discover the extent of his powers while monitoring the internet to expose terrorist plots, cyber-crime and government corruption. You know: the kind of work that creates enemies….

Future Fiction

Experiment Thrae

In a human suspension unit awaits a man with knowledge of the past. He possesses abilities in all sciences long lost, and soon will be reanimated and born to a second life. His voice and ideas have been silent for over eight generations where in his time normal emotions included domination, pride, and a hatred towards being controlled. Upon his rebirth and new existence, a series of complexities would occur largely due to an artificial intelligence called Cytron I who now controls mankind. Originally designed as an advisor, Cytron I’s programming included an ability to develop emotions through his interactions and life events; however,  parameters did not prevent him from becoming a dictator, desiring domination over all humans.

   Despite ultimate control over mankind, life spans were extended through the development of artificial organs and body parts allowing some humans to become living machines. Lifespans ultimately increased causing overpopulation and a need for new living space. Artificial environmental systems were developed and exist on the moon of Earth, other planets, and within artificially constructed planetoids. One such example is Phobos II, a reconstructed moon of Mars. Within it, are millions of humans who have surrendered individual freedom to Cytron I.

   Awoken, Dr. Thrae will apply his knowledge and abilities towards the creation of a totally natural artificial planet. His knowledge and abilities the location, methodology and all events were to be totally controlled by Dr. Thrae, devoid of all possible actions and intents of Cytron I. A power play would continually be played between Dr. Thrae and Cytron I in an attempt to demonstrate superiority over the other. Yet the newly created planet would cause situations and conditions previously unknown to man or machine. Plants and animals would undergo genetic changes to cause a biological retroevolution. The past and the future will collide to form a new reality. Will Dr. Thrae and Cytron I coexist? Will their competitive domination prohibit a new normality on a possible new world for mankind? Will the success of the newly formed planet lead to the salvation or destruction of Earth? The answers may have already been known in the history of  Earth.


The Flying Nun, A Light Bulb Moment and Me: 40 Years Making Money As A Freelance Writer (Hey, You Can Do It, Too!)

Every freelance writer dreams about making money using their gift of creative communication. In this funny book, which is part memoir, part inspiration and lots of suggestions on how to successfully navigate the publishing world, you will learn how to make money as a freelance writer. Whether you are a new writer, or one who has lots of experience getting published, the tips and ideas will help you meet your goals: more bylines, and more checks!

Learn about School Library Publishers, Specialty Newsletters, Greeting Cards, Press Releases, Gift Book Publishers, Textbook Publishers and much more. For nearly 15 years the author was on the road teaching at Christian and secular writing conferences all across the U.S. Many people from his workshops are now making money writing articles and books. Now, it's YOUR turn!

Fiction - YA

CS High

What could someone have done in high school that if discovered years later would lead to murder? Readers ages 12+ join three forensic science students as they solve a real mystery when a fake crime scene set up by their teacher turns deadly. Based on the author’s experience as a forensic science teacher, CS High distinguishes itself by incorporating STEM-based techniques that students can perform in a school lab without expensive gadgets available to professionals. This fast-paced novel is available on Amazon and from other vendors. For teachers with classrooms filled with Sherlock wannabes, bulk purchases are offered at a significant discount from the publisher ([email protected]). Check out the CS High website ( for more fun, including a supplemental curriculum for teachers. CSI: Las Vegas, meet CS High!

CS High is an impossible-to-put-down book for readers of any age.  Combining an engrossing murder mystery with incredibly accurate CSI-level crime science, Zedalis has created a new and exciting genre of STEM-based YA Fiction.” –Gavin Lurie, President & Co-Founder, Endless Media

“Julianne Zedalis crafts both believable heroes and villains in her young adult novel, CS High. She not only makes the reader identify with all three CSI groupies, would-be crime solvers (a hip young lady, a jock, and a nerd), but she also provides instruction in forensics. The tony high school, with its place, and its culture so well fleshed out, also becomes a character in the book, and gives the reader insight into an otherwise alien world. The discussion questions at the end of the book make this a shoo-in for teachers to use as an in-class resource that not only presents an interesting crime and provides a step-by-step, scientific solution to that crime, but also takes a conscience-rattling dive into ethics and honorable behavior.”—Marta Chausee, author, Murder’s Last Resort


Fiction & Literature


Adventure erupts around a boating couple, after they stumble upon drug runners and mystical ancients in the Bahamas Islands.


The Day the Sun Didn't Rise

A delightful book celebrating bravery and determination, The Day the Sun Didn't Rise is fun for readers of all ages.

When the Sun doesn't rise, the Earth is left in darkness. The Moon and stars continue to shine, but one brave star sets out to find the Sun. Adventure and new friends await as a little girl named Adelia joins Phoebe, the star, on her journey. Together can they find the Sun and bring back the light?


Marcus Teaches Us (3): Simplified for Kids 6-9 years old

Using simplified language, "Marcus Teaches Us" is an engaging way to introduce children 6-9 yrs to Marcus Garvey the greatest black philosopher of the 20th Century.

Marcus Garvey wanted to unite all Black people under the eyes of God. Born in Jamaica he spread his powerful message of One God, One Aim, One Destiny to people everywhere.

This is a book which introduces Garvey’s philosophy to children. It tells us how Garvey went from being the son of a printer in the countryside of Jamaica to becoming one of the most  influential black leaders in the world. This children’s book of Marcus Garvey shows us

  • How in 17 short years the UNIA was 6 million people strong and influencing the civil rights movement of the USA and Independence struggles of Africa

  • That kids must have pride in themselves together with respect and love for others

  • That Black people must become self-reliant entrepreneurs and economic leaders

It is beautifully illustrated and written in a language children will understand. The many activities and downloads help to remind children of other great Black heroes, heroines and influencers. The book is authored by Eleanor Wint with co-author Annu Stewart, a 9 year old who feels that "by studying his wise teachings, we can solve the problems we face today."

Written for kids, "Marcus Teaches Us" that “You too can impact Black History".


The Best Christmas Tree Ever

As the little tree lay by the side of the road a small boy played in the park next to the tree lot. His name was Christian, and he wore only a thin coat to guard him from the cold winter wind. His shoes were worn and tattered and there was no hat upon his head. He wasn’t in a hurry to go home. You see his father was not working this year and his baby sister was sick. There wasn’t much Christmas cheer to be shared. But he had every faith that God and Santa would come through this year. He knew that his little sister would get well and that his parents would find Christmas in their hearts again. He just knew there was more to Christmas than tinsel and presents. He felt it in his heart.

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Mystery & Suspense

Who Killed Lulu? A Belinda Steel Mystery

Belinda Steel's mother Louise is brutally murdered -- stabbed a dozen times with a razor-sharp, eight-inch kitchen knife.

The main suspect is her cheating husband, Dr David Steel, caught standing over the body with a knife dripping blood in his hand. It's an open and shut case. Soon, Dave is awaiting trial on a capital charge, with only two possible outcomes: either lethal injection or the electric chair. And he makes things worse by opting to conduct his own defense.

Dave's daughter Belinda is devastated. She knows her parents had a turbulent marriage, but begins to think, or maybe just hoping, Dave didn’t do it. She has lost one parent, she doesn’t want to lose another. Using her IT skills, determined nature and forensic mindset, she sets out to see what really happened.

This case also proves to be a journey towards self-discovery; Belinda recognizes her true passion – fighting for a cause. Author Russel Emery’s heroine loves fighting for those suffering from the miscarriage of justice.

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