Eternity (Descendants of Ra Book 1)

Only a cursed man would wait 2000 years for one woman. 

 Roman Nicolis has tracked his lovers’ soul through each reincarnation only to lose her horribly every time. He will do anything to recover what they once had, reclaiming their love is his only salvation.  He’s been her friend, her neighbor, her confidante, but never again her lover . . . Until now.

 A late-night walk throws Stella Walker into the path of a killer. The last thing she remembers is the deep blue eyes of the man trying to end her life—and the first things she sees after waking from a coma, are the same blue eyes in the face of the man hired to protect her.

 Is he truly the owner of a security firm? Or could he be the man who wants to finish her off?

 Is it fear she feels when he touches her or the memory of something sweeter?

 She must make a choice—and soon because it will take their union to defeat a shape-shifting monster sent from the Egyptian Gods.

Descendants of Ra series

Entrapped  Prequel  (coming soon)

Eternity (Book 1)

Everlasting (Book 2)

Evermore (Book 3)

Encore (Book 4)

Forever (Book 4.5)

Entwined (Book 5 coming soon)

Epic Poetry

Move Over Shakespeare Tales From The Baron

With a mastery of the nuances of unforeseen imagination, you’ll experience laughter, suspense, inspiration and become emotionally attached to the characters created. My poetry book, described as "one of the best poetry books ever written" is suitable for all target audiences, and is packed with imagery and poems that will effectively transport you to a superb new world. With a powerful command and use of imagination through words, pacing and character development, you can be certain of one thing: there are many stories that deserve to be read and experienced.

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Fiction & Literature


Samantha Miller didn't have an easy start. Molested as a child and subsequently forced into prostitution by her drug-addicted mother, Samantha learned at an early age that men were not to be trusted. Being constantly preyed upon taught her to be a predator. Her target was women¾ straight or married.

As the headliner at a local strip club, Samantha capitalizes on the gifts she was cursed with. In turn, her life quickly spirals down a dangerous path of violence, seduction, and exploitation. When Sasha is brought on as the new bartender, she becomes Samantha's newest target. The last thing Samantha anticipated was falling in love. When tragedy strikes, what was once a challenge may prove to be her downfall. Can Samantha heal from her abusive past, or will she always be Wounded?

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Mystery & Suspense

City of Broken Lights

A mysterious summons to another world.

News no man wants to hear.

Old acquaintances from the past, some Sully would prefer to never see again.

In the hot, gritty streets of the run down industrial district of city of New Paris, Sully must race against time to find a kidnap victim and the truth in the City of Broken Lights.

For fans of Hardboiled Noir From The Future, Don't miss City of Broken Lights!

Biography & Memoir

Mattie, A Woman's Journey West

After discovering Mattie's fenced grave in Yellowstone National Park, author Nan Weber followed her own curiosities through four years of research to trace the steps of this mystery woman's spirited life. The result is the inspiring story of a strong woman trying to better her life during difficult times.

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Fiction & Literature

The Poetic Bond IX

The Poetic Bond IX features 43 poets, of which 14 are new to series. There are 91 poems divided into seven chapters entitled; Love Lost Love Kept, Man's Place in the Natural World, Social Conscience, Resonance and Recollection, Social Ambivalence, Of Maturity and Mortality, and, On the Beat Off the Beaten Track. REVIEWS “Poetry, both reveals and shares our humanity” (Trevor Maynard, editor The Poetic Bond Series) "The poetry that fills this book is moving, deep, and affirming" (Nicholas Chiarkas, USA). “Trevor Maynard combines complicated thematic material and unites fractured images with a sure hand" (The Stage )MEET THE POETS OF THE POETIC BOND IX: Ann Huang (USA), Annette Gagliardi (USA), Anthony Frobisher (UK), Bonnie J. Flach (USA), Brian M. Falconer (UK), Carrie Magness Radna (USA), Cathryn Glenday (USA), Chris Barras (UK), Christine Anderes (USA), Christopher Maloney (USA), Cigeng Zhang (China), Diana Wend (UK), Diane Burrow (UK). Edna George (UK), Helen H. Moore (USA), Henry Bladon (UK), Ian Colville (UK), J.M. Greff (USA), Janette Bendle (Australia), Janice McLauglin (USA), Jim Wilson (USA), Joseph Sinclair (UK), Jude Neale (Canada), Kayla Matheson (USA), Kewayne Wadley (USA), Linda Mills (USA), Luke Zachary Maynard (UK), Lynne Zotalis (USA), Madeline Heit Lipton (USA), Maja Herman Sekulic (USA/Serbia), Mariangela Canzi (Italy). Marie Youssefirad (USA), Marli Merker Moreira (Brazil), Richard Smith (USA), Robert Rubino (USA), R.H. Peat (USA), Stephen Kirin (UK), Stuart Forrest (USA), Tania Melick (Lebanon), Trevor Maynard (UK), William Di Benedetto (USA), Wybrig de Vries (Canada). Each year, the poets published in the new edition of The Poetic Bond Series, are eligible to vote for The Poetic Bond Poets' Choice Awards; a small cash prize given to the three poems that they feel most inspire and entertain. 2019 saw Henry Bladon win for "Path to the Beach", with Helen H Moore's poem "Papaya King" second. Third place went to "I Was" by Brian M Falconer. More reviews: "It has been a joy to read all of you wonderful poets and thanks, once again, to you Trevor, for creating this bond and for including me in it." Neetu Malik (PA, USA)"I am forever grateful, Trevor, for your hard work. I know this project takes much professional/love time out of your personal time. Thank you!" Bonnie Roberts (AL, USA)"I have been reading a lot of the work that has gone into the making of it & am very impressed with much of the excellently crafted writing" Robin Hislop (UK,"The poetry that fills this book is moving, deep, and affirming ... A beautiful publication that will rest on top of my favorite books of poetry. Nicholas Chiarkas (WI, USA)“A wonderful collection of poetry that is made extra special in the fact its writers come from all over the world. Readers will feel joy, sorrow and every emotion in between within each chapter.”MB (Amazon)Trevor Maynard has gathered fascinating poems under the themes nature, love, and myth; from award winning artists, writers, bloggers, a Jungian psychotherapist, a linguist, college professors, a spiritual minister, young and old; from USA, South America, to Europe and on to Asia. A book to carry with you for moments of meditative thought.Diane Jardel (Eire).


The Rigel Affair

Abandoned by his part-Cherokee Ma, Charlie Kincaid escapes servitude with his uncle. He jumps a boxcar, accompanied by his schoolmate Roxy, who is escaping troubles of her own. Charlie becomes a US Navy Diver.

Mattie Blanc is from a genteel New Zealand family. But when her brother’s friend persuades her to take a ride, it all goes horribly wrong. Desperate, she flees her family’s stifling expectations for a new life in Auckland.

After the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack, Charlie sets sail for Auckland aboard the USS Rigel. And there she is, the girl of his dreams. Mattie is everything that Roxy isn’t—sophisticated, tender, and patient. But the war intervenes… Rigel embarks for the Pacific war zones.

Charlie’s letters are sporadic. Mattie is tormented by doubts; did he truly love her, or was it only a dream?

The Rigel Affair produces a rip-roaring wartime romance and chilling danger unknown to most.

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Fiction & Literature

Cigars and Coffee

Five year old Jamie has just lost her mother to suicide, and she has left a note for their sixty-six year old, recently widowed neighbor to raise her. Though close with Jamie and her mother, he and his wife had never had children, and he has no clue how to raise a little girl but he refuses to have her anywhere but with him. Harvey and his brother own a successful chain of Cassel's Grocery stores, started by their late father, which has gifted them wealth. The family views Jamie as a threat to the business and will stop at nothing to oust her from Harvey's life as she is preened to take over half of the stores.

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Salt & Light Being the Hands & Feet of Christ (in a dangerous & cruel world)

SALT & LIGHT is a combination of biblical scripture and personal experience that deals with the situations and encounters that are generally seen as not being congruent with the morality, spirituality or belief structures held by most people, civilian or sworn. In this book, Poole aims to expose the reader to some of the characteristics in the police culture that only exacerbates difficulties the Christian police officer must face in their work and service of God. Poole’s ambition for this book is a hope that in reviewing its chapters the reader will be provided with the tools through scripture to become a true servant, whether a believer in Christ or not. Salt & Light will give officers a path to fixing their Christian identities and utilizing their beliefs while in the performance of their duties. Throughout this book, Poole helps others to gain a simple understanding of the difficulties faced as public servants and the circumstances that clash with the Christian tenets they may hold. Exposing faults in policing, Salt offers a plan through scripture that will heal our nation and our identities as Christians. Poole’s personal stories about his battle with alcoholism and anxiety, give witness to God’s grace and amazing love in living testament. Evidence of God’s mercy is found throughout Salt’s chapters, and examples of how and why we share that mercy, are abundant.

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