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Because of You: Covert OPS Books 1

Three young women were kidnapped at a young age and raised by the world’s most elite Special OPS called Covert OPS. Each division revolves around one of the three girls as the nucleus, trained to be the most ruthless assassins in the world. Only, the girls decide being the world’s best on-call assassins is not what they want to be. Which has the men in the Covert OPS Divisions deciding it’s time to take matters into their own hands and get their girls out of the Special OPS lifestyle before something happens and it’s too late. So, finding the biological families of the girls becomes the number one priority while making sure they stay alive long enough to try and merge the family the girls know with the family they have wanted their entire lives.

Because of You is book one in the Covert OPS series. Crystalline and the Hellion Division travel to Elgin and Sierra Vista, AZ, to help the Inferno Wolves. There, they help protect not only the MC Club but keep the President of the MC Club’s daughter from being sold into sex trafficking by the world’s most notorious human trafficker. On top of keeping the MC Club and the world safe from the Mob faction in charge of the trafficking, Chrys has found her biological family - the lead family in control of the entire Mob. Now she has to learn how to combine her past and present, making sure one family stays alive on missions while the other family stays safe, away from her current lifestyle. But how do you embrace the future when your heart always belongs to the past?

MC, Spec OPS, Dark Romance

Going Through Hell

Raised in a house of abuse and neglect, Marla Petermeier only has two people she can count on, her best friends Stella and Spence. That is until she has a chance encounter with her long-lost brother, who happens to be the VP of the local MC Club, Inferno Wolves. Throwing caution to the wind, Marla takes Stella and her brother to meet her new family, only to have the man who helped raise her to sell her out, literally to the Italian Mob. Trying to help save everyone, Stella manages to contact her Uncles, who happen to be members of an elite Special Forces group called the Covert Ops. The Mob just made one deadly mistake. They threatened their family.

Business & Finance

How To Easily BOOST The Income From Your Stocks By Selling Call Options---Kindle Edition

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I have been using this strategy for years and it works.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

New Continent

It all begins with a signal in space. A strange message.

The starship New Continent has been lost in the galaxy for over five hundred years. Guided by this radio wave, her passengers will finally be able to enjoy a world that is not limited to the ends of passageways. There is exultation. For this generation, Earth was only a legend.

But the euphoria does not last. They discover an annihilated planet and the possible extinction of mankind. What happened? How could humanity have disappeared, only leaving behind one more pebble in the universe? Questions to which the Captain Ilyana Ferguson persists in seeking answers for.

From the very first pages of this non-stop action science fiction military adventure, you’ll plunge into the heart of a thrilling plot that sets up deadly obstacles and multiplies the twists and turns. Once the first chapters are read, events take place in real time. You’ll be holding your breath. You won’t be able to put the book down…

Until the message finally reveals all its secrets.

Domestic Partner Abuse

A Rose Is Still A Rose: Plucked out of madness into God’s Grace

A FALLEN PREY COLLECTION - VOLUME 2. Thorns and tears. Beauty to ashes. In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, Boston writer Demetris E. Thomas, tells a harrowing tale of betrayal, trauma and deceit at the hands of a man whose life and head seemed fueled by his own egocentric persuasions. He believed he was the 'ungetable get'---when in fact, he was a child in desperate need of help. Although Thomas' account offers an excruciating detail of his daily, psychological onslaught against her person, she was not without recourse. With precissioned diagnostic skill, Thomas reveals his methods, mechanisms and ultimate downfall when she finally says goodbye. 'Rose' is a testament to all that Christ Jesus provides rescue and exit from any unwanted situation, and brings us to the green pastures beside still waters.

Mental & Spiritual Healing

Fallen Prey: No more the conspiracy of silence.

At the intersection of love and affection, little Demetris' life veered into the path of betrayal and horror. So innocent and bright with a wonderful future ahead, her young life was nearly derailed by a family member, then by a close, childhood friend, and later in life, by two men---the marauders of love. Betrayed and abandoned, Demetris then found herself at the precipice between ruination and success. Which path would she take? Would she ever receive justice? Or, take it herself? Were it not for the strong women in her family, Demetris might not have made it long enough to tell her story filled with one great truth. The Lord God Almighty stretched forth His hand, pulled her out of the mud, and set her on the pinnacles of complete restoration. The Demetris E. Thomas story is unforgettable and makes a soothing gift for anyone who's endured the same.


An Englishman in the Seminole War

"An Englishman in the Seminole War," was published by The Florida Historical Society and is available directly from the FHS and from Amazon.

The book is a memoir based upon the letters of John Bemrose, edited by Randal J. Agostini, who is John’s great great grandson. John Bemrose came to America from England as an unaccompanied 16 year-old in 1831. He served in the US Army as a dedicated hospital steward during the Second Seminole War.

Bemrose documented his five years in America in a series of sixty letters written to his eldest son, Weightman between November 1863 and May 1866.

John Bemrose provides unique descriptions of nineteenth century St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Micanopy, and other locations. He offers personal observations of Florida's diverse populations, and key figures of the Seminole War. Bemrose recounts dramatic battles, difficult marches through the Florida wilderness and the challenging life of a soldier in the 1830’s.

This exciting memoir, written as a first person narrative, provides valuable new insights into Florida history and culture from An Englishman in the Seminole War.”

Ben Brotemarkle, Executive Director, Florida Historical Society, Summer 2021.

Politics & Government

The Broken Promise of a Promised Land

Zionism . . . promotes the narrative that the Nazi holocaust is exceptional in human history - despite it being one of many holocausts from Native Americans North and South to Armenia and Rwanda. It sets Jews apart from the victims and survivors of other genocides instead of uniting us with them . . . Billions of US dollars flow annually to Israel to sustain the occupation and Israel's sophisticated and brutal army. The war machine they fund is a leader in the global arms industry, which drains resources craved by a world in desperate need of water, food, health care, housing and education. - International Jewish anti-Zionist Network Charter . . . Palestinian dispossession and occupation are by design. Zionism has meant profound trauma for generations, systematically separating Palestinians from their homes, land, and each other. Zionism, in practice, has resulted in massacres of Palestinian people, ancient villages and olive groves destroyed, families who live just a mile away from each other separated by checkpoints and walls, and children holding onto the keys of the homes from which their grandparents were forcibly exiled . . . - Jewish Voice for Peace in its "Approach to Zionism" What will be seared into the consciousness of the world will be the image of Israel as a blood-stained monster, ready at any moment to commit war crimes and not prepared to abide by any moral restraints .

Fiction & Literature

Repressed Feelings of Self-Portrayal you ever felt emotions or desires, especially those that could be considered by some as shameful or depressing? We are all a product of our environment and we each repress feelings in hope that they will subside. As humans, we have all experienced these feelings at one time or another. This book is a collection of poetry surrounding the topics of Self - betrayal, confession, self-discovery, rejection and love.

Education & Teaching

Overcoming Toxic Air: A Path to Healing and Hope-Filled Exhales

The words we speak create the world in which we exist. Our words do not only affect us, but they also affect the younger, more vulnerable among us who are living in the culture we are creating and learning from the ways we communicate. Overcoming Toxic Air: A Path to Healing and Hope-Filled Exhales takes readers on a 12-step journey to understanding the why behind the what we speak. It encourages readers to accept social responsibility for every word personally uttered and the impact we have on others. This work challenges readers to do the personal, reflective work of healing to embrace the power of personal influence and to make the conscious, daily decision to speak Hope-filled words of life.

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