Mystery & Suspense


A tragic explosion results in the death of over 200 airplane passengers.  Was the explosion caused by pilot error, or was it a conspiracy? 

Pilot Cathalene (Lena) Penn, accused by the airline of being a smuggler, died in the tragedy, and her wife, Jessica is desperate to clear Lena’s good name. 

When Jessica travels to Belgium, her wife’s home away from home, she discovers diamonds, a second family, and a mystery…

Sometimes, choosing between what is safe and what is right isn’t easy, and running away is always an option…Flight!

Business & Finance

Alternative Economics: Reversing Stagnation

The time is right for alternative economics, reducing working hours, redefining state and market and reenvisioning work, security, health and stregnth. More and more work is done by fewer and fewer people. In Germany, the GDP rose 300% in 50 years with 20% fewer workers.

216 pages, $3.99 for the eBook

Anthology of Swiss, Austrian, Polish and German critical economists who could show us the way to a future-friendly economy.  Mainstream trickle-down economics has no answer to exploding inequality and precarious work.

Mainstream neoliberal economics has no answer to exploding inequality and destruction of nature.

Austrian, Swiss, Polish and German critical economists could show us the way to a future-friendly economics respectful of human nature and the rights of nature.

Fiction & Literature

Bullets and Bandages: bond of brothers

"Raw and Powerful!" Bullets and Bandages, was inspired by the true stories of a US Army Field Medic, Vietnam 68-69. Through those stories, the author was given the unique insight into the Bullets and Bandages of war. Parts of this book are also about the author's own experiences, and that time period in our history. The trails and victories of Rob and his comrades pull you into a world of survival through willpower, tenacity, and wit. Bullets and Bandages: Bond of Brothers, a story of love, faith, friendship and humanity. What was it like for our military, and their time of war, as they fought together to survive in the Jungles of Vietnam.


Get Kissed List

I’ve been making a to do list. Everything that I’ve ever seen or read or heard about that sounds like fun but I’ve never done. And I want to do these things with you.

I know a gorgeous guy like Clay couldn’t possibly be interested in me—the awkward, chubby girl. But he definitely knows how to kiss me senseless. I can’t help thinking that he’s the perfect guy to help me mark off all the items on my list, including losing my V-card at last.

I’ve always had a crush on sexy, curvy Angela, but I never thought I’d have a chance with a girl like her. And when she tempts me with her kiss list—well, we all know I’ve never been able to turn down a dare. But I’m not going to be satisfied with just being a set of checkmarks on her list. I’m going to be her last first kiss.

Grab this book for yourself today, and give yourself a Valentine's Day treat.

Mystery & Suspense


If you’re on vacation, fly coach. If you’re on business, fly first-class. If you’re on a mission, fly with Mickey.

Tony Boccaccio is after a bag of cash that he believes is his. Max Burke thinks otherwise and has hired two couriers to take the money to California. Mickey Soto is a commercial pilot hauling freight and instructing students from a small, Florida airport. Tony hires Mickey and his airplane to go after the couriers. Mickey thought his days of flying illegal cargo were behind him, but the lure of easy money and his policy of 'don't ask/don't tell' cause him to add to his history of poor decisions.

Tony's cousin, Gina, jumps in to help, and the three of the end up in a desperate cross-crountry race that leads to a West Coast pier and a fateful decision by Tony that impacts their lives in ways that none of them could have foreseen.


What's in the Panties? - Understanding the psyche of a woman one panty at a time

Have you ever wondered why women select certain types of panties from day to day? Could there be a reason one style seems to stand out more than another? Is it the color? The material? Or could it be their mood? The outfit they're going to wear? Or, better yet, do certain styles of panties enhance feelings of excitement, happiness, success, or power?

What's in the Panties? offers the answers to all of these questions through the fun, entertaining, and true-to-life relationship of Whitney and Trevor, a young couple learning the secrets to a successful marriage. Not only is Trevor understanding the importance of that question, "What's in the panties?" but he is learning how to guide Whitney through everyday life in a way that is beneficial to both her and their marriage.

Through a uniquely crafted storyline, a bit of "Panties 101" history, and action items for both men and women, What's in the Panties? is a book filled with tongue-and-cheek nuances which provoke intriguing thoughts and conversations designed to capture the reader's attention while subtly educating on the subject of gender communication, woman to man.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues

Mystical powers. Cosmic adventure. Universally dynamic powers. A certain gifted individual is granted all three. Meet Stuart Duffelmeyer. Brilliant, kind-spirited,and one-hundred percent human best describe him. He is an NYU student whose classmates play a horrible prank on him and his life spirals into utter agony. Fooling with him was their ultimate mistake. Stuart suffered severely as a result of their malicious behavior and is bent on getting even with his tormentors. In the end, he serves up the perpetrators a dish of revenge that is best served to them cold.

Fiction & Literature

World War II The 103rd Cactus Division Story

During the research phase for the book "Bunker Treasures" [screenplay "Amber Room Treasures"], the author made an appointment with the Director of the Innsbruck, Austria's main library.  I was most interested in finding information about the surrender of the German Army at the conclusion of WWII which took place in Innsbruck.   In meeting with the Director, an inquiry was made if the Library might have any material or information about the final days of the war. She thought for a moment and then asked me to wait while she went back into the archives.

 When she returned she handed a tattered and dust-covered book to me.  This 8 x 11-inch hand-typed story was written by a couple of GI's tracing the "Cactus Route" of the U.S. Army.  The book was entitled "Report After Action The Story of The 103D Infantry Division." 

The World War II The 103d Cactus Division book is the true story based on side notes from the original text, which was written in 1945 by Ralph Mueller, a former assistant city editor of the Minneapolis Star-Journal and Jerry Turk, a reporter for the Cleveland News. 

The original story highlighted the experiences of the 103D from their landing in Marseille in October 1944 to their last push  through Germany and on into Innsbruck in May 1945.  Special credit to the two authors and to the men and women who made the many sacrifices to finally end the scourge of the Nazis and WWII.



Fiction & Literature


With the Cold War ended, a disgraced British agent turns to supplying arms to African regimes. His former employers engage him to purchase a piece of Soviet military technology lying redundant in a remote Russian arms depot. To acquire the technology he must work with an idealist Irish terrorist, a ruthless Libyan regime and the most violent elements of the Russian mafia.

Fiction & Literature

Daughter of Odysseus: Ithaka Calling

Daughter of Odysseus is a trilogy journeying the adventures of Christine. 

Ithaka Calling is the first in the Daughter of Odysseus trilogy. 

Teenage Christine stands at the threshold of adulthood.   A first-generation Australian of Greek descent, Christine has always been indifferent to her heritage: Greek school is a bore; her father’s patriotism is uninspiring; and the people around her deride Greeks as subhuman.

Then Christine is betrayed by those closest to her, and she plunges into deep depression.  From the abyss of despair and nihilism, something stirs within her: a deep desire to reclaim her heritage and find meaning and fulfillment through the tradition and spirituality of her ancestors.

Paralleling the great Odysseus’ journey home, Daughter of Odysseus is not merely a story of homecoming; it is a story of hope over despair, of adventure and love, of needing to belong and a yearning to escape from mundanity; of deep spiritual yearning in a post-Christian world.

Christine learns and grows with every step in her journey. And she can’t help but wonder: Is it the destination that is the goal or the journey and what one learns along the way that truly matters in life? 

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