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Run Away, Blu!

Anthony “Blu” Rogers tells us the story of his life. With his parents being acclaimed murderers and only the memory of his beloved older brother to keep him sane, Blu becomes a target for death. Not only was he abandoned, neglected, and abused by those he loved, he was also labeled a demon spawn. The choices of his family made life a living hell for the young teen as danger lurks in the shadows. The best of his friends, Frank, Tyler, and Rosetta, each began to treat their friend as a mere outcast. Mr. Cross, a cop, husband, and the father of Tyler and Rosetta, takes Blu under his wings while fighting to protect him.Eventually, Blu meets Morgan, the one girl in the entire town that treats him like a human being. His world began to shine a bit brighter, though, just like his family, she and everyone else he runs into has their secrets. Every day is a life or death moment for the young seed as his mind struggles to depict reality. Who can Blu trust when he can no longer trust himself or the world around him? Even he, himself, has secrets. What else can a young boy do but run?

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Eternal Diet

Vampires stalking the streets of New Orleans is the weight loss plan Gwen chooses. Who knew blood suckers could be a dieting solution? She travels to New Orleans and meets centuries old Colin who agrees to turn her in exchange for an update to the modern world. 


Colin is a centuries old Vampire living in New Orleans in need of an update to the computer age. He might be powerful, but against technology he's helpless.


 They reach a mutual agreement. Gwen brings him up to date as she  embraces the thin, slim and gorgeous life. 


But there is a catch.

There’s always a catch.

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Rootless in Zion

In 1966 the divided city of Jerusalem is a sleepy backwater, but the students at the university are determined to enjoy themselves while being politically involved and benefiting from the throbbing night life. Three graduate students – Brian from Australia, Batsheva from the U.S.A., and Cynthia from England – are  trying to complete their studies. Since all three are originally from English-speaking countries, they spend their coffee-breaks together and do their best to cope with life in their adoptive country. Their relations with the local population vary from fraught to friendly, as they find themselves involved in the issues of the day.


Brian, is married to Israeli-born Rosina. They have two young children and live in one of Jerusaalem’s new suburbs. With his dry humor, which sometimes descends into sexual innuendo, he is trying to maintain a balance between completing his M.A. in the history of Australian literature, spending time with attractive young students, and remaining faithful to his wife.


Batsheva, a beautiful recent arrival from the U.S.A. and known to her friends as Batty, is married to economics professor, Sam ben Lulu, but has kept her maiden name of Levinson. In California she was active in the Civil Rights movement, and still hankers to go back and continue her work there. While struggling to complete her doctorate in modern American history, she opens a discotheque in Jerusalem together with her husband, inviting Cynthia to be their D.J. She happens to meet and form a bond with David, a young philosophy student, with whom she shares several areas of interest.


Cynthia is working as a research assistant for the Head of the History Department and is trying to finish her M.A. in contemporary Jewish  history. She is trying to translate the diary her grandmother wrote in German while being incarcerated in Theresienstadt. She loves classical music and shares an apartment with another student, Elinor, whose lifestyle jars with her own. While doing her best to fend off the attentions of one of her professors, she goes on dates with a succession of unsuitable young men. She is attracted to Batty’s friend David, and is overjoyed when he eventually invites her to his apartment.


The book deals with the relations between the three main characters as well as between them and Israeli society in general. Their dilemmas and personalities are examined in the light of the ethnic tensions and conflicting political forces current at the time. The book as a whole examines the rationale associated with immigration to Israel by young people from western countries.

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Gunfighters, Thieves and Lawmen

Gunfighters, Thieves and Lawmen

By David M. McGowan

Sully Wheeler doesn’t care why his cattle are disappearing. He doesn’t care why but it has to stop. Perhaps it’s the cost of hiding from his past, but who would steal from a one-time gunfighter?

The NW Mounted Policeman that Sully contacted appeared more intent on stopping vigilante action than in stopping theft. If that proves to be the case, Sully will recover his own property, even if it takes gunfire to do it.

Who is this Mountie, anyway? Is he a cop or something else entirely? Is he working to support the crown, leave the crown or actually do something for the settlers?

And while we’re talking about that Mountie, isn’t he spending too much time with that newspaper lady?

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#ambush #lawmen of the west

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The Bootlegger's Mistress

Carrie Lacey's happy upbringing is seemingly immune from the pressures of growing up Black in rural South Carolina during the Great Depression. But life changes when her mother and six siblings are forced from their Anderson home, leaving Carrie and her father, Hallie.

While working for White businessman Tommy Joe Butler-a bootleg liquor dealer-Carrie becomes aware of the depth of her father's campaign to change the lives of African Americans. He is using some of the strategies of the Underground Railroad, the nonviolent system of freeing slaves in pre-Civil War America to achieve his mission. Her childhood friend, Nappy Eddie, attempts to keep the truth from Carrie, but to no avail. When Butler and Hallie continue to disagree over property ownership, the seventeen-year old departs Anderson in frustration.

During her travels, Carrie encounters her alter ego, Dicie Caughman, commencing an odyssey that spans nearly eighty years and numerous locales, including life-enriching stops in Jacksonville, Florida and Newark, New Jersey. Carrie, in the form of Dicie, lives a good life as a nationally respected media mogul, though it is marked with deep-rooted secrets from her past life in South Carolina.

The Bootlegger's Mistress embodies the essence of The Great Migration-
the decades-long movement of six million African Americans from the racially oppressive South to the purportedly economic opportunity-laden North during much of the twentieth century.

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A medieval story about kings and queens and the harsh laws that governed their village of Borick. 

A queen is faced with a life or death decision when she gives birth to triplets.

her midwife and personal guard help her to find a solution avoiding the rules about how many children a family can have. 

a great adventure and intriguing story of the journeys trials and tribulations.

this story will keep you on your seat all the way to the end. 

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I AM BOSS: Prescriptions to Manifest Your Desires

In the best selling book, I Am Boss, author Lenah Abraham draws on years of experience as a successful entrepreneur along with her passion for motivating others to offer you POWERFUL KEYS to unlock your ultimate SUCCESS and allow you to MANIFEST the life that you DESIRE. Lenah shares the secrets that have been passed down only to the elite and chosen ones. The fact that you found this book… you are chosen and are meant to discover these SECRETS – please handle with care.

CAUTION: Do not abuse the POWER and KNOWLEDGE that you will receive.

In this revolutionary self-motivation book, you will learn proven and powerful methods for manifesting MONEY, HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE, SUCCESS and HAPPINESS:

• First, you will learn how to delete the old ‘you’, and eliminate obstacles, fear, anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem, negativity and bad habits; replacing them with power, strength and confidence - creating the best version of you

• Learn how to manifest anything you want – a hidden secret formula revealed

• Learn how to have every situation always work out in your favor

• Utilize the power of your own mind to achieve success, money, power, connections, confidence, love, peace, wealth, health and ultimate joy

• Attain the secrets, mantras, affirmations and prescriptions handed down personally from God

Use the Keys of Success very carefully – these are the secrets of Billionaires, Kings, and Queens. Only a few notorieties were given these hidden tools. Some were passed down, and some were hidden in writings. You are receiving these life-changing secrets so that YOU can prosper. When we go through trials, it’s simply because we need to re-direct our paths and follow the tools God has given us. If we obey these methods and prescriptions, we can have what we desire - a Beautiful Life!

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Dog Walk Talk; While I'm Walking, God's Talking

Dog Walk Talk: while I’m walking, God’s talking is a collection of anecdotes about a variety of real-life issues written from a Christian perspective. In each, the author presents the issue, sometimes using humor, shares his life examples, and then engages the reader with directed questions about the topic to provide an opportunity for introspection. Each is followed by appropriate biblical citations to provide the reader with further study should they choose to do so.

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Mafia Ties - The Greek Syndicates


by Nick Christophers

For past generations, we’ve been intrigued and mesmerized by the hidden roots of the “Cosa Nostra”. While the infamous life of the Italian Mafia, has been the forefront of these stories, there is a hidden gem of an untold organization of world domination crime, "Mafia Ties – The Greek Syndicates", organized criminal groups well-entrenched in the largest Greek urban centers.

The silent partners of the mob world, have operated internationally for decades, and have been instrumental in many ways. Yet only known of behind the closed doors with the traditional mafia. The ice-breaking thriller, "Mafia Ties – The Greek Syndicates", takes you behind those closed doors on a historical and terrifying journey, of this crime syndicate.

The names of Spiro Velentzas, Willie Kazonis, and Harry Peetros, traditionally are not the household names that come to mind, when we think “Mafia.” The front-page legacies of John Gotti, Jimmy Coonan, Tony Accardo, Angelo Bruno, and Jerry Angulio, have had mobster fans captivated for generations and all have worked with the Greek crime element. But behind the veil of Mafia secrecy lies an old-world culture of Mafia, the untold story of the other godfather’s, from Philadelphia to Athens. 

Within the pages of, "Mafia Ties – The Greek Syndicates", is a raw and captivating look in the window of their organizations that stems from Greece across the oceans to Australia and into Canada. A shadowy crime element that has remained an unpublished tale, until now. 

Within the pages of this book are personalized accounts and stories from leaders, and mobsters, who’ve worked with the "Mafia Ties – The Greek Syndicates", including FBI recordings that depict brutal imagery into their operations, and connections to various Italian and Irish Mafia families.

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The Watchers Book One In The Valleys of the Earth

Mild-mannered Xenoarcheologist Dr. Alec Coimhead and his best friend, Dr. Clemy Armistead, are certain that they have just found the ancient location of an apocryphal battle between demons and angels. Whisked away on a rollicking adventure, Alec finds himself under the watchful eye of Rafe, a taciturn mountain of a man with a mysterious past.


Working with the enigmatic Praesidium, which claims to have protected humanity for generations, Alec clashes with his ethereally handsome bodyguard. As the New Watchers pursue the rambunctious pair across the globe, Alec and Rafe will have to battle ancient terrors and mythical creatures come to life. Racing to the ancient tomb of a fallen angel, Alec and Rafe may lose it all - and each other - to save the world.   The Watchers:  In The Valleys Of The Earth is the first book in an MM Action Adventure paranormal romance series.  The only thing more dangerous than their their enemies!

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