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The Crete Connection

In rural Wiltshire, England, a six month-old baby disappears from a stroller while its mother is inside a store for just two minutes.

A young Englishman begins a summer of adventure on the Greek island of Crete.

By pure chance, the two events, although separated by over twenty years, are irrevocably linked by the taverna where the young Englishman ends up helping out.

The result is life-changing, both for the mother of the child that disappeared, and for the young Englishman. A chance visit to the same taverna by these two separate individuals brings on a crisis in both of their lives, but will it end well for either?

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We Called Him Yeshua

“It may be hard to feel close to a God,” Anna said, “but it’s easy to feel close to a person.”

You may know him as the Son of God, by his Greek name, Jesus Christ. Anna knew him as a person, by his Hebrew name, Yeshua.

We Called Him Yeshua is a journey, following Anna and others, who all find freedom in the love and compassion of the wandering prophet. For Anna, the farther she follows Yeshua and the closer she gets to him, the stronger her love grows. Yet for other reasons, so grows her fear.

Many Christians may know about Jesus by what they read in the Bible or hear in a sermon. But Anna and the others knew Jesus by the warmth of his hand on their shoulder, by the thrill of his healing touch freeing them of an illness, and by the kindness in his voice.

What do you think it would be like to know Jesus as they did? To walk with him, as his disciples did? To talk with him, as his friends did? You can. And maybe that journey begins right here.

Escape the world around you. Fly back to the time when Jesus walked the roads of ancient Israel. Walk with him. Follow him. Listen to him. And through the other characters in this story, FEEL him—his love, compassion, and understanding. They called him Yeshua. Maybe you can call him friend.

And like Anna, you may come to say, “If he weren’t so human, if he wasn’t so full of love and humility, I wouldn’t love him so much.”

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The Red Sheep

The Red Sheep is a love story which unfolds on many levels. It revolves around Jessica. It follows her journey as she becomes an adult who must deal with the realities of her world. Jessica lived with her mother Allie and her stepfather Con. She was part of an ordinary family, who through heartfelt experiences, lived extraordinary lives. The interactions and relationships brought joy and tears as Jessica’s journey unfolded. 

Jessica knew she was different to others in her family. She didn’t know why. She could never understand why her mother had not told her the truth. She didn’t know her mother was not sure of the truth. She knew some of the secret, but as it turned out, not the finer details. 

As a child Jessica’s differences concerned her. As a teenager she demanded to know. As a young adult she found how complicated the answer would prove to be. Jessica’s relationship with her grandparents, especially her Pop influenced her views of the world as she grew to adulthood. Throughout Jessica’s struggle with being an odd one out, her grandparents remained her rock. Pop was an atheist. Nan was a Christian. But their relationship endured their different theological views and their approaches to life, and death. 

The book explores the power of relationships from various perspectives. It challenges people’s faiths, and it deals with death and dying through the eyes of a child.

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Fiction & Literature

The Walls We Build

Three Friends. Two Secrets. One Hidden Life

Reverberating through three generations and set against the stunning backdrop of Chartwell, Winston Churchill's country home, comes a tragic story of misguided honour, thwarted love and redemption.

Growing up around Churchill’s estate, Frank, Florence and Hilda are inseparable, but as WW2 casts its menacing shadow their friendships become more complex and strained.Following Frank's death in 2002, Florence writes to his grandson, Richard, hinting at a dark past.

On investigation, disturbing secrets come to light that have not only haunted his grandfather’s life but will now impact on Richard's too. When a pivotal encounter between Frank and Churchill is revealed and a mystery relative in a psychiatric hospital discovered, just how much more does Florence dare disclose, and is Richard ready to hear?


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Charlie's Park Bench

Follow a fatherless seven year old boy and the homeless veteran he befriends on a journey that changes their lives in ways that neither of them expected.


Fiction & Literature

An Unknown Soldier

It’s 1994. Peter Franklin has been having nightmares about his experiences in World War Two. His son, Richard, doesn’t know about this since he’s been keeping his distance from Peter for more than twenty years. Richard’s wife, Jennifer, has never understood why her husband is so remote, not only from his father, but also at times from her and their only child, Heidi. After taking Heidi to college to begin her freshman year, Jennifer now fears an even lonelier chapter of her life has begun. In response, she invites Peter, without first telling Richard, to their lakeside cottage for the Labor Day weekend. This sets off a series of events that leads to revealing the secrets that father and son have kept, not only from each other, but from themselves as well. An Unknown Soldier is about the suffering war brings to ordinary people like ourselves and the redemption that love can always make possible.


Fiction & Literature

Wings on her Heels

This 5 Star Romance/Suspense novel portrays a small-town girl in Massachusetts. She leaves her home, boyfriend and beloved Cape Cod to discover Europe. Instead of heeding her forewarnings, Melanie finds herself in life-threatening and heartbreaking scenarios. Readers from 15 to 90 better lean back and buckle up before climbing onto this breathtaking rollercoaster ride of emotions, adventure, friendship, and even humor in this soft thriller.

Wings on her Heels  - Reviews:

“Gripping, vibrant and impossible to put the book down - I Love This Story!”

“It made tears come to my eyes, made my heart race and finally calmed me!

 “What a page-turner!!!! …This book has everything. Shades of light and dark, ups and downs, surprises and laughter, love and disappointment. This author wove a powerful and touching story that deserves to be on the bestseller list.”

“An exciting read with many twists as well as a fascinating journey back in time through the early 70s.”

“If you're looking for an exciting adventure, this is a must-read!”

“Great book, with a twist, and characters you love to love and hate!”

“Absolutely loved the story building! The author was capable of captivating my attention with details that were not overdone, a storyline that was not overly cliché, while still offering a sense of rebellion.”

“What started as a "typical" American girl travels to Europe story quickly turns into a much deeper tale of betrayal, ambivalence, jealousy, loyalty, love, and friendship.”

“I loved this book - so easy to get into… The writing of some of the events draws you right in - you can find yourself out of breath!”

“The story is riveting; the characters are so vivid and endearing that I'm finding myself feeling as if I'm actually there with them. The writing is vibrant and captivating right from the first page!”



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The Tears

Tears flowed when the German army marched into France, especially into Paris. The de Montregard family is torn apart by death and misplaced loyalties, from being well off to having to find work and struggle to find food to survive.

Julie was a happy young mother until tragedy struck. She digs deep inside to find the resilience not only to go on but to act. Her husband Sylvain has fled to England to continue the fight. Bernard, her brother-in-law, begins to consolidate an escape line for soldiers and downed airmen. Julie’s work for the Red Cross, reuniting separated children and parents, allows her to save some Jewish children, and in between lead an escapee to the non-occupied zone.

Life becomes difficult for her when Kurt Meinhard reappears in her life. They were both students in Heidelberg, Germany, and in love, until she broke it off due to his Nazi affiliation. He is now a high ranking SS officer

Gontrand, the de Montrand patriarch and a veteran of WWI is an ardent admirer of Marshal Pétain, the head of the Vichy state, while his wife Bérangère supports General de Gaulle and the Résistance.

Slowly, friends and family find their places in a web of secrecy and deceit. As the occupying Germans tighten their grip and begin to show a different image than being correct, the habitants of Paris also tighten their resolve

Fiction & Literature

The Lady of Silence

The Lady of Silence is a story that has both fiction and reality. Within the framework of the Mexican Revolution, as a child, Leonor suffers her orphanhood and the anguish of the fighting, hunger and uncertainty. She grows up longing for peace and happiness. When love arrives, it soon turns into suffering, but her stoicism forces her to endure and find happiness.

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