The Duck Springs Affair

Posted 1 year ago
John Isaac Jones

Written By: John Isaac Jones

Narrated By: Susan Marlowe

Length: 5 hrs and 22 mins


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Devoted mother Cassie Carter is hard working and dedicated to running her small farm in Georgia. She tends to her home and sickly son daily while her truck driver husband is away on long hauls across the country.

Damaged romantic Paul Hamilton has a void in his life that leaves him wandering from affair to affair, empty and unfulfilled. He identifies with the haunting poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, yearning to capture an elusive love.

When Paul’s highway construction company begins a new job near her home, the two start an affair, using a complicated set of signals to communicate and schedule their romantic interludes. After several months, meeting whenever they can, the relationship blooms and they fall in love.

When her son goes to his grandparents for Thanksgiving and her husband is away on a long trip, they take a magical trip to Atlanta. On the trip, she asks him to give her his baby. He agrees and, when they leave Atlanta three days later, Cassie is carrying his child.

Several months later, Paul’s job is moving to Tennessee and they good-bye, vowing their eternal love for one another, When the child is born, Cassie sends him letters and photos and Paul sends return letters saying how he longs to be with her and their son.

Over the next two years, the letters from Cassie continues, then suddenly they stop. Paul wonders why. While on a Christmas visit to his father in Florida, he discovers the answer.

A knotty, engaging tale of lonely nights, infidelity and unspoken love.

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