The Watcher's Tale

Posted 3 years ago
R. M. Wilburn

Category : Comics & Graphic Novels

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The award-winning graphic novel series Mary Morgan's Journal continues with this surprising and enlightening third installment, The Watcher's Tale, Mary Morgan's Journal Book 3.

After rescuing thousands of Resistance fighters from the Arctic Mines, Mary and her team return to find an even more dangerous and desperate world. Not only has the villainous Herr Bigly Rump returned and retaken his throne, he has now declared himself King of the World, and has demanded unwavering loyalty from the citizens of Rumptopia.

To ensure his plot prevails, the Rump and his evil allies – Chain Yankervich, Prince Moolah Bin Greeeed, and the Emperor Ang Wee Wun – have devised a plan to steal all the world’s children and exploit them for their magic. This sinister scheme is well underway and shows no sign of weakness as Mary and her friends scramble for the truth and for others who can help them defeat the Great Orange Beast. The Rump’s lies and distractions thwart them at every turn, though, leaving them clueless as to his true endgame, and blind to the only ones capable of saving the world.

The Watcher’s Tale is the third book in the Mary Morgan’s Journal serialized novel collection. Book Four, The Hero’s Tale, is coming soon.

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