The Visitor

Posted 1 year ago
Graham Wilson

Category : Mystery & Suspense

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In the distance a man watches her
Perfect she stands on the beach
Wavelets lapping at her feet
He desires her, he will charm her
She will come with him like others
Where are those others now?

She goes with him, travelling to distant places
They walk all alone in a land of bright sunlight
She sees not the shadows hiding in the dark

Awful secrets emerge - she knows she must escape.
But she is trapped with him in the middle of nowhere.

Her hands and feet are tied. She is a captive.
He is taking her to a place of huge crocodiles.
She fears she will vanish inside them forever!
How could it have come to this?

Reader Review – From Idyll to Nightmare
Highly recommend. Storyline begs to be read
And characters you’ll never forget. Wonderful
Australian backdrop is the icing on the cake

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