The Amazing Adventures of Jimmy Crikey

Posted 9 months ago
Wallace Briggs

Category : Kids


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Jimmy Crikey is the orphaned alien who chose to live on Earth. Bullied mercilessly he ran away to find a place where he could fit in. He found a new home in Roombelow where his inner self was released to blossom into an amazing young man who defends those around him. He now numbers among his friends the four witch guardians of Earth's realms, Lord Oron the Weatherman and Gemma, the little lady he rescued from the bottom of the well but didn't know how she got there. Jimmy overcame the bullies and freed up a strong inner self, afraid of no one. He meets and overcomes every challenge head-on becoming a hero in the process. There is magic, danger, monsters, intergalactic battles, and hazards galore but Jimmy overcomes and grows in confidence with every challenge to become a hero.  

The first in a series of soon to become five adventures

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