Because of You: Covert OPS Books 1

Posted 2 years ago
Kymberlee K. Jones

Category : Romance, Spec OPS, MC


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Three young women were kidnapped at a young age and raised by the world’s most elite Special OPS called Covert OPS. Each division revolves around one of the three girls as the nucleus, trained to be the most ruthless assassins in the world. Only, the girls decide being the world’s best on-call assassins is not what they want to be. Which has the men in the Covert OPS Divisions deciding it’s time to take matters into their own hands and get their girls out of the Special OPS lifestyle before something happens and it’s too late. So, finding the biological families of the girls becomes the number one priority while making sure they stay alive long enough to try and merge the family the girls know with the family they have wanted their entire lives.

Because of You is book one in the Covert OPS series. Crystalline and the Hellion Division travel to Elgin and Sierra Vista, AZ, to help the Inferno Wolves. There, they help protect not only the MC Club but keep the President of the MC Club’s daughter from being sold into sex trafficking by the world’s most notorious human trafficker. On top of keeping the MC Club and the world safe from the Mob faction in charge of the trafficking, Chrys has found her biological family - the lead family in control of the entire Mob. Now she has to learn how to combine her past and present, making sure one family stays alive on missions while the other family stays safe, away from her current lifestyle. But how do you embrace the future when your heart always belongs to the past?

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