Fallen Prey: No more the conspiracy of silence.

Posted 2 years ago
Demetris E. Thomas

Category : Mental & Spiritual Healing

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At the intersection of love and affection, little Demetris' life veered into the path of betrayal and horror. So innocent and bright with a wonderful future ahead, her young life was nearly derailed by a family member, then by a close, childhood friend, and later in life, by two men---the marauders of love. Betrayed and abandoned, Demetris then found herself at the precipice between ruination and success. Which path would she take? Would she ever receive justice? Or, take it herself? Were it not for the strong women in her family, Demetris might not have made it long enough to tell her story filled with one great truth. The Lord God Almighty stretched forth His hand, pulled her out of the mud, and set her on the pinnacles of complete restoration. The Demetris E. Thomas story is unforgettable and makes a soothing gift for anyone who's endured the same.

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