The Magic Lake: A Once in a Nighttime Adventure

Posted 4 months ago
Nadin E Hopfer

Category : Kids

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When Mia feels a tug on her hand as she's sleeping, her intuition tells her to follow the person who has awakened her. But as she opens her eyes, she realizes that it's not a person. It's a beautiful great blue heron. What a surprising sight! Even more surprising is that the heron talks to her. In the light of the full moon, the wise, spiritual heron persuades her to climb on his back. Then, as they fly high above the earth, he shows her four rivers that flow into a lake of memories. Each river represents an important emotion. As Mia looks at the beautiful scenes below her, she re-experiences these four emotions. She comes to realize that it is part of human life to experience these feelings. Is the wise heron part of her dreams? Or did she create him in her imagination? Read this life-affirming story as you find out and fly along with Mia on the heron's back. As you read the story, you will think about the memories you have had and the blending of emotions that created them. It is Nadin's fervent hope that families will share this story and that it will be the beginning of conversations about these four important emotions. These emotions are not good or bad. They simply are. It's the way we choose to handle the emotions that have consequences for others as well as ourselves. It is also her hope that children and adults will be able to embrace these light and shadow emotions as they learn to accept themselves throughout this journey we call life.

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