Cold COURAGE | Extraordinary Times

Posted 1 year ago
Willy Mitchell

Category : Fiction & Literature


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Cold Courage relates back to Willy Mitchell's grandfathers meeting with Harry McNish in Wellington, New Zealand and in exchange for a hot meal and a pint or two, he told his story of The Endurance. Flipping through the London Times, McNish had come across a classified advertisement for the crew to join a ship's journey to the Antarctic and on to the South Pole. It warned of low wages and high danger and at forty, he decided that he wanted a taste of adventure and set off to London to meet the rest of the newly recruited crew. On 6th August 1914, The Endurance set sail from Plymouth, England on its way to Buenos Aires, Argentina and meet with the entire 28-man crew. This is a tale of the great age of exploration and the extraordinary journey that these men endured, not only in Antarctica but upon their return to England amidst the Great War and their legendary lives thereafter. This is the story of Harry McNish and although set in a different era, continues the ARGUS series and a homage to those brave men and women who go to extraordinary lengths to achieve their goals.

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