The Amazing Adventures of Jimmy Crikey

Posted 11 months ago
Wallace Briggs

Written By: Wallace E Briggs

Narrated By: Paul Enright King

Length: 8 hrs and 50 mins


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Endowed with a bright red mop of unruly hair, big blue eyes, a small snub nose, pointed ears and enormous feet, Jimmy was ridiculed by the neighbourhood children and decides to run away. In his midnight flight through the forest, he stumbles into an underground world.  He discovers and rescues the town of Roombelow from the curse of the sleeping spell, cast by Matilda the Witch, and is ‘adopted’ by Mr McDonald, the Mayor. Matilda and Gemma, the little lady who lives at the bottom of the well, but doesn’t know how she got there, become Jimmy’s close friends.

When rain threatens a flood, with the help of The Great White owl, Jimmy locates the sleeping Weather Man who turns off the rain.When the well dries up and Jimmy and Gemma search beneath Roombelow. A giant eel has plugged the flow of water from the spring that fills the well. They return Olsen to the sea.

Jimmy visits Aunt Ethel to let her know that he is well. She explains that Jimmy is an orphan from the starworld of Attalia and hidden in the forest is a starship which could take him home. Jimmy chooses to return to  Roombelow.

Roombelow is threatened by one-eyed trolls and Jimmy outwits Erg, their chief. His return to Roombelow is delayed by a cry for help from the cliff-side world of Lithania. It is inhabited by little people, the Diamonites who look just like Gemma.

Jimmy returns to introduce Gemma to her lost family.  Lithania relies on a supply of goods from The Traders but two of them are stealing diamonites. Jimmy seeks justice but Gemma is kidnapped by the thieves who intend to sell her as a curio in their land across the ocean.

   Jimmy seeks the help of Witch Ira, Queen of water sprites, when he sets sail in pursuit. He discovers where Gemma is imprisoned and rescues her but their escape is threatened by a mighty storm – Ira’s magic helps again. Then, with the aid of a pod of dolphins, they safely reach home.

   Jimmy’s decides it is time to visit his birthplace - star world Attalia. The hidden starship is reactivated and heads homeward through the stars.

The ship is damaged during a skirmish with Kursh, the head of the planet Ock. Jimmy abandons the starship, ejecting in a life support capsule.

The Attalian Rescue Mission saves Jimmy and he is befriended by its Commander, Zaru. On Attalia Jimmy is welcomed by President Alpha, who awards him the honorary rank of Commander. There are no surviving members of Jimmy’s family.

Tension builds as they face of an attack from Ock and interplanetary warfare follows. They repell the invaders but Kursh plans to rule over Attalia.

Jimmy devises a plan to close the time warp linking Attalia to Ock. The destruction of the warp maroons Kursh in nether-space. Once continued peace is assured Jimmy decides to return to his family of friends in Roombelow.

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