Bitter & Not Bitter Enough

Posted 6 months ago

Category : African American Fiction

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"A diamond in the rough" Young Diamond grew up on the busy streets of Youngstown, Ohio. Most girls her age lived carefree, a blissful lifestyle but unfortunately those perks didn’t exist in her world. Early on 2 yrs old Diamond was found barely clothed wandering the cold hallways of Bryn Mawr Projects by a neighbor after her mother’s throat was slit. Having nowhere to go she was taken in by her estranged grandfather who tried to make the best life possible for her with the help of her mother’s long time friend Bam. Just as Diamond began to fall in love with what seem like a normal life reality set in uncovering deceit, drugs, sex, murder and heartbreak from the people that meant the most to her. Forced to grow up fast, she’s embracing life’s trials and tribulations using her street smarts to her advantage. 40 cal on her hip aiming to shoot & never missing her target she’s bitter and out for vengeance! No longer shedding tears but now she’s shedding blood.

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