The Grand Dame of Bourbon Street

Posted 7 months ago
Mahogany SilverRain

Category : Romance

Price: $ 2.99

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An adult vampire book that will shock you and leave you wanting more. Enter the dark world of vampires, witches, shapeshifters, and wizards.

With the death of her vampire mate, Dominique is every power hungry vampire's most sought-after prize.  Can she love again?  Or is power what she's after?

Her allegiance to both the shifter and magical community makes her a threat to the centuries old Blood Vampire Council.  They fear she is too powerful for one vampire and they must control her. They issue an ultimatum, turn the wizard Azazel into a vampire to prove her loyalty, or be marked as a traitor and sentenced to death.  Will she choose love, and an all out war with the Blood Council or loyalty?


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