The Self-Reliant Survival Book

Posted 6 months ago
GL Skye

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The focus of this book is self-reliance, and survival with access to a minimum amount of equipment or additional resources. In a survival situation, access to external supplies and equipment may not be possible. For that reason, a person must learn to survive on the supplies and equipment that are available to them.

Survival is not only about having resources, survival also requires the correct mindset. In preparing for a survival situation, do not neglect the spiritual and mental aspects of survival. Even with all of the proper gear and survival items, survival is not guaranteed. This book approaches survival from a holistic point of view. That is, the three aspects of a person; spiritual, mental, and physical. Even if no resources are available, the advice discussed in this book can get you through even the most challenging of circumstances.

While the book discusses the ending of the world as we know it, to find yourself in a “world altering scenario” does not require a world altering event. Major natural disasters and even some minor natural disaster can alter the world you which live in. Truly, the difference between an end of the world as we know it event and a serious natural disaster is the length of the change after the event has occurred.

This book provides the guidance and instruction so you can survive in any type of situation with a minimal amount of equipment and supplies. The rational is this, if survival is possible with the minimal amount of equipment and supplies then survival with “nice to haves” will be even easier.

My ultimate goal for each of you during an emergency is to survive the disaster or catastrophic event in order that you can live.


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