Return to Life: Chaos Reins

Posted 6 months ago
GL Skye

Category : Fiction & Literature

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After a world-impacting apocolyptic event occurred, Morgan Russell "Russ" Turner a rancher in Montana, is determined to maintain a certain amount of order for those who have turned to him for protection.

As chaos engulfs the world, Russ faces the challenge of protecting those dear to him and trying to set the world right again. He is a man with an ingrained sense of duty and of right and wrong. Facing challenges that would cause most men to give up, Russ meets each new challenge with skill and determination.

Refusing to give up or quit, he forms a group of survivors called the Golden Eagles. The Eagles come from all walks of life, united by the most basic human principle … survival. Russ must set aside his personal fears and feelings in order to ensure the Eagles survive. They urgently gather equipment and materials before they can be destroyed or taken. Salvaging everything possible from the towns around them pits them against gangs, thugs, and other human trash. Russ must decide the fates of these enemies while balancing the lives of those who have turned to him for protection and safety.

The Eagles work quickly to become self-sufficient and self-reliant. They work together to protect their families in order to preserve a semblance of normal life. Their children and grandchildren attend school, everyone works, and criminals within the Compound are not tolerated.


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