Zeke N. Fein: Investigative Reporter

Posted 3 years ago
Allan Ouellette

Category : Comics & Graphic Novels


Book Purchase Link : https://www.amazon.com/Zeke-N-Fein-Investigative-Reporter-ebook/dp/B07WR5HMSZ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=zeke+n+fein&qid=1571049152&sr=8-1

Website Link : https://zekenfein.com

Our novel “Zeke N. Fein” follows the bumbling exploits of Zeke, a journalist working for Sun TV News. Zeke aspires to be a hard-hitting journalist who uncovers corruption and wrongdoing in the style of a 60 Minutes reporter, but he has a skill set more suited to covering local events, including spelling bees, 4H events, and “the latest person in town to make it to their 100th birthday.” The only way Zeke can see to get himself out of the local news beat is to ask hard-ball questions even in the fluff pieces he has been given. In doing so, he manages to turn Sister Martha, a nun in the local parish church, into a town celebrity, when she charmingly deflects his gestapo style interrogation. This ultimately sets him up for a confrontation with Ginny, the President of the Sister Martha Fan Club, an articulate and effective, but quite off-beat spokesman for the newly formed club.

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