The Empire of the Zon

Posted 8 months ago
RM Burgess

Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy

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The Zon Sisterhood has conquered New Eartha. They rule with an iron fist, using barbarian vassals from whom they extract hefty tributes. And so their rule is bitterly resented; they still face periodic revolts that they crush brutally…

As a fresh insurrection brews in Briga, Lady Caitlin d’Orr, a Zon military officer finds herself at the trial of Nitya, a young barbarian girl accused of being a witch and sentenced to death.  Shocked to find her superiors unsympathetic to the plight of the girl, she disobeys orders and defies official Zon policy. 
Pursued by the barbarians as well as the Zon, Caitlin meets and befriends Greghar, a mysterious barbarian with secrets of his own.
Against the backdrop of strife and war, the fates of Caitlin and Greghar become increasingly intertwined with the titanic struggles raging around them.  For treachery has raised its head from within the Zon Sisterhood itself. As the barbarians gain early and unprecedented victories, the Zon desperately try to maintain their grip on their adopted planet and their way of life…

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