Suffering Long Covid

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JZ Murdock

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Having first contracted COVID-19 and then "Long Covid", in February of 2020 (then again in, March of 2022), "Suffering Long Covid" details those difficult and very personal experiences. In attempting to understand the bizarre nature of this disease, the book is written from the perspective of horror / sci fi author, and award winning filmmaker, JZ Murdock, who holds a B.A. in Psychology and Phenomenology. This book shares the things he struggled to discover through research, as well as detailing his own personal attempts to survive and enhance his quality of life, through a very difficult time.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Long COVID-19 - First Hand Experience and Inormaotion

Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2022

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As we enter our 3rd year of the COVID-19 Pandemic there are a variety of side effects being experience by over25 million Americans from the over 100 million cases of COVID-19.

The author provides excellent detailed observations and research into the symptoms he suffered during his personal expereince with LONG COVD. Through the fatigue and other symptoms you can gain insight into what you and your family may be experiencing.

It is a detailed quick read and he used his background as a researher and writerto bring greater awarernes and understanding to the LONG COVID condition.

As someone who worked in epidemtilogy for 18 years I found this book to be an excellent resource of information.

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