The Legend of Wataniki

Posted 1 year ago
Derek Good

Category : Kids

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Children's adventures can capture the imagination and provide a positive experience and a moral that can inspire them and others to do amazing things. There's a child in all of us and recapturing that sense of wonder can be a truly rewarding experience. In 'The Legend of Wataniki', you will find an enchanting story of how we can be courageous in every situation and enjoy the relationships of those we cherish.

'Eleven year old April Savernack and her three friends stumble across an old book which leads them to the enchanted world of Wataniki. To enable them to return home, they must scour the island in search of the four Vanacles.

Avoiding the dreaded Horrorbosk and enlisting the help of the strange but friendly Lavoo, they embark on a series of adventures on the island of Wataniki, a land where imagination and reality collide.'

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