Fun is Fun and Done is Done: Stephen King Connections and Easter Eggs

Posted 1 year ago
Michael Roch

Category : Non-Fiction


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For the first time, here is an exhaustive collection of Stephen King connections and Easter Eggs. With over three hundred pages of connections and related trivia, Fun is Fun and Done is Done is sure to delight Constant Readers.

First, we show each connection and how each work is associated. Then we summarize with a list of connections for each novel.

Appendices include a list of writers (from best-selling authors to newspaper reporters and freelance authors), Boston Post cane recipients, a list of fictional towns, and more.

You all are familiar with Castle Rock, Cujo, Shawshank, and Inside View, but did you catch the Mile 81 rest area as a connection? How about the Sharp Cereals connection? Or the Paradise Falls connection? See these and more today.

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