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Love Brooks

Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy


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Darksoul is an adult Urban Fantasy with an unlikely and highly unorthodoxed superhero. There's graphic violence, sexual situations, and strong language.

   The protagonist is the uniquely named, Orion Stormgod, a club owner who is viciously ambushed with his partner. Only he survives by allowing an ancient entity to become a part of himself. Darksoul, the first soul to exist. Their connection grants Orion incredible power, which he uses to exact revenge on his attackers and partner's murderers. 

   The targets are a group of hired mercenaries led by the enigmatic Graveyard, working for an influential business tycoon/crime lord named Michael Tyranny.

    Adding to the chaos is the awakening of a forgotten Pharoah so evil that his reign was removed from history. Soulchaser, a man capable of stealing your very soul...and he has his eyes set on Darksoul to claim as his own. 

    With his hands full Orion also has to find a way to keep in check the Earthly desires Darksoul continuously craves, refusing to be denied. 

      Is Orion up to the task? He better be. The game has begun, and everyone's playing for keeps.

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