The Eight Crafts of Writing

Posted 9 months ago

Category : Non-Fiction

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Get a storytelling edge by learning the eight writing crafts and the secrets of how to engage readers.

Most books on writing specialize in one, two, or three crafts, but none focuses on the overview (yep, that’s a paradox). Until now. The storytelling map is finally here.

The Eight Crafts of Writing is great for aspiring writers and writers who are a few years into their writing journey but got lost in the weeds - as it happened to the author.

Besides providing the map of storytelling, The Eight Crafts of Writing explores new writing territories, for example:

→ The psychology of storytelling

→ The adversity cycle: The origin of fiction writing outline

→ Protagonistic and antagonistic genres, stories, and scenes 

→ How to use the eight writing crafts to engage readers

→ A new perspective on the (shapeshifting) writer’s block

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