CS High

Posted 1 year ago
Julianne Zedalis

Category : Fiction - YA


Book Purchase Link : https://www.amazon.com/CS-High-Julianne-Zedalis/dp/1462140343/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=cs+high&qid=1635180175&sr=8-1

Website Link : www.cshigh.com

What could someone have done in high school that if discovered years later would lead to murder? Readers ages 12+ join three forensic science students as they solve a real mystery when a fake crime scene set up by their teacher turns deadly. Based on the author’s experience as a forensic science teacher, CS High distinguishes itself by incorporating STEM-based techniques that students can perform in a school lab without expensive gadgets available to professionals. This fast-paced novel is available on Amazon and from other vendors. For teachers with classrooms filled with Sherlock wannabes, bulk purchases are offered at a significant discount from the publisher ([email protected]). Check out the CS High website (https://www.cshigh.com) for more fun, including a supplemental curriculum for teachers. CSI: Las Vegas, meet CS High!

CS High is an impossible-to-put-down book for readers of any age.  Combining an engrossing murder mystery with incredibly accurate CSI-level crime science, Zedalis has created a new and exciting genre of STEM-based YA Fiction.” –Gavin Lurie, President & Co-Founder, Endless Media

“Julianne Zedalis crafts both believable heroes and villains in her young adult novel, CS High. She not only makes the reader identify with all three CSI groupies, would-be crime solvers (a hip young lady, a jock, and a nerd), but she also provides instruction in forensics. The tony high school, with its place, and its culture so well fleshed out, also becomes a character in the book, and gives the reader insight into an otherwise alien world. The discussion questions at the end of the book make this a shoo-in for teachers to use as an in-class resource that not only presents an interesting crime and provides a step-by-step, scientific solution to that crime, but also takes a conscience-rattling dive into ethics and honorable behavior.”—Marta Chausee, author, Murder’s Last Resort


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