Who Killed Lulu? A Belinda Steel Mystery

Posted 1 year ago
Emdent Family Trust

Category : Mystery & Suspense

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Belinda Steel's mother Louise is brutally murdered -- stabbed a dozen times with a razor-sharp, eight-inch kitchen knife.

The main suspect is her cheating husband, Dr David Steel, caught standing over the body with a knife dripping blood in his hand. It's an open and shut case. Soon, Dave is awaiting trial on a capital charge, with only two possible outcomes: either lethal injection or the electric chair. And he makes things worse by opting to conduct his own defense.

Dave's daughter Belinda is devastated. She knows her parents had a turbulent marriage, but begins to think, or maybe just hoping, Dave didn’t do it. She has lost one parent, she doesn’t want to lose another. Using her IT skills, determined nature and forensic mindset, she sets out to see what really happened.

This case also proves to be a journey towards self-discovery; Belinda recognizes her true passion – fighting for a cause. Author Russel Emery’s heroine loves fighting for those suffering from the miscarriage of justice.

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