Type 1 Diabetes: The highs and lows of diagnosis

Posted 2 years ago
Douglas Lawson

Category : Non-Fiction


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Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes can be a very frightening and worrying experience, not only for the person themselves, but also for their loved ones. Having your child diagnosed can feel truly devastating, the moment you find out that they will have to inject insulin for the rest of their lives, or they will die, is beyond heart-breaking. Type 1 diabetes doesn't discriminate between race, religion, or how you were brought up, it can affect anyone from the superrich to the super-poor. Dealing with diagnosis can be just as hard as dealing with the disease itself, and coming to terms with it can take a very long time. This book tells the story of my son as he was diagnosed, from how my wife and I as parents saw the early signs, to our journey through diagnosis, then on to living with a type 1 child. I wrote this not as a means to help people medically deal with the disease(however I do highlight several things that we do to control it), but to show those that are going through the same experience - you are not alone, and things do get better. This book is for all the type 1 diabetic warriors in this world, and those who care for them.

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