Going Through Hell

Posted 2 years ago
Kymberlee K. Jones

Category : MC, Spec OPS, Dark Romance


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Raised in a house of abuse and neglect, Marla Petermeier only has two people she can count on, her best friends Stella and Spence. That is until she has a chance encounter with her long-lost brother, who happens to be the VP of the local MC Club, Inferno Wolves. Throwing caution to the wind, Marla takes Stella and her brother to meet her new family, only to have the man who helped raise her to sell her out, literally to the Italian Mob. Trying to help save everyone, Stella manages to contact her Uncles, who happen to be members of an elite Special Forces group called the Covert Ops. The Mob just made one deadly mistake. They threatened their family.

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