A Rose Is Still A Rose: Plucked out of madness into God’s Grace

Posted 2 years ago
Demetris E. Thomas

Category : Domestic Partner Abuse / Healing

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A FALLEN PREY COLLECTION - VOLUME 2. Thorns and tears. Beauty to ashes. In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, Boston writer Demetris E. Thomas, tells a harrowing tale of betrayal, trauma and deceit at the hands of a man whose life and head seemed fueled by his own egocentric persuasions. He believed he was the 'ungetable get'---when in fact, he was a child in desperate need of help. Although Thomas' account offers an excruciating detail of his daily, psychological onslaught against her person, she was not without recourse. With precissioned diagnostic skill, Thomas reveals his methods, mechanisms and ultimate downfall when she finally says goodbye. 'Rose' is a testament to all that Christ Jesus provides rescue and exit from any unwanted situation, and brings us to the green pastures beside still waters.

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