Crude Intent

Posted 1 year ago
Elizabeth Jeffett

Category : Fiction & Literature

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Corruption, greed, sex and revenge…unseen EVIL forces are at play in Crude Intent, the riveting sequel to Silent Partners, and the second book in the Alex Sheridan series. Is a suspicious explosion at one of Alex Sheridan’s oil wells in the Colorado national forest just an accident or part of a diabolical plan? Where is her long-time partner and estranged lover, Colt Forrester, who has gone missing? What sinister forces are trying to destroy and steal her valuable business, and will the rugged and charming Angus Hawthorn, who leads her fire-fighting team, seduce her heart? A brilliant and beautiful entrepreneur, Alex Sheridan calls on loyal friends, Detective Carter and his aide, Lafayette, to find the TRUTH, but they must find a killer before Alex is accused of MURDER and her dreams destroyed. In the aftermath of the fire and tragic investigation…will LOVE rise from the ashes?

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