Angel Violet's Magic Wings

Posted 3 months ago
Bonnie Snyder

Category : Religion & Spirituality

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Angel Violet’s Magic Wings is a full color, beautifully illustrated storybook. With parent notes to guide a parent, grandparent or caregiver on how to call on Angel Violet to help children explore their feelings. This story is an easy way for children (4-8 years old and especially the highly sensitive/intuitive children) to learn how to feel safe and shift from feeling yucky to “sparkling” again. It’s a tool for children and caregivers to manage the stresses and challenges of everyday living so they can understand themselves and others better. Instead of making things right or wrong, Angel Violet’s Magic Wings wisely guides children to trust their heart and to take time to notice what makes them feel yucky or happy. It helps them understand that sometimes they pick up “dust” that covers their sparkles—but it’s easy to get their sparkles back and feel happy again because they were never really gone! To support the adults reading Angel Violet’s Magic Wings to their children, there are “Parent Notes” for each page. Parent Notes offer ideas and questions to facilitate communication and to open avenues for children to recognize how they are feeling and how to handle those feelings in a healthy way. With easy prompts, parents, teachers and grandparents can relax and guide children to express their feelings, find their strengths, and build emotional resilience. Angel Violet is based on the ancient wisdom and energy of The Violet Flame of love and light. The Violet Flame has been used for ions to uplift, clear and connect those using it to their Divinity. Enjoy the magic and fun of reading with your children as they learn how to “sweep away” what they have picked up during the day and find their “sparkles” again! Both boys and girls alike have love Angel Violet. The little book that grows with your child.Bonnie Snyder, Ed.S., CPC has a background in counseling and currently is a life coach who, through her business, Diamond Pathways, helps people develop the tools to create a more balanced lifestyle. She often works with women striving to manage family, work and personal issues. In her book, Angel Violet’s Magic Wings, Bonnie has created a safe place where children and their caregivers can identify the patterns and beliefs that keep them stuck in unhappy, unhealthy situations; tap into their self-healing abilities; and move forward.

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