Sometimes Naughty-Always Loved: Mary and Her Big Cat Brain

Posted 1 year ago
Arleen Alleman

Category : Kids

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A lovely tabby cat named Mary uses her intelligence and instincther big cat brainto sort out what her human parents want her to do, and how to avoid being naughty. The story sets up an emotional transition moving from Marys anxiety about her own naughty behavior, to the realization that she is greatly loved despite her occasional transgressions. This book was inspired by the authors cat, Xena, who greatly enriched the lives of her parents for fourteen of her eighteen years. She was much loved even though she too was occasionally naughty. From infancy, children will love hearing about Mary and her message of unconditional love, and later, will want to read the story themselves for enjoyment and as a learning tool. There is no better predictor of success in life than literacy and the desire to learn through reading.

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