Run Away, Blu!

Posted 1 year ago

Category : Mystery & Suspense

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Anthony �Blu� Rogers tells us the story of his life. With his parents being acclaimed murderers and only the memory of his beloved older brother to keep him sane, Blu becomes a target for death. Not only was he abandoned, neglected, and abused by those he loved, he was also labeled a demon spawn. The choices of his family made life a living hell for the young teen as danger lurks in the shadows. The best of his friends, Frank, Tyler, and Rosetta, each began to treat their friend as a mere outcast. Mr. Cross, a cop, husband, and the father of Tyler and Rosetta, takes Blu under his wings while fighting to protect him.Eventually, Blu meets Morgan, the one girl in the entire town that treats him like a human being. His world began to shine a bit brighter, though, just like his family, she and everyone else he runs into has their secrets. Every day is a life or death moment for the young seed as his mind struggles to depict reality. Who can Blu trust when he can no longer trust himself or the world around him? Even he, himself, has secrets. What else can a young boy do but run?"

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