Spanish Roots

Posted 2 years ago

Category : Romance


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Is there a dark secret that Mireya�s family had been hiding from her? Is her father alive or dead and can she unlock the mystery of her troubled past and find out the truth? When Mireya�s adopted parents die in a car crash, she inherits a hacienda in Spain and finds some letters that suggest her real birth parents could be alive and her father, who had been in prison, was possibly a murderer. Grieving with unsettling dreams and unable to motivate herself her best friend Gemma comes to stay and pushes Mireya to set out to Spain on holiday to claim her inheritance and find some answers to why she was adopted. Thinking that her parents would be at the hacienda they find the property empty. That�s when the attractive Sandro walks into her life and she immediately feels tingling going along her spine like she has been plugged into an electric socket. Mireya loves the sunshine, eats tapas, drinks wine and with Gemma, she begins to laugh again. However, she becomes plagued with strange feelings about the past that escalates when she meets with her feuding Spanish relatives. As Mireya�s memories start to increase, she experiences a ghostly vision of her father each day and realizes that her dreams can mislead as well as bring back hidden emotions and thinks he has probably died. As secrets past, start to unravel she wonders whom she can trust. Can she trust Sandro? Is it love or hot sex? Will her passion and romance with him override her common sense. Will there be a conflict between them as she is determined to find the true reason of the mystery that led her to be adopted? Within her mind, she is at war and silently screaming�..

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