Murdeth: Varseth’s Fate

Posted 2 years ago
M El

Category : Fiction - YA

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Varseth Crissil is a young man scorned. His father, the newly appointed king, took everything from him: leaving Varseth with a wound so deep that it can only be healed by his father’s death. Yet, fear clung to Varseth’s body and soul, binding his will to fight back.

Varseth’s father launched a campaign of terror across the continent, slaughtering anyone who refused to bend the knee. Even those who submit to his rule live as second-class citizens, constantly oppressed, and abused by the corrupt regime that treats them like chattel. They all search for the Guardian, their savior, but he has not heard their cries.

As the last living Wind Aran, Varseth possesses a great power that Lucius wants to take for his own ambitions. Armed with his mother’s Aran heritage, Varseth increases his strength, obtains allies, and unites the remaining free countries in a desperate bid to stop his father’s dystopian kingdom.

But Varseth’s quest won’t be easy. The world is filled with dangerous obstacles and things are never what they seem. Lucius commands a vast army of gargoyles, wielding weapons created from raw hatred, and blood-sucking demons, who grow stronger with every stolen life. In every town and village, there are spies lying in wait...for Lucius has a price on Varseth’s head.

The world is an incredibly unfriendly place for Varseth. Everyone seems to want him dead. But he’ll have to do his best to survive if the world is going stand a chance.

This is Murdeth.

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