The Fairy of the Lake

Posted 1 year ago
Kris Nedy

Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy


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Michaela, a little girl from a mountain village, dreams of being the most beautiful girl in the world. One day she gets lost in the forest and encounters the Fairy of the Lake who makes her wish come true. With the Fairy’s gift, however, comes a dark snake, which creeps into Michaela’s chest and takes control of her heart, changing not only her looks but also her inner self.
The miraculous transformation of Michaela quickly makes her gain popularity. Her beauty becomes proverbial and soon she is invited to the castle as Princess Jasmine’s maid of honor. In the royal court, Michaela leads an exciting life, full of unexpected twists. At the same time, she becomes more and more wicked, and magical creatures begin a fight on her behalf against evil. Will the Swamp Witch, the old augur and shape-shifter Aetius, and the Spirit of the Crystal Mountain help Michaela get rid of the evil shadow inside her and find her true self? It is up to you to discover!

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