Broccoli Rob and the Garden Singers

Posted 2 years ago
John S. Armstrong

Category : Kids

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Broccoli Rob and the Garden Singers is an inspiring children's book with beautiful illustrations that takes the reader through the struggles and personal growth of Broccoli Rob, a shy stalk of broccoli who loved to sing. After several days of heavy rain, Rob was able to persuade his vegetable friends to come together and sing to encourage the sun to come out behind the clouds and shine bright, despite the other vegetable's initial reluctancy towards Rob's plea.

However, once the garden singers began to sing, Broccoli Rob was so shy even his vegetable friends can't hear his beautiful singing, let alone the sun. Rob found himself needing encouragement of his own from his garden friends in order to sing loud and proud, and that day he discovered a very important lesson from his experience. 

Authored by John S. Armstrong, who has a passion for writing children's books to create the best picture books and the best illustrated children's books with the help of very talented illustrators. John's passion aims to to encourage parents to engage with their children in early reading practices.  

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