Orphans of an Angel

Posted 1 year ago
Jay Aston

Category : Biography & Memoir

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A tragic, but true story of Evelyn Dalton's struggle to survive, burdened by destitution and serious health conditions. Social Services become concerned and threaten to take her four boys into child-care if conditions do not improve. As if matters couldn't get worse, husband Eddie abandons the family and plunges her life into dire straits and purgatory when she is evicted from her home. Unexpectedly, Evelyn collapses with excruciating abdominal pains and is admitted to hospital for emergency open surgery. Misdiagnosis of her symptoms result in her drifting into a coma. Unable to provide adequate care, her boys are condemned to a Children's Home. The youngest two children, aged four and ten, spend their childhood incarcerated. Evelyn’s four boys never see their mother again as their crisis deepens into a battle for their own survival. Four orphans became motherless, fatherless, homeless and destitute.

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