'Hollywood: Hollyweird' "How People Survive And Make It!"

Posted 1 year ago
Art Norman Jr.

Category : Biography & Memoir


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Hi! Everybody! I am glad to be here! 1st I would like to say that I am African-American & I would like to share my 1st book to you all it is 'Hollywood: Hollyweird' "How People Survive And Make It!" The book is based on my nearly Decade stay in good 'ole HOLLYWOOD, CA! I was a Bodyguard there that got to network In & around some cool Celebs like The Legend Chris Rock & always up in the Club Ms. Paris Hilton & the Oscar-winner himself Mr. Jamie Foxx just to name a few! So being that you are looking for a good read to take your mind off of the Pandemic this is it! We also cover Hollywood to Venice Beach & back to Tinseltown for more fun! So sit tight & grab a book & after you read please give a review & there is a Part 2 & 3! Thanks & Enjoy! -Art Norman Jr.-author.

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